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PRE-WAR (1920s - 1939)

The Pathéscope Company was formed in the UK around 1912 to market the Pathé 28mm KOK cine projector - later it continued marketing the 9.5mm home movie film gauge from 1923 through to 1964 in various forms. Here are various magazine adverts and publlcity leaflets from the UK Pathéscope companies up to 1939 - added as I come across these interestng items. Publicity (if dated) is always a useful guide to dating and for specifications of commercial products.

Early 1920s advert - still Pathé of France Ltd

Amateur Cinematographers' Handbook back page advert - probably late 1920s
the new French made Pathe 9.5mm cine camera now had a clockwork motor drive!

UK Pathesope leaflet from the late 1920s (I think!)

Advert in 1930 book "Cinematography For Amateurss"

Advert in 1930 book "Motion Pictures With The Baby Cine" (by Harold B. Abbott) -
this is the actual North Circular Road factory before a later extension -
water tower on the rhs, believed I think, fed from an artesian well.

1930 book "Motion Pictures With The Baby Cine" (by Harold B. Abbott) back page advert


No 200B yet, so I guess about 1932 for this Pathéscope leaflet

Pathéscope advert from the Home Movies & Home Talkies magazine dated December 1937

Leaflet from about 1937 I guess - the "S" was the forerunner of the "Vox" talkie projector, introduced in the UK in 1938 once the lab could produce 9.5mm sound prints

A Vox talkie and only the 200B Plus puts the date of this leaflet at around 1939 (I think!)

Full page advert from a 1930s Pathéscope Monthly msgazine I think
interesting that the photographer used a foreign (German?) Pathex spool!







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