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Wow! I have just seen this superb European Dance/Jazz Orchestra at our nearby Concorde Club Sunday last. Where these days can you see a live full orchestra of around twenty members playing genuine original instruments, plus a girl trio ("The Serenaders Sisters") and a male duo for the vocals!

This superb orchestra ( I think this is my third viewing), play a fantastic selection of original dance/ jazz favourites from the 1920s and 1930s. The arrangements have been transcribed from original 78rpm records of these tunes, with quite an emphasis on UK dance/jazz bands. Naturally the repertoire comes from the fanous composers including, of course, the likes of Duke Ellington, Fats Walller and George Gershwin.

I think the band are just finishing their 2016 UK tour, so why not 'google' their details for next years UK tour and their various albums that are available. I can only say 'superb' - try and see them live, maybe at The Concorde Club next year! (gln - 25Jul2016)

Watch The Bratislava Hot Serenaders play "Happy Feet" :


Hear The Bratislava Hot Serenaders play Gershwin - "Delishious" (vocals from The Serenaders Sisters)

Hear The Bratislava Hot Serenaders play Duke Ellingon - "Sweet Jazz Of Mine"

These tracks come from one of their excellent CDs - "The Broken Record"
(if you csn still find a copy - try Amazon, ebay etc.)


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