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PRE-WAR (1920s - 1939)

The Pathé-Frères (Pathé Brothers) Company was formed in France around 1896 and made huge inroads into the entertainment business - both recorded music and then moving pictures. Having dabbled with an earlier home movie film gauge - 28mm, a neater, more economical size of 9.5mm was launched after the first war around 1922 once the techniques of reversal film processing had been perfected.

Soon the company spread its wings not only to the UK , but eventually in many other countries using what we would now call franchising to establish various other branches worldwide. Sadly World War 11 with France under Nazi occupation limited any further expansion and by the 1950s the Kodak company had made large inroads into amateur filming with the 8mm film gauge and TV and professional filming with their 16mm film size.

Here are various magazine adverts and publlcity leaflets from the original French Pathé-Baby company (the amateur film section of Pathé-Frères) up to 1939 - added as I come across these interestng items. Publicity (if dated) is always a useful guide to dating and for specifications of commercial products.

"A Gift Which Always Pleases" says the heading of this very early Pathé-Baby advert from around the 1920s
(not the original projector because this is advertised with a twin claw and better lenses)

In February 1926 Pathé-Baby started its own 'house magazine' entitled Le Cinéma Chez Soi - My Home Cinema
- initially featuring government ministers, learned people etc. presumably to give 'home movies' some credence
the magazine contained details of the new Pathé 9.5mm printed film releases and any new Pathé ciné equipment

Le Cinéma Chez Soi magazine June/July1926 - latest 9.5mm film releases - films were in small 30 foot or 60 foot closed spools,
a longer film needed a few reel changes! (Negritina was one of the American Hal Roach 'Our Gang' children)

Advert in Le Cinéma Chez Soi Pathé-Baby house magazine June/July 1926 advertising the Baby 9.5mm cine camera
very simple drop-in charger loading, but you had to turn the handle!

Le Cinéma Chez Soi magazine No.35 dated December 1929 -
by now the Baby projector could have a motor and large spools - but at a price!




Difficult to exactly date this lovely advertisement - probably around 1930 -
the tinplate "Kid" 9.5mm projector was introduced after the late 1920s financial slump
but in the illustration the 9.5mm cine projector is actually a Pathé-Baby!
I never could get such a large and bright picture with my Pathéscope "Ace"!!

Le Cinéma Chez Soi magazine No.61 dated November 1932 - latest film releases

Le Cinéma Chez Soi magazine No.76 dated June/July 1934 - the 9.5mm Motocamera had a built-in clockwork motor

Ciné Amateur magazine advert - 20August1935 - A smart idea, Pathé-Baby sent demo vans around the seaside resorts,
filmed people on 9.5mm and showed the films a few days later in a suitable local hall!

OK, sorry! If Pathé can use a bit of poetic licence in their "Kid" advert then I can include this French Betty Boop one,
strange - Betty Boop only appeared on 9.5mm in Pathescope (UK) sound and silent films..... from the mid 1930s









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