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The 9.5mm movie film gauge, introduced in 1922 in France by Pathé-Baby, part of the then giant Pathé-Frères group,
was launched by Pathéscope in the UK the following year and was effectively the first home movie film size.

Here's that man again - Charles Pathé! He started it all!

See an amateur video about the Pathéscope Monthly magazine & 9.5mm: "Straight Down The Middle" 12Jan2020

See a fascinating film made about the 9.5mm movie gauge on You Tube:

Watch a 9.5mm LGP silent film "A Visit To the Pathe Cinema Factory" FR 1924

Watch an interview with 9.5mm dealer the late Larry Pearce 10June 2014

See Pathéscope 9.5mm dealers' 'promo' film: "Happy Days Or A Lifetime In Four Minutes" 16Jul2016


9.5mm books / periodicals: 9.5MM BOOKS - English / French vintage & recent publications 03Jan2024

Information about 9.5MM GROUP in the UK, France, Nederlands, Spain, or the USA? 10Jun2014 -

Frequently asked questions 9.5MM FAQ's - video transfers; 'is my 9.5mm equipment/film valuable'? etc.

"MICROSCOPE ON PATHESCOPE 9.5MM PRINTED FILMS" - by the late Gerald McKee 26Apr2013 -


Catalogue of Pathé and PATHÉSCOPE EQUIPMENT : All models up to 1940 26Jun2018

Catalogue of Pathé and PATHÉSCOPE EQUIPMENT : All models after 1940 11Oct2019

Scans of original Pathéscope illustrated CATALOGUES 20Aug2016 26Feb2017

Non-Pathé international EQUIPMENT CATALOGUE : Most makers/ models 22Dec2019

Catalogue of various 9.5mm SOUND ATTACHMENTS : Optical and magnetic sound 25Nov2015 18Nov2019

Catalogue of  9.5mm Non Pathé  ACCESSORIES : Splicers, rewinders, viewers etc. 08Oct2015 06Oct2019

Catalogue of 9.5mm Pathé  ACCESSORIES-1 / ACCESSORIES-2 : Splicers, rewinders, titlers, etc. 03Jun2016 30Jun2018

Pathé equipment/instructions REFERENCE NUMBERS in the 1920s / 1930s. 06Jun2018


Check out 9.5mm film releases: 9.5MM PRINTED FILM CATALOGUES 05Apr2020 -
....... (Almost all the 9.5mm sound / silent printed films released in the UK, France and the USA are catalogued!) .


Film Stocks - 9.5MM FILMSTOCKS 15Dec2017 19Apr2020



Details of the early Disney ALICE CARTOONS released on the 9.5mm gauge 02Aug2018 -

Details of the Paramount BETTY BOOP & POPEYE cartoons on 9.5mm 01Oct2019 -

International lists of the BONZO cartoons on the 9.5mm film gauge 18Sep2018 11Oct2018 -

Felix 9.5mm FELIX International 9.5mm Felix films lists FELIX FILMS 11May2019 -

Biography and lists of the JEAN IMAGE cartoon films released on 9.5mm 30Aug2018 -

Biography and full lists of the LORTAC cartoon films released on 9.5mm 21Sep2011 -

Details of Disney cartoons MICKEY MOUSE ETC. released on 9.5mm 04Aug2018 -

Details of the George Pal PUPPETOONS released on 9.5mm 12May2019 21Jul2019 - BFI PLayer

Details of the Charles Mintz SCRAPPY cartoons released on 9.5mm 06Jun2018 14Apr2020 -

Roland Davies Steve the Horse COME ON STEVE cartoons on 9.5mm 20Mar2020 -

Details of the 1920s Fleischer SNIPSHOTS animated films released on 9.5mm 11Mar2020 -


The 1930's DUFAYCOLOR system. 15Dec2015 -

9.5mm coloured movies in 1923? 9.5MM STENCIL COLOUR FILMS 13Mar2020 -


International lists of all CHAPLIN films released on the 9.5mm gauge 26Apr2013 20Mar2020 -

International lists of all the HALLROOM BOYS films released on 9.5mm 08Jul201502Mar2020 -

Biography and full lists of JIMMIE ADAMS comedy films released on 9.5mm 11Aug2016 08Apr2020-

Biographies & full lists of LAUREL & HARDY films released on 9.5mm 01Aug2015 -


Detailed listing of the ACE CINEMAGAZINES released on 9.5mm sound 25Feb2017 -

International lists of all the CORONATION (1953) films released on the 9.5mm film gauge 22Dec2019 -

Ninefive printed films on free loan - 9.5MM SPONSORED FILMS - article & film lists 23Nov2019 -


UK film 'mogul': EDWIN J. FANCEY (New Realm/DUK) Pathéscope 9.5mm releases 13Jan2020 -

The UK's Shirley Temple? HAZEL ASCOT her film clips on Pathéscope 9.5mm sound.13Nov2016 -

Sabrina glamour films and hear her sing! SABRINA and released on 9.5mm! 29Apr2019 -


Musical / variety 9.5mm films SONG & DANCE AT PATHÉSCOPE - features/shorts 23Dec2016 -

Musical Film Juke-Box 9.5MM 'SOUNDIES' MUSICAL SHORTS - article & film list 08Dec2019 -

Reprinted from the Group 9.5 magazine - 9.5MM SOUND SNIPPETS - 1 - brief film facts 10Nov2019 -

Reprinted from the Group 9.5 magazine - 9.5MM SOUND SNIPPETS - 2 - brief film facts 10Nov2019 -

Weird variety on 9.5mm sound: WILSON, KEPPLE & BETTY - sand dancers extraordinaire! 23Mar2018


Reprinted from the Group 9.5 magazine - NINEFIVE NOTEBOOKS 1 - 6 - brief 9.5mm notes 10Feb2020 -

Your favourite 9.5mm printed films now on DVD: 9.5MM MOVIES ON DVD 18Oct2018

From the Group 9.5 magazine - 9.5MM PATHÉSCOPE SHORTS - article/photos 31Jan2020 01Feb2020 -

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