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New for 2013 - links to see her film performances on You Tube!


"PHILIPS BROADCAST OF 1938" 1938 GB 8m Technicolor JWT Productions
Re-issued July 1950 by DUK Films in b/w as "
Anglo-Dutch production. Animated puppets advertising Philips radio
A Harlem scene, a puppet orchestra play whilst a couple dance.
Dir: George Pal; Camera: Frank Hendrix; Music: Ambrose's Orchestra ("
She Wore a Little Jacket of Blue"); Vocals: Sam Browne ("Harbour Lights") & Evelyn Dall ("The Rhythm's OK in Harlem"). (Gifford)

Watch "Philips Broadcast of 1938" on You Tube: - (new upload 08Sept2019)
(Evelyn Dall sings "The Rhythm's OK In Harlem" at about 3mins 10secs)


Before coming to the UK Evelyn Dall appeared in a few comedy shorts in the US including:-
THE INVENTORS" USA 1934 b/w Dir: Al Christie 22minutes
with 'Stoopnagle' (F.Chase Taylor) & 'Budd' (Wilbur Hulick), Olive Borden, , Harry Short

"TICKETS PLEASE" USA 1935 b/w Dir: Roy Mack - Vitaphone musical short
with Byrnes & Farmer, Georgia Price, The Three Sizzlers

PATHETONE MEDLEY NO 513" GB 29Jan1940 b/w "Franklin D. Rosevelt Jones"
Ambrose and his Orchestra with Evelyn Dall (filmed at the Mayfair Hotel)

"SWING TEASE" * 1 reel - GB Aug1940 b/w New Realm (E.J. Fancey)
Nat Gonella "
Georgia On My Mind"; Mills Brothers "Nagasaki" & "Solitude";
Evelyn Dall sings "
Sing As You Swing". (Clips from "Sing As You Swing" GB 1937)

Watch my 16mm print of "Swing Tease" on You Tube:

"MUSIC MAN" 1 reel - GB Nov1940 b/w Embassy (E.J. Fancey)
Evelyn Dall; Claude Dampier; Clapham & Dwyer (Clips from "
Sing As You Swing")

"MUSIC BOX" 1 reel - GB Dec1940 b/w New Realm (E.J. Fancey) (Clips from "Sing As You Swing")
Brian Lawrance & dancers "
Mountains of Mourne";
Evelyn Dall with Mantovani & his Tipica Orchestra sings "
Let's Dance"


"COSTA RHUMBA" 19th July '43 & "SALOME" 26th July '43
(these two titles come from her GB 1941 film "
He Found A Star")

Watch these two Evelyn Dall numbers on You Tube - see link at "He Found A Star"


"SOFT LIGHTS AND SWEET MUSIC" Feb 1936 GB 86mins b/w British Lion
Graduating from The Academy For Under-45s run by Harry Tate, the Western Brothers use their TV invention to view various variety acts.
Dir: Herbert Smith; Art Dir: Norman Arnold; Sound: Harold V. King
Evelyn Dall, Ambrose and his Orchestra, Western Brothers, Harry Tate, Billy Bennett, Turner Layton, Elizabeth Welch, Wilson Keppel & Betty, Five Charladies, Sandy Powell's Harmonica Band, Jimmy Fletcher, Max Bacon, Jack Cooper, Karina & Co., Four Flash Devils, Rhythm Brothers, Four Robinas, Donald Stewart, Hollywood Beauties.
(Evelyn Dall, with Ambrose & his Orchestra, sings "
I've Lost My Rhythm" & "I'm All In")

Watch my 9.5mm sound print (Evelyn Dall extracts) of "Soft Lights and Sweet Music" on You Tube:

("Soft Lights and Sweet Music" available on DVD (9.5mm sound film transfer) from me at 5.95
- Grahame Newnham presto @ (no gaps in actual e-mail address))

"CALLING ALL STARS" Mar 1937 GB 75mins b/w British Lion (S.W. Smith)
An accident damages all the record masters at the SuperTone record company, requiring all the acts to be traced and re-recorded.
Dir: Herbert Smith; Ph: George Stretton; Editor: Brereton Porter;
Art Dir: Norman Arnold; Sound: Harold V. King
Ambrose & his Orchestra, Carroll Gibbons & the Savoy Orpheans, Evelyn Dall, Sam Browne, Max Bacon, Larry Adler, Arren & Broderick, Billy Bennett, The Nicholas Brothers, Turner Layton, The Twelve Aristocrats, Leon Cortez & his Coster Pals, Ethel Revnell & Gracie West, The Bega Four, Elizabeth Welch, Buck & Bubbles, The Whirlwind Skaters, Eugene Pini & his Tango Band, Al Craig, Leslie Carew, Billy 'Popeye' Costello, The Three Canadian Bachelors.
(Evelyn Dall, with Ambrose & his Orch., sings "
Organ Grinder's Swing" & "I Don't Wanna Get Hot")

Watch my 9.5mm sound print (Evelyn Dall extracts) of "Calling All Stars" on You Tube:

("Calling All Stars" available on DVD (9.5mm sound film transfer) from me at 5.95 -
- Grahame Newnham presto @ (no gaps in actual e-mail address))

"SING AS YOU SWING" July 1937 GB 82mins b/w Rock Studios (Joe Rock)
Reissued (cut) as "
A national radio station competes with a commercial station broadcasting from the continent. (Gifford)
Dir: Redd Davis; Story: Clifford Grey; Script: Syd Courtenay
Clapham & Dwyer, Claude Dampier, Evelyn Dall, Luanne Meredith, Brian Lawrance, H.F. Maltby, Four Mills Brothers, Mantovani & his Tipica Orch., Nat Gonella & his Georgians, Chilton & Thomas, Beryl Orde, Rio & Santos, Bille Carlisle, Sherman Fisher Girls.
(Evelyn Dall sings "
Let's Dance"; "Sing As You Swing" & "That's As Far As It Goes")

Watch clips from "Sing As You Swing" in the short "Swing Tease" on You Tube - see above

"KICKING THE MOON AROUND" Jun 1938 GB 78mins b/w Vogue (Howard Welsch)
Gold digger tries to thwart a millionaire's plans to star the cabaret singer he loves. (aka "
The Playboy" & "Millionaire Merry Go Round")
Dir: Walter Forde; Ph: Francis Carver; Editor: Derek Twist; Story: Tom Geraghty;
Script: Angus MacPhail, Roland Pertwee, Michael Hogan, Harry Fowler Meur
Ambrose and his Orch., Evelyn Dall, Harry Richman, Florence Desmond, Hal Thompson, C. Denier Warren, Julien Vedey, Max Bacon, Leslie Carew, Davy Burnaby, George Carney, Edward Rigby, Maureen O'Hara.
(Evelyn Dall sings "
No Songs About Love"; "It's The Rhythm In Me" & "You're Whats The Matter With Me")

Watch the Evelyn Dall extracts from "Kicking the Moon Around" on You Tube:

("Kicking the Moon Around" available on DVD (16mm transfer) from me at 5.95
(this DVD also includes "Phillips Broadcast 1938" and "Swingtease")
- Grahame Newnham presto @ (no gaps in actual e-mail address))

"HE FOUND A STAR" Sept 1941 GB 88mins b/w GFD (John Corfield)
Musical secretary wins theatrical agent when his star singer lets him down. (Gifford)
Dir: John Paddy Carstairs; Story: (novel 'Ring O Roses') Monica Ewer;
Script: Austin Melford, Bridget Boland
Vic Oliver, Sara Churchill, Evelyn Dall, Robert Sanson, Robert Atkins, George Merritt, Joan Greenwood
(Evelyn Dall sings "
Costa Rhumba" and "Salome")

Watch the Evelyn Dall numbers from "He Found A Star" on You Tube:

("He Found A Star" plus extras, available on DVD (16mm transfer) from me at 5.95
- Grahame Newnham presto @ (no gaps in actual e-mail address))

(with thanks to Alex Gleason)

"KING ARTHUR WAS A GENTLEMAN" Dec 1942 GB 99m b/w GFD/Gainsborough
A soldier becomes a hero when he believes he has King Arthur's sword. Not-too-successful attempt to turn a music hall comedian into a figure of Chapinesque pathos. (Halliwell)
Dir: Marcel Varnel; Wr: Val Guest, Marriott Edgar; Ph: Arthur Crabtree
Arthur Askey, Evelyn Dall, Anne Shelton, Max Bacon, Jack Train, Peter Graves, Vera Francis, Ronald Shiner, Brefni O'Rourke.
(Evelyn Dall sings "
You'll Love the Army"/"Got A Bee In My Bonnet"/ "Actions Speak Louder Than Words")

Watch the Evelyn Dall musical clips from "King Arthur Was A Gentleman" on You Tube -

("King Arthur Was A Gentleman" now on 'itv' DVD in UK - available from me at 7.95
- Grahame Newnham presto @ (no gaps in actual e-mail address))

from "Miss London Ltd"

"MISS LONDON LTD" May 1943 GB 99m b/w GFD/Gainsborough (Edward Black)
An escort agency is formed to assist soldiers on leave. Flagwaving light entertainment with popular performers of the time. (Halliwell)
Dir: Val Guest; Wr: Val Guest, Marriott Edgar; Ph: Basil Emmott;
Md: Louis Levy; Songs: Manning Sherwin(music), Val Guest(lyrics).
Arthur Askey, Evelyn Dall, Anne Shelton, Richard Hearne, Max Bacon, Jack Train, Peter Graves, Jean Kent.
(Evelyn Dall sings "
A Fine How Do You Do" / "Keep Cool, Calm & Collect")

Cinema poster

("Miss London Ltd" now on 'itv' DVD in UK - available from me at 7.95
- Grahame Newnham presto @ (no gaps in actual e-mail address))


"TIME FLIES" * Feb 1944 GB 88m b/w GFD/Gainsborough (Edward Black)
A professor invents a time machine and takes his friends back to the court of Good Queen Bess. Very passable star farce. (Halliwell)
Dir:Walter Forde; Wr:J.O.C. Orton, Ted Kavanaugh, Howard Irving Young; Ph:Basil Emmott; Md:Louis Levy.
Tommy Handley, Felix Aylmer, Evelyn Dall, George Moon, Moore Marriott, Graham Moffatt, Olga Lindo, Stephane Grappelly
(Evelyn Dall sings "
I'm On A Cloud That's Silver Lined" / "Hey Mr. Bellman")

"Time Flies" available on DVD from me at 5.95
- Grahame Newnham presto @ (no gaps in actual e-mail address))

from "Time Flies"

I'm still looking for a full length copy of "Sing As You Swing" - 16mm; DVD or VHS (PAL)
Thanks to a film friend I now have an 'off-air' DVD - contact me below (gln - 24Mar2017)
Grahame Newnham presto @ (no gaps in actual e-mail address)


Probably one of her first radio appearances was with Ambrose's Orchestra and Max Bacon (drummer & comedian) on "Morning Noon & Night" a Radio Luxembourg show sponsored by Lifebuoy Toilet Soap from Sunday 31st May 1936. She was also one of the first performers to appear on the new high definition television service, Evelyn thinks this was in a show called "100% Broadway" perhaps the first UK comedy television programme - she remembers appearing with an American comedian David Burns. These shows were broadcast on the following dates: 11June/30Sept/22Oct/21Dec1937 & 18Feb/25Mar/18May/15Jun 1938. Evelyn recalls it was done in a room converted to a studio at the Victoria Palace theatre. The programme was the brainchild of Cecil Maddern, who really was 'Mr Television' during this pre-war period. Evelyn thought Cecil was a wonderful man and adored him. Strange she hated the BBC - 'they were authorities on nothing but were unfortunately in charge' - so no change there ?

The archives of the Alexandra Palace Television Society show that Evelyn Dall appeared twice with Ambrose and his Orchestra in a "Starlight" show - once for the EMI system December 10th 1936 at 9.05-9.20 p.m. and again for the ill-fated Baird 240 line system on December 29th 1936 at 9.45-10.00 p.m. These would have been live transmissions. She also appeared in "Christmas Cabaret" with Jasper Maskelyne & Afrique, performed on 20th December 1938 at 3.15-4pm and 22nd December 1938 at 9-9.45pm. (Again two live performances - no recording was possible then).

Evelyn Dall was also the first crooner to sing at Buckingham Palace! The Duke of Kent had heard her sing with the band at the Cafe De Paris and asked Bert Ambrose to bring her with the band to the Derby Ball on June 1st 1938. No vocalist had ever performed at the Palace, but eventually Ambrose plucked up courage and the band did "Nice Work If You Can Get It" with Evelyn singing - the Queen applauded, so all was well! Next day Evelyn's picture was plastered all over the front page of the Daily Mirror with the headline EVELYN DALL FIRST CROONER AT BUCKINGHAM PALACE, Ambrose was none too pleased - there was no mention of the man she worked for!

with thanks to Alex Gleeson

Evelyn Dall took part in a closed-circuit television demonstration programme for the Commonwealth Broadcasting Conference in February 1945 held at Alexandra Palace (North London) lasting about 40 minutes. She was introduced by Freddie Grisewood (one of the presenters for the demonstration) and appeared with her accompanist Joan Bird. The producer for this section was Cecil Maddern (a pre-war television producer) and Evelyn received a fee of 5gns (5.25!) and Joan Bird received the usual accompanist's fee of 1/16/- (1.80). Also in the programme was Canadian comic Robert Goodier who was appearing at the London Hippodrome in the show "Meet The Navy", the Royal Canadian Navy show. (Info. with thanks, from Simon Vaughan - Alexandra Palace Television Society).


"PRESENT ARMS" - a musical comedy produced by Tom Arnold with music by Noel Gay and dances by Freddie Carpenter, opened at the Prince of Wales theatre, London on the 13th May 1940, running with 208 performances up to 31st August that year, having premiered at the Hippodrome, Birmingham 6th May 1940. The antics of three soldiers were the heart of the entertainment, 'with George Gee clowning, singing and dancing; Billy Bennett with his not-so-serious verse and Wylie Watson his usual picture of dejection'. Evelyn Dall as Peggy Brent, half of a romantic sub-plot, sang solo numbers "Oomph" and "I'm All In" and joined Max Wall - her 'other half' in "Might Be" whilst he excelled in some eccentric dancing. Also involved were Max Bacon and Phyllis Monkman.

"SOMETHING FOR THE BOYS" - an American musical produced by Frank P. Adey with Cole Porter tunes opened at the Coliseum, London on the 30th March 1944, running through till 20th May. The plot concerned three fantastic cousins, Blossom (Evelyn Dall), Chiquita (Daphne Barker), and Harry (Bobby Wright), who inherit a ranch in Texas right beside an airfield. Blossom's boy friend Rocky was played by Leigh Stafford and his friend Laddie was played by Jack Billings who also arranged all the dances. There was also Army Air Corps boys, an assembly line, a senator's daughter, and a human radio receiving set - but paraphrasing a review at the time "with Evelyn Dall starring, who cares about the plot!" Songs included "Something For the Boys", "Hey! Good Lookin'", "See You're Born In Texas" and "By the Miss-iss-iss-iss-iss-iss-inewa".

Scenes from "Something For the Boys"

"FOLLOW THE GIRLS" Initially opened at The Palace, Manchester and arrived at His Majesty's Theatre, London, 26th October 1945, running until 22nd February 1947, via runs at Liverpool and Blackpool. Songs included "I Wanna Get Married".
Arthur Askey played Goofy Gale, Evelyn Dall played night club singer Bubbles LaMarr, Wendy Toye played Betty Deleaninnion, other stars included Hugh French, Jackie Billings and Vic Marlowe.


Evelyn leaving for the USA on the first passenger trip of the Queen Elizabeth
(bandleader Bert Ambrose is wearing hat, wonder who the other fella is?)

After the war, Evelyn Dall returned to the United States to marry an avid golfer by the name of Sam Winter, whom she had met in London via an American officer golfer friend she sometimes played poker with. She sailed on the first post-war passenger voyage of the Queen Elizabeth in November 1946 together with a number of British dance bands. However she did return to the UK on a couple of occasions, accompanying her husband playing in golf tournaments and meeting old show business friends like Anne Shelton.

Evelyn was once quoted as saying "I object to women who hang about crooning after they've lost their sex appeal. Once I notice the interest in a single pair of male eyes flagging I'll quit the stage and retire". Seems she followed her philosphy and so once back in the States she totally retired from show business to concentrate on her family. No more shows, records or films. They had a girl, Marylee, who now lives in the south west US, and a boy, Brian, who now lives on the West Coast of the US.

One source says she settled in Miami. Seems she certainly kept in touch with people in the UK up to the 1960's. Recently a friend stated that she was still alive - he had seen her at a charity concert in the early 1990's. As of May 2001 Evelyn has contacted me via her nephew Don who has been in touch by e-mail - he lived near her in Florida - Evelyn says she is definitely 'alive and kicking!' - new information and pictures are added 'as and when'.


Evelyn's nephew Don has contacted me (July 2002) to say that unfortunately Evelyn is now suffering some short term memory loss so has decided to sell her Florida home and move to an assisted living appartment near her daughter in S.W. USA. However Don says Evelyn is as feisty as ever! We wish her well.

In January 2005 Evelyn sent best new year wishes to all her fans via her nephew Don - she is still fine and celebrated her birthday on January the eighth - Many Happy Returns, Evelyn!

Here is a sad story from Evelyn about the wartime in London, UK: -
Every night, after the performance, there was a regular poker game in one of the apartments on the apartment side of the Grosvenor House.  It was sometimes different apartments, but always in the Grosvenor House.  The players were always different depending upon who showed up.  They were always at least 5 or 6 players who included actors, musicians, agents, and managers.  Evelyn loved playing and they would play poker until dawn.    The conversation brought mixed memories of joy and sadness because they would play in the apartment throughout the bombings, as they didn't like the bomb shelters.  One night, (16th April 1941) while they were playing, a bomb dropped on the apartment next door, at 60 Park Lane.  She remembers, very sadly, that was the bomb that killed Al Bowlly.

It's 8th January 2006 - Evelyn Dall celebrated her 88th birthday at the large independent living home where she lives (in her own words) "with a bunch of old farts" - she longs for someone to tell her a dirty joke. Evelyn thinks that probably all the showbiz people she knew in the UK are dead - sadly no doubt she is right. She says she misses the boxing matches - she has a pair of autographed George Forman and a pair of Muhammad Ali boxing gloves, and used to attend boxing matches on a regular basis. Tonight she is going out to dinner with her daughter and son-in-law to celebrate. Thanks Don for the update. Again - Many Happy Returns, Evelyn!

November 2006 - unfortunately as a result of a fall, Evelyn broke her hip. However she had an operation and it was successfully pinned. We wish her continuing good health.

Jan 8th 2007 - it's birthday time again - Evelyn Dall celebrated her 89th birthday! We wish her 'Many Happy Returns". Evelyn is now suffering more severe short term memory loss and is living in a nursing home. Her nephew Don tells me she still talks about the old days in the UK - probably the happiest time of her life.

Thanks for the lovely photo, Evelyn - she says "Remember me as I was ......... "

April 2007 - sadly Evelyn suffered a heart attack a few weeks ago and this coupled with arthritis and dementia leaves her none too well - it's not much fun getting old!! But what a lovely photo she has sent me via her nephew - on the back is a personal message "Grahame - Thanks for keeping the memory of the old blonde bombshell alive through your web-site! Evelyn Dall" - thanks so much Evelyn!

February 2010 - Evelyn celebrated her 92nd birthday on January 8th, at her nursing home which is close to her daughter Mary Lee. She is still as feisty as ever says her nephew Don.

10th March 2010 - so sorry to report that Eveyn Dall passed away quietly at 07.16 am. in Phoenix, Arizona, USA - all best wishes to all her family.
Another important link with the entertainment world of the past gone forever.

Another lovely photo of Evelyn Dall - thanks to Dave Bennett! (added Mar2017)

Check out Dave Cooper's web-site with Evelyn Dall dates & photos:-

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