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The Pathéscope Company was formed in the UK around 1912 to market the Pathé 28mm KOK cine projector - later it continued marketing the 9.5mm home movie film gauge from 1923 through to 1964 in various forms. Here are various magazine adverts and publlcity leaflets from the UK Pathéscope companies - added as I come across these interestng items. Publicity (if dated) is always a useful guide to dating and for specifications of commercial products.

Business had not been too good during the 1950s - the company was renamed Pathéscope (Great Britain) Ltd after a buy out of the French parent company share around 1957. Sadly this new company although having produced new products and extendeed advertising, went into receivership around February 1960. However the brand and business was actually purchased by the Great Universal Stores Group, the company was reformed as Pathéscope (London) Ltd., partly to provide a brand name (Pathéscope) for their discounted photographic products sold in their various mail order catalogues. However existing stocks were still marketed through retailers and the sale and processing of 9.5mm camera film continued until about 1964 when GUS continued using the Pathéscope trade mark but gave up on the 9.5mm gauge. Hence their 9.5mm advertising ceased at that time. By then the 9.5mm film gauge had a kind of revival but mainly thanks to the formation of Group 9.5 and some clever marketing by specialist dealers.

I have now included here many of the other 1960s photographic products bearing the Pathéscope name, even if they are not 9.5mm movie related! These Pathéscope photographic items were generally decent quality, often British made. Most were also on sale with their original brand names, but by rebranding items, Great Univeral could market them in their mail-order catalogues effectively at discount prices.


The reformed Pathéscope (London) Ltd continued much as before - even using the same style publicity leaflets!
The nice looking French made "Lido" had been introduced in the mid 1950s for the ill-fated "Duplex" format
but no doubt there was quite a warehouse stock to shift .... I guess this would be from around 1961 - good camera though!
I think there was also a model for 8mm double-run - and for 16mm (up to 50 foot spools)

Amateur Cine World magazine advert September 1961 - note the new address - (the North Circular Road premises had been sold to Johnsons of Hendon Ltd)

Amateur Cine World magazine advert February 1962

Another publicity leaflet (at least these could be in colour - magazine adverts were generally only black and white in those days!)
A modern French made Pathé cine projector - this and the "Lido" would make a great outfit, but sadly 9.5mm was really in decline
- probably from around 1961 or 1962

Amateur Cine World magazine advert from December 1962
The newly formed Pathéscope (London) Ltd had begun to import and distribute other photographic products

Another photographic novelty - maybe early 1960s

Publicity leaflet - more general photographic equipment, also for sale via the Great Universal Mail Order catalogues

The back of the above leaflet - dates to be indentified but maybe early / mid. 1960s

Currently I don't have an advert to date this Pathéscope 35mm slide projector - just the machine itself!
A Pathéscope 'Revue' semi-automatic 35mm slide projector - a bit later as it has a 12 volt 100 watt A1/215 QI lamp
A poke about inside reveals the name Aldis - so we know the origin, and it's British made!
(Just spotted that this is a rebadged Rank Aldis Tru-lite QI 12 model)
An interesting throwback - the lens is named 'Colortar' - the same as that used on the 9.5mm Prince cinecamera lens!

Publicity leaflet, but also used in Amateur Photographer adverts - no exact date yet - probably early 1960s 

Now importing general photographic items from Russia - maybe late 1960s?

Now importing general photographic items from Russia - maybe late 1960s?

A range of binoculars appeared with the Pathéscope logo, again probably in the Great Universal group mail-order catalogues
these seem fine, no doubt sourced in Japan in those days, maybe Sibler imports?

I suppose in the1960s the Pathéscope logo still had some 'street cred'!

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