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Do you have any French 17.5mm silent films in your collection - let me know in confidence and I'll update the catalogue to show the 17.5mm silent films that we know actually exist. They will be highlighted in bold text.
E-mail: presto @ (no gaps in actual e-mail address)

Avez-vous des films 17.5mm Français muet dans votre collection?
Peut-être c'est possible donnez-moi les titres pour cette liste.
Une copie d'un catalogue des films 17.5mm Francais est aussi très utile pour moi!

Si vous avez les films 17.5mm Francais en bonne etat pour vendre pensez a moi SVP !

    Film Title                                             Class       Date  Reels  
BEAUCITRON DETECTIVE ('The Mystery Man') Snub Pollard      Comedy   US 1923  2 reels
BON PETIT COEUR (UN)                                                         2 reels

CANTELOUVE - MYSTERE DE LA NUIT                                              2 reels
CHANCE DE BETTY (LA)   Betty Balfour    (part tinted)      Drama    GB 1926  5 reels
CHARLOT GARCON DE THEATRE ('The Property Man') Chaplin     Comedy   US 1914  2 reels
COMMENT J'AI TUE MON ENFANT                                                  6 reels

JIM-LE-HARPONNEUR     ('The Sea Beast') John Barrymore     Drama    US 1926  ? reels

MICHEL STROGOFF Pt1 - Le Courrier du Tzar                  Drama    FR 1926  7 reels
MICHEL STROGOFF Pt2 - Le Chatlment d'Ivan Ogarefl          Drama    FR 1926  6 reels

OH! LA BELLE VOITURE! ('Get Out & Get Under')Harold Lloyd  Comedy   US 1920  1 reel

PETIT CHOSE (LE)                                                             6 reels

TERRE PROMISE (LA)                                         Drama    FR 1924  7 reels 

VILLA DES COURANTS D'AIR (LA) ('Family Life') Mark Jones   Comedy   US 1924  2 reels
VIOLETTES IMPERIALES                                       Drama    FR 1924  6 reels
VISAGE D'ENFANTS       d:Jacques Feyder (part tinted)      Drama    FR 1924  6 reels 

 Titles highlighted in 'bold' text identify French 17.5mm silent films that 
  are actually in collections - i.e. they were really released!
  Let me know if you have any French 17.5mm silent film titles to add in your collection.
 Incidentally 17.5mm silent (and later sound) was used in France by Pathé in many of 
  their country cinemas, using the "The Rural" ("Rex" in the UK) projector.
  The gauge was banned in 1941 by the German occupying forces.

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25sep2019 - Extra title 'La Villa Des Courants D'Air' thanks to Dino Everett (USA)!