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List last updated: 15 Nov 2017

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UK Tel: 023 8086 5086 .................................... E-Mail: presto @ (no spaces)

Payment in UK pounds by cheque or postal order, payable 'G.L. Newnham', sorry I don't take plastic!
Please ensure you also include details of your order and your full name and address!
Items reserved by phone or e-mail will be held for up to 10 days until your payment

UK POSTAGE: Prices have risen! Minimum is £2.60 (2nd class 'small' parcel) but a 4 reeler costs £8 to post!!
Heavier parcels over 2Kg now have to go by the '48hr' service at £12.98!!
I'll try to subsidise postage for higher value orders, but sadly these costs are out of my control!

Items on the list marked (( )) are reserved & are probably sold - sorry!


(Now seven weeks into recovery after radiotherapy on vocal chord -
just minor pain & mucus now - and a bit of a voice again!)


Sorry if things are still sometimes a bit slow!

(gln - 11Nov2017)

Group 9.5

The UK 9.5mm Club

Check out events and maybe join our club!

**************** 9.5mm CAMERA FILM ****************

(E6 colour reversal film is no longer manufactured in any size!)

Fuji & Kodak ceased manufacture of E6 colour reversal filmstock many years ago
Currently I still have a few empty 9.5mm film chargers, Webo magazines and camera spools - see below
UK E6 Processing has mostly ceased but may be found on the internet, but with no new E6 camera stock, demand will soon cease

* UK E6 9.5mm colour reversal processing: *
9m/30ft £10; 15m/50ft £15 plus £2 UK return postage *
Please contact Roy Salmons at Photoworld - UK tel: 01492 875806
French Cine-Dia (who supplied my bulk Fuji 9.5mm filmstock) currently have no E6 reversal film stock
they have formed a new company Color-City Image at the same Epinay-sur-Seine, France address
Color-City Image web-site:-
they may have a new 9.5mm E6 colour reversal filmstock soon, if Ferrania get their old factory going!.
There is on-line ordering, or maybe use the e-mail address, it's useful to use French!
(camera film info. updated 29Oct2017 - gln)

* Pathe "H" type camera film chargers, good condition £2.50 each *
(the 'H' type film charger also fits all earlier 9.5mm cine cameras designed for 'P' chargers)
* 9.5mm Pathe Webo 15m/50ft magazines for Webo 'A'; 'A' Luxe; 'Rio'/'Riophot', as new condition £5 each *
* 9.5mm camera spools, new, boxed 15m/50ft £2.50 each 30m/100ft £3.50 each *

* 16mm 100 foot / 30 metre camera spools, black plastic (new), in 'as new' plastic cans £2.50 each *


9.5MM (& Std Super 8mm / 16mm) SUNDRIES

Splicing and leader film - remember that older 9.5mm, 16mm and std 8mm printed and home movies are all on acetate film stock,
which can be joined with good old film cement (a film base solvent) or splicing tape. Some later 16mm and Super 8mm film prints
may be on polyester filmstock which can really only be joined using splicing tape.

Lower down this page you will find both film cement (now my own brand again!) and CIR splicing tape available,
plus usually a selection of good condition film splicers for most film sizes.


(Acetate film leader can be joined (spliced) with film cement or tape splicers
Polyester film is very strong, but can really only be joined with splicing tape)

Good quality fresh leader film from Orwo and Kodak
Sorry about small price increase, bulk stock is difficult to source!



Std 8mm black leader / spacer film, 30foot / 9metre roll £4.50

"Presto" Super 8mm white polyester leader / spacer film, 50foot / 15metre roll £6.25


"Presto" 9.5mm white acetate leader / spacer film, 30metre / 100foot roll - white £10.95

"Presto" 9.5mm black acetate leader / spacer film, 30.5metre / 100foot roll £10.95

"Presto" 9.5mm magnetic full-coat film, approx 30metre/100ft £8.95
(this magnetic oxide coated film can be used for projector magnetic sound recording tests)


"Presto" 16mm white, acetate leader / spacer film, single perf., 100foot / 30.5metre roll £10.95
"Presto" 16mm black, acetate leader / spacer film, double perf.,100foot / 30.5metre roll £10.95

16mm blue thin tough polyester leader film, single perf.
100foot / 30.5metre roll £7.95
16mm clear, acetate leader film, double perf., 30foot / 9metre roll £3.95

(single / double perf. means perforations along one or both sides of the 16mm film)



"Presto" 17.5mm clear, polyester leader / spacer film,
100foot / 30.5metre roll £8.95
(this is not suitable for Pathe 17.5mm projectors, but will run on standard 35mm equipment,
polyester film is very tough, quite thin and is usually joined using splicing tape)


White cotton editing gloves - a bit small but they do stretch (fit me just!) £1.50 per pair

"Presto" Cine Projector MOTOR DRIVE BELTS (British made/good quality heat/oil resisting nitrile)

9.5mm Bolex PA / DA motor drive belt £4.50

9.5mm Ciné-Gel G / GR / GS motor drive belt £4.50
9.5mm Ciné-Gel Royal 210 & 215 motor drive belt £4.50
9.5mm Ciné-Gel Royal 200 motor drive belt £4.50
9.5mm Ciné-Gel Royal 235 motor drive belt £4.50

9.5mm Cineric T9.5 (and model F etc.) motor drive belt £4.50

9.5mm Cine-Technique Pratic 300 motor drive belt £4.50
9.5mm Cine-Technique Comete 600 optical sound motor drive belt £4.50
9.5mm Dekko 48 motor drive belt £4.50 each (also fits Silma 120M 8mm)

16mm Elf/Eiki / 9.5mm Buckingham conversion - motor / rewind belt £4.50 each
16mm Elf/Eiki / 9.5mm Buckingham conversion - feed / take-up arm belt £4.50 each

9.5mm Eumig P111 motor drive belt £3.50 each

Heurtier Supertri motor drive belt £4.50 each
9.5mm Ligonie Super Europ motor drive belt £4.50 each

9.5mm / 16mm Specto motor drive belt £3.50 each

Std 8mm Specto Greyline
internal motor drive belt £4.50 each
external spool arm belts 2 for £6

Super 8mm Pathescope/Hanimex/Specto P1
motor drive / internal take-up £6 the pair

28mm Victor motor drive belt £4.50 each
28mm New Premier Pathéscope motor drive belt £4.50 each

9.5mm Pathéscope 200B motor drive belt £4.50 each

9.5mm Pathéscope Ace motor drive belt £4.50 each
9.5mm Pathé Baby motor drive belts (one large/one small) £9.00 a set

9.5mm Pathéscope "H" motor drive belt £3.50 each
9.5mm Pathéscope "Imp" motor drive belt £4.50 each

9.5mm Pathéscope Son/Gem/Mk9 motor drive belt £3.50 each
9.5mm Pathéscope Son/Gem/Mk9 external rewind belt £4.50 each
9.5mm Pathé Lux motor drive belt £4.50 each
9.5mm Pathé Marignan motor drive belt £4.50 each
9.5mm Pathé Baby 60 motor drive belt £4.50 each
9.5mm Pathéscope Princess - set of three drive belts £12

(note, despite ebay adverts and notes elsewhere on the internet, projector take-up belts
are normally spring belts to allow slippage as the take-up spool fills up)

"Presto" Cine Projector SPRING TAKE-UP BELTS (new, unused) £4.50 each

New lightweight spring metal take-up belts, suitable for "Ace", "H"; "Imp", "200B", "Coq D'Or",
and many of the 'toy' type "Coronet", "Bingoscope", "Homray", "Astor" type machines

9.5mm Projection SPOOLS (good or very good condition)

9.5mm Pathescope 9m/30ft black metal closed spools (cassettes), vgc 2 for £1.50
9.5mm 9metre / 30foot Gevaert aluminium projection spools, vgc (2) 2 for £2.00

9.5mm Pathéscope plastic projection spools, new or as-new, 15metre / 60foot 2 for £2.50 (only 3 sets available!)
9.5mm Pathéscope 15metre / 60foot aluminium projection spools, 2 for £2.50 (just two sets available)
9.5mm Pathéscope 15metre / 60foot early black metal projection spools, 2 for £2.50 (just one set available)
9.5mm Pathescope black 100metre/300foot spool, can or used card box, gc, (2) £6 each (just two available)
(( 9.5mm early Pathex silver 100metre/300foot spool, early Pathescope blue box, gc (2) £6 each (just two available) ))
(( 9.5mm early Pathex silver 100metre/300foot spool, Pathex can, gc (2) £6 each (just two available) ))
9.5mm Cyldon aluminium 120m/400ft projection spool and card box, vgc (1) £6.00 - (just one only)

9.5mm Pathéscope (late 1950s) 'easiload' 400ft / 120m spool & can, very nice condition £10 each (3 available)

16mm film cores, (used for winding film on split spools), 3 x small or 3 x large £1 pack of three

16mm 400foot / 120metre projection spools, Cyldon or GB Equipments, good condition, in new white card box £6 each (3)

Another discovery! Lovely (new old stock) 16mm metal (Posso?) 1200foot / 350 metre spools & cans, easiload centres,
I intended to sort out 9.5mmm conversions, but too late now! Some cans have some external corrosion at one end.
Still paper wrapped - £20 each (at least four left now) (may be safer for buyer to collect these)



9.5mm Cine Projector INSTRUCTIONS:-

Pathéscope "Ace" £1 / "Ace" motor £1

Pathéscope "Gem" projector instructions £5
"Imp" £4 / "H" £5 / "Son" (& Mk1&2 amp. circuits) £5
"Princess" £5 / "Pax"(& amp. circuit) £5 / "200B" & "200B Plus" £5

Astor "Junior" £1 / Ray No.2 £1
Hunter 'Nine-Five' £1
Bing British £1 / Bolex C/D/DA/PA £4 ; G £3 / Campro cam/proj £4
Dekko 48 £1 / Ditmar Duo £3 / Ensign Tri-gauge £4 / Eumig "P25" £2
Heurtier HSM / Panoralux multi-gauge talkie (35 pages!) instruction book £6
Ligonie Europ £4 / Keystone "Supreme E-948/2" £2 / Noris 9.5mm £1
Midas 9.5mm camera/projector £4 / Specto 100w/250w £5 / Triplico £2
16mm Elf(Eiki) ST/M £4 / RM/RT series £5 / 9.5mm Buckingham £5
Pathéscope17.5mm Home Talkie instruction booklet £5
35mm Bing British toy projector instruction sheet £1.50

Sales leaflet for Pathescope "Kid" projector (1932?) £1
Pathescope Duplex system (Monaco proj./Lido camera) 1955 leaflet £1
Booklet "How to Maintain & Operate the Pathéscope 200B" £2

9.5mm Cine Camera INSTRUCTIONS:-
"H" / "Pat" / "Prince" / "Lido" / "Dekko" £5 each
Instruction book for 9.5mm Pathe Webo A cinecamera (24 pages) £5 each

Other 9.5mm REPRINTS:-
ACW review of 9.5mm Pathescope "Prince/Princess" outfit (Oct.'59) £3
ACW review of 9.5mm Pathescope "Pat" cinecamera (Aug'53) £1

Circuit diagrams for "Vox / Super Vox" / GBL516 amplifiers £1 each model

Instructions: 9.5mm Adsonic mag.sound unit £1 / Supersound Striper £1
Russian cine developing tank £1 / 16/9.5/8 Marguet BNB splicer £1
9.5mm Pathe early wooden film ,joiner/repairer £1
9.5mm Pathe Film Notcher £1 / Film Mender £1 / Uniter splicer £1
9.5mm Pathescope 'Junior' Film Mender £1
Webo "A" magazine loading diagram & French/English instructions £1
Loading instructions for Baby/Motocamera chargers (1929?) £1

****** Pathescope 1949 Newsletters Reprint (All 4 Issues) £2 ******
Pathe (France) spec. for 9.5mm film/gates etc sound/silent (1944) £1
Pathex Dusseldorf (German) 1950's illustrated equipment list £1
Pathescope (London) Ltd 1961 (last?) price list (yellow paper) £1
Pathescope(GB) 1958 film catalogue 9.5 Sound/Sil&8mm (blue paper) £4


   UK Tel: 023 8086 5086               E-Mail: presto @
   All movie films listed below are complete, black & white prints, 
   spooled, boxed, in used good condition, unless otherwise stated
                 STD/SUPER 8MM


Std 8mm 120m/400ft spool, boxed £3.50 - one only
Std 8mm black leader film, 30ft/9metre roll £4.50

50ft    "LE COMBAT DE CRIN BLANC" (French Film Office) Drama      LN £1
50ft    "LE PETIT CHAPERON ROUGE" (French Film Office) Disney     LN £1
50ft    "THE BIRTHDAY PARTY" (Mountain Films) Our Gang? Comedy    VG £2
50ft    "THE HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS" Movie-Pakette        Interest  VG £2
50ft    "NO INDIANS PLEASE" Movie-Pakette Abbott&Costello Comedy  VG £2
50ft    "BRUINES MAKE MISCHIEF" Movie-Pakette           Comedy    VG £2
50ft    "THE STRIP" Pt 2 - Avra Bennett  Harrison Marks Glamour   LN £5
1 reel  "LOVE & HISSES" (Laurel & Hardy) orig. box      Comedy    LN £4
1 reel  "TENNIS CHUMPS" (Tom & Jerry) orig. Walton box  Cartoon   LN £4
400ft   "SHOULDER ARMS" US 1918                 Chaplin Comedy    VG £10
         No stock at present

50ft   "CHIPPY CHUMPS" (Laurel & Hardy) original box    Comedy    VG £1
1 reel "THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY" US 1903 Collectors Club LN £5
1 reel "IT'S A GIFT" US 1923 Snub Pollard Collectors Club LN £5
1 reel "FUN FAIR" GB 1949 Bubble & Squeek Cartoon Orig.Fletcher case VG/LN £5

Another find in my garage! What looks like a 16mm print,
turns out to be an 800 foot roll of new Super 8mm prints
(these are normally double printed on 16mm wide stock)

So here is probably the last Super 8mm glamour film
release from Walton Films before they went under!
50ft 338 "MUSICAL STRIP"
NEW COPIES - Now just spooled, polywrapped - so only £4.95 each!!

. . .
(Sorry the images are from my film editor screen - prints are actually very good!)
(You will have to buy a copy to see the rest of the film!!)


Dual std/super 8mm Photax 120m/400ft plastic spool/case set £5 one only
Dual std/super 8mm Posso 180m/600ft plastic spool/case set £10 one only
Super 8mm Photax 120m/400ft plastic spool/case set unused/boxed  £6  (2)
Super 8mm 120m/400ft spool, card box £3.50 each one only
Super 8mm 60metre/200foot spool, card box £2.50 each (2)

1 reel COL "DOC'S LAST STAND" USA (Dynamo Doc cartoon) Colour fade VG £2.50
1 reel COL "DUEL OF THE WIZARDS"  (Disney cartoon)       Cartoon   VG  £4
    (traces of Spanish sound in background - good old Derann!)
1 reel COL "ROBIN HOOD RESCUES MAID MARION" US 196? Disney Cartoon VG £10
    (good colour - original Disney illustrated box)
1 reel COL "GORILLA MY DREAMS" US 1947          Bugs Bunny Cartoon LN £10
    (good colour, original Techno 'jewel case')
1 reel B/W "KID'S LAST FIGHT"US1933 Shirley Temple Coll.Club  Comedy LN  £5
600ft spl COL "WATERSHIP DOWN" GB 1978 Animated (Orig.PM Films box) VG/LN £25

                NINE-FIVE - 9.5MM

9.5mm SILENT NOTCHED FILMS(Short titles for early special projectors)
  The little 30ft/60ft titles were all released on 9.5mm before 1930!
           No stock
  All above (in 'closed cassettes')30 foot notched title shorts £2.50 each
    V.232 "CARPENTIER-LEWIS FIGHT"(untitled) / V.300 "SKI JUMPING"(untitled)
    V.625 "UNE BONNE FARCE" (Pt 1) (French titles)
  All above unspooled 30 foot notched title shorts £2.50 each (£2 each untitled)
           No stock
  All above (in closed casettes) 60ft notched title shorts £3.50 each

((  2G.10287 (120ft) "COMING HOME LATE"(Chaplin)  ))
   All above 60ft notched title shorts, unspooled  £3.50 each 

G.10147/10164/10166 "THE ESQUIMAUX" US 1922 (Nanook Of the North) G £5
             Classic Flaherty documentary - missing main title)

 S.527 1rl  "A TRIP TO PARADISE" ("Never Weaken" US 1921)  G £4
             (All titles have been 'snipped') - Harold Lloyd
(( S.523 2rls "CHRISTUS" IT 1916  Religious Drama   G/VG  £10 ))
((            Complete notched release                        ))
             (later this film was 3 reels with running titles)

9.5mm SILENT FILMS (9m = 30ft; 18m = 60ft; 30m = 100ft; 40m = 120ft)

                  NEW UNUSED PRESTO FILM SHORTS - July 2017
 9.5mm PB.95125 'Stock Title' "THE END" (acetate) 3.5ft/1m length £1.50 each
      (replace damaged film ends! A roll gives at least 3 titles!)
 9.5mm PB.95126 Academy Countdown Leader (acetate) 7ft/2m  £2.50 each


9m/30fts  (Pathéscope's 'best bits', all fully titled)
        L.30062 "OH! THAT MULE" (Com)
        L.30132 "MICKEY ENLISTS" / 
        L.30223 "RAINING CATS & PLUTO" / L.30262 "BETTY BOOP'S TAVERN"
        L.30266 "HEAVE HO POPEYE" / L.30518 "GALLANT CRANE" (MM)
   All above G/VG unspooled £2.00 each or 3 for £5.50
         No stock
   All above G/VG apooled & boxed £2.25 each
         No stock
  All above in closed cassettes £2.25 each

18m/60fts  (MM Mickey Mouse/SS Silly Symph/BB Betty Boop)

(( D30146 "PRELUDE MICKEY"(MM) ))/ (( D30245 "DONALD DUCK" ))
(( D30717 "PLUTO IN THE DRINK" ))
   All above G/VG unspooled £2.75 each or 3 for £8.00

 D30097 "SALLY WANTS TO PLAY"(Com) / 
(( D30243 "VARIETY SHOW"(MM) ))/(( D30257 "MATADOR POPEYE" ))
  All above G/VG spooled & boxed £3.25 each or 3 for £9

/(( D10322 "FUN IN FREETOWN"(Com) ))
  All above G/VG in closed cassettes £3.25 each
    ((  G53 "PARIS" (Peak Films - travel)  ))
 (( C30679 "TRIGGER LAW" (Cassidy western) ))
30m/100fts All above VG cond. Spooled & orig boxes £4.50 each 
 ((    G36 "PUNCH & JUDY SHOW" (Peak Films) ))
 (( C30704 "LION AND THE MOUSE" GB (Pathe Pictorial 1949)   ))
 (( C30705 "HORSE SENSE AND NONESENSE" GB (Pathe News 1950) ))
30m/100fts unspooled: All above VG condition £3.50 each or 3 for £9.00

  UK Tel: 023 8086 5086    E-Mail: presto @  (no spaces)
All films are complete, good condition, spooled, boxed unless stated
9.5mm SILENT FILMS    (+ indicates film has been Thermofilm treated)

(( 100ft COL 100 "TROOPING THE COLOUR" GB 1953 Walton Kodachrome   VG £12 ))
((                (original Walton box, but unspooled)                    ))

(( 200ft  M5013  "WRECKED AT SEA" FR                     Interest   F £3.00 ))
200ft  M30250 "BLOW ME DOWN" US 1933           Popeye Cartoon   VG £5.00
(( 200ft  M30251 "I AM WHAT I AM" US 1933         Popeye Cartoon   VG £5.00 ))
200ft  M30281 "SOCK-A-BYE BABY" US 1934        Popeye Cartoon   VG £5.00
200ft  M30306 "PUPPY LOVE" US 1933 Disney             Cartoon   FG £3.50 
200ft  M30367 "LITTLE NOBODY" US 193       Betty Boop Cartoon    G £4.00
200ft  M30382 "SWAT THE FLY" US 1935       Betty Boop Cartoon   VG £5.00
200ft  M30554 "ROWING AROUND" US 1929    Laurel&Hardy Comedy    VG £5.00

200ft  M30620 "BARNYARD OLYMPICS" US 1932 (Neg)Disney Cartoon   VG £5.00
        (Note! The Pathéscope negative - well just one 9.5mm run of the triple neg.
         not a release print - black is white, white is black)

(( 300ft Reperf. "GINGER NUTT'S CHRISTMAS CIRCUS" GB 1949 David Hand cartoon  VG £10 ))
(( 300ft SB651   "EASY STREET" US 1917 (2nd copy)Chaplin Comedy VG/LN £7.00 ))
300ft SB651   "EASY STREET" US 1917 (3rd copy)Chaplin Comedy     G £4.50
300ft SB638   "FREEDOM FOR EVER" US 1917      Chaplin Comedy     G £4.50
300ft SB643   "THE NEW WORLD" US 1917         Chaplin Comedy VG/LN £7.00
300ft SB643   "THE NEW WORLD" US 1917  (Another copy!)        G/VG £5.00
300ft SB669   "GIPSY LIFE" US 1916              Chaplin Comedy   G £4.50
300ft SB728   "FULL STEAM AHEAD" US 1924    Our Gang Comedy  VG/LN £7.00
(( 300ft SB751   "ACROSS ALASKA" US 1926                 Interest  VG £6.00 ))
300ft SB760   "ROLLING AROUND" US 1916        Chaplin Comedy VG/LN £7.00
300ft SB763   "WAITER" US 1916                Chaplin Comedy VG/LN £7.00
         ("Rolling Around" & "Waiter" together comprise "THE RINK")
(( 300ft SB830   "THE HORSE" FR 192? (Le Cheval)         Interest  VG £6.00 ))
300ft SB30003 "THE WRECKER" GB 1928           Classic Drama     VG £6.00
300ft SB30096 "CIRCUS DAYS" GB 1931 (no main title)   Cartoon    G £3.50
300ft SB30119 "ROYAL SILVER JUBILEE" GB 1935 1st 100ft water damage £2.50
300ft SB30393 "PENGUIN LOVE PARADE" Disney (last 50ft damaged)     £2.50
300ft SB30441 "CHARLIE THE PERFECT LADY" US 1915  Chalin Comedy VG £6.00
                 (this is actually Part 1 only of a 2 reeler)
300ft SB30509 "ROYAL TOUR OF SOUTH AFRICA" GB 1947 Pathe News   VG £6.00
300ft SB30523 "WEDDING OF HRH PRINCESS ELIZABETH"  Pathe News G/VG £5.50
300ft SB30550 "NEWS REVIEW OF 1948" GB 1948        Pathe News   VG £6.00
300ft SB30557 "BOYS WILL BE BOYS" US 1930 Laurel&Hardy Comedy VG/LN £7.00
300ft SB30663 "SPORTS REVIEW OF 1953" GB 1953      Pathe News VG/LN £7.00

300ft  Col    "THREE RING FLING" US 1958 (16mm Castle reperf) VG/LN £10 
                 (mag. striped, but no sound - colour fade)

(( 2rls   9/24   "SHOULDER ARMS" US 1918  Chaplin Comedy          VG/LN £17 ))
((                 (900ft spool - one of the last Pathéscope releases)      ))
(( 2rls  SB30070 "THE MANXMAN" GB 1929   Early Hitchcock    Drama  VG £14 ))
4rls  SB30285 "MIDSHIPMAN EASY" GB 1935 Hughie Green     Drama  FG £18
                (repairs needed,many splices,but spools are worth more!)
3rls  SB30429 "TURN OF THE TIDE" GB 1935      Classic Drama   G/VG £16
(900ft spool)    (this was issued as a 4 reeler, reel 4 missing)

******  NEW  UNUSED  9.5MM  FILM  PRINTS !!  *******
*                                                                    *
*      PM.95118 "ABC DAYSETS" (Appx 120ft on 200ft spool) £22.95     *
*  Nostalgic reel of cinema day sets including "Coming Shortly; And  *
*  Pathe News; Announcing Future Programme; All Next Week; Our Next  *
*  Presentation; Plus Full Supporting Programme" etc.                *
*                                                                    *
*                    *
*    "UN ROUND SANGLANT" (The Champion US 1959-Kirk Douglas) £8.95   *
*         (French titles)                                            *
*   LAST UNUSED 9.5MM 2 x 100ft  FRENCH FILM OFFICE RELEASE - boxed  *
*     "L'ANNEAU MAGIQUE" FR 19  Puppetoon               £17.95       *
*       Guignol & Barbarin     (French titles)                       *
*   LAST UNUSED 9.5MM 100ft/30m FRENCH HEFA FILMS RELEASE  - boxed   *
*   "UN AMI QUI VOUS VEUT DU BIEN" US 1932       Comedy  £8.95       *
*    ("County Hospital" - Laurel & Hardy)  French titles             *
*   LAST UNUSED 9.5MM 200ft/60m FRENCH HEFA FILMS RELEASE  - boxed   *
*   "MOUSTIQUE FAIT SES MALLES" FR 1930          Comedy £17.95       *
*     (Rare French comedy with Roger Nicolas)    French titles       *

*   PT.95115 "MODERN CINEMA TAGS" (Appx 120ft on 200ft spool) £29.95 *
*   Includes:"Thankyou for not talking during the film; not smoking; *
*  please put litter in the bin; coming soon; our next presentation; *
*     intermission; intermission, the snack bar is open"  etc.       *



 9.5mm OPTICAL SOUND FILMS      (9.5mm sound films always wanted!)

(in good condition please) FOR MY COLLECTION!

T.9007 "Secret Lives"(6 rls); T.9133 "Virginia's Husband" (5 reels);
CT.20 "Dipsy Doodle"; "Australia Callling"; T.9000 "Eye Witness";
T.9668 "First In War" (2 rls); "Happy In the Morning";
T.9388 "Heritage of the Air"; T.9393 "Heritage of the Home";
"The Man Who Knew Too Little"; "Plan For Living"(3rls);;
T.9700 "Men of Tomorrow"(2rls); T.9227 "Nederlands Old & New"(2rls);
T.9735 "Prisoners Of the Tower" (3 rls); T.9226 "Sea Kings" (2 rls);
"Skating Hounds"; T.9299 "Smart Footwork";
T.9645 "Snipshots Nos.3/4/5; T.9572 "Spinning A Yarn";
"Tight Lines";
"Trust Peggy"(2rls)
T.9317 "Variety No.5"; T.9319 "Variety No.7";
T.9403 "What the Stars Foretell - Aries" & a few others in the series!

Also a 9.5mm Pathescope "Aurator" magnetic sound adaptor
(or even the instructions - thanks so much Terry V. for the circuit diagram!)
wanted for my collection!

All 9.5mm sound films longer than 300ft ('one reel') are on 900ft spools
so a 6 reel feature comes on 2 x 900ft spools for example.
(Magnetic sound prints have the full 9.5mm silent picture area)
1 rl COLOUR "ANIMAL OLYMPIANS" GB 1960s? First 350ft approx.      VG £12
        This ia 16mm reperf. titles are reversed unless film is run
        with a twist between gate and sound head or projected via a
        mirror/prism.  There is the start and titles, but no end.
        (Another 16mm reperf. as above)

1 rl T.9678 "SLEEPING BEAUTY" GB 1934 George Pal Puppetoon (perf cracking) £9

(( 1 rl        MUSICAL COMPILATION REEL 1930s clips from Pathéscope films VG £12 ))
((        (Hazel Ascot/Ambrose "Serenade In The Night"/Mathea Merryfield         ))
((                exotic dance from "Across Europe")                             ))
(( 6rls T.9053 "CHARING CROSS ROAD" GB 1935 Dir:Albert de Courville  VG £72 ))
((  John Mills, June Clyde, Derek Oldham, Belle Baker, Garry Marsh     ))
((  Landlord Mac tells a rising young musical comedy duo the tale of a ))
((  earlier performaer who let fame go to his head. Some song & dance. ))
((  A British Lion film now only surviving (cut) on ninefive sound.    ))

6rls  T.9103 "LAND WITHOUT MUSIC" GB 1936 Dir:Walter Forde        VG £72
  Richard Tauber, Diane Napier, Jimmy Durante, June Clyde
  Classic musical - Ruritainian Princess bans music, but Carlini 
  (Tauber) arranges secret concert which changes her mind & heart.

6rls T.9745 "THE SILVER BULLET" US 1942             Western   G/VG £60
  Johnny Mack Brown, Fuzzy Knight - A comboy seeks the scarred man
  who shot his father in the back with a silver bullet.  
  (Good complete print, spools & cans, but slight cracking of perfs
   just visible with a lens, fine, but never run it on a "Son"!)

********     NEW  UNUSED  9.5MM  FILM  PRINTS!    ***********
*   PT.95115 "MODERN CINEMA TAGS" (Appx 40m on 60m spool) £29.95    *
*  Includes:"Thankyou for not talking during the film; not smoking; *
* please put litter in the bin; coming soon; our next presentation; *
*    intermission; intermission, the snack bar is open"  etc.       *


  UK Tel: 023 8086 5086    E-Mail: presto @  (no spaces)


Eumig Vario-Eupronet f1.3 15-30mm zoom projection lens, 32.5mm barrel £8
(( Schneider Xenovaron 12-30mm f1.3 zoom lens,  32.5mm barrel (Noris etc.) £12 ))
Kodak f1.5 1inch focal length projection lens, 20mm barrel    £5
Luch (Lomo) f1.4,18mm focal length, 22mm barrel  £5
Rolls f1.5 15-15mm zoom projection lens, 23.5mm barrel        £5
B&H Filmovera zoom lens, f1.5 15-20mm 24mm barrel, boxed (Eumig P8 etc) £10
Japanese zoom lens, f1.5 20-32mm 25mm barrel, zoom projection lens     £6


Angenieux f1.9 60mm projection lens, 32.5mm barrel, for 9.5mm Pax etc £15
W & D Cine Club 2inch projection lens, 24mm barrel (OK for 16mm/9.5mm)£10
(( Elf/Eiki fit, 42mm barrel, Kowa Super Prominar-16  f1.3 50mm lens     £20 ))
Elf/Eiki fit, 42mm barrel, Sankor f2 76mm (3 inch) lens, boxed        £20
Kodak 25mm f2 proj.lens, in longish 30mm barrel (looks OK for 9.5mm/16mm) £15

Bell & Howell 2inch f1.4 Proval, 52mm barrel diameter (TQ series etc)  £10

Still available!!
Pathéscope 9.5mm "Gem", Mk9 and "Son" projectors!
(also fits the 8mm & 16mm "Gem", Mk8/16 models)
f1.5 aperture, 1inch focal length, Increlite
(Bell & Howell) coated quality projection lens
Barrel diameter 22mm
(Also fits 9.5mm "Princess" but internal lens
mount 'lands' will need filing a little)
NEW, UNUSED STOCK - £12 each
(plus £2.50 towards UK postage)

(( Interesting lens - a 1930s picture reversing attachment (with prisms)  ))
(( so that early 16mm DIN prints could be projected right way round. It's ))
(( an RCA Photophone lens, outer diam 52mm, inner diam 49mm, length 150mm ))
(( (about 6 inches) brass (Model LX.13.A1) in orig? wooden box  £20       ))
 3D glasses (New line Nov 2017)
New, unused, card 3D glasses - intended for the Channel 4 3D week,
blue/orange - should be OK for two-colour 3D films!  Pack of 4  £1

 'NEWYI' good CCTV lenses
 NEW "C" mount 25mm lenses, f1.4 fully closing iris, with body and
 lens cap, polywrapped & boxed.  Focuses down to around 2ft but
 focus ring just says 'near/far'! Fine for reflex cameras! £16 each!

  Pathescope/National Optical 20mm f2.5 lens for "Pat"/"Prince"/"H"  £6
  (stops down to f14 - minor dent on filter ring, otherwise good)
  Unused Kaydon 20mm f2.8 lens for "Prince"/"Pat"/"H"   £5 

EQUIPMENT - Film Splicers

Hama film cement
12ml bottle £9.95 each
(UK postage £1.75 - sorry!)
(no extra UK postage for film cement
if ordered with a splicer)

Presto film cement
12ml bottle £3.95 each
(UK postage £1.75 - sorry!)
(no extra UK postage for film cement
if ordered with a splicer)

My own special brand! Low price!
Fresh stock! Ideal for all acetate films!

(new product Nov2017)

*        CIR TAPE SPLICERS - Use only genuine splicing tape!          *
*     GENUINE PEC splicing tapes: 9.5mm/Super8mm £4.00 per roll       *
*                                           16mm £5.00 per roll       *
*                                                                     *
     Marguet BN film splicer
Marguet BN Std8mm/9.5mm/16mm cement film splicer,built-in scraper, boxed, vgc £18
 (possibly the best cement splicer for 9.5mm & also for std8mm/16mm!)

Marguet AN Std8/9.5/16mm cement film splicer, no scraper, boxed, gc   £8

Hahnel Plus Kollmatic SD8 Dual std/super 8mm motor scraper film aplicer,boxed,insts £15
Hahnel Kollmatic AMS80 Super 8mm motor scraper film splicer,boxed,instructions £12

   Super8/std8/16mm cement film splicer
Universal cement film splicer Super8mm/std8mm/16mm,built-in scraper,boxed £10
Another Universal cement splicer S8/std8/16mm, scraper,inst.,boxed £10
Marguet C15M std8/16mm push button cement film splicer, boxed, instructions, vgc £6
Quik Splice Super 8mm plastic film tape splicer with packet of tapes, gc £6
LPL Std8/16mm Japanese cement splicer, built-in scraper, boxed, vgc £5

9.5mm Pathescope "Junior" film menders (splicer), boxed, instructions £12 each
  (Unused stock from around 1960! Maybe store soiling - work fine though!)


Pathé-Baby vintage 1920s 9.5mm metal film mender,instructions copy  £8

Pre-war Pathé 9.5mm model "B" film splicer (P.203) complete
with full multi-lingual instruction sheet and tatty box  £12

EQUIPMENT - Oddments
Bolex pistol grip DCCUC - fits 8mm D8L cameras - nice condition  £8.50

(( Pair "Thomas" geared rewind arms, to fit to a baseboard, adaptors for ))
(( std & super8mm, others could be made I guess, good condition    £10   ))
Std 8mm camera spool & can with 25ft test length of film £1.50
40"x40" & 50"x50" tripod screens, boxed, vgc  £8/£10 buyer collects 
Flectalux 1000S cine/video QI bar light, spare lamp, 240volt, boxed £12
Electro Bewi Cine Exposure Meter, looks vintage, seems to work though £5
Weston Master Cine Exposure Meter, with leaflets/instructions, seems to work £8
Eumig P8 series mains lead with 13amp plug and special Eumig plug  £5 


EQUIPMENT - Cameras / projectors 8mm & 16mm


Wow! As new Kodak M55-L Super8mm projector - in original Kodak box with
original outer card box.  The first Super 8mm projector - f1.5 lens, 
takes 200ft spools, UK 240 volt model, no lamp - think it was a DFC ?
seem to recall the lamp was in series with the motor (and a dropper
resistance inside) for the UK - so motor only runs with a lamp fitted
Plus - original Kodak Super 8mm UK brochure.
Ideal for a collector - prefer buyer collects (11Jul2016)       £20

Boots COMET P122 Dual-gauge std8mm / Super 8mm cine projector
A1/231 12volt 100warr QI lamp, f1.5 18-30mm zoom lens, autothread,
reverse run, variable speed, stills, 400ft take-up spool, 
original box and packing.  Seems to run fine  (26May2016)      £25
(Sorry - must be callers only - this stuff gets damaged in transit!)

 Lovely GB Bell & Howell 613 16mm silent projector, 200-250 volt model,
with fitted wooden case, proper mains cable, original instruction book,
A1/53 750watt lamop (2 spares), 2inch f1.6 lens plus extra 3inch lens. 
Can also be used with A1/52 500watt mains voltage lamp. Serial no.5796
Approx 1953/54?   Reverse run, stills, 800ft spools, (one provided)
Motor suppressor replaced.     Sorry buyer collects!          £40

16mm Kodak model 'D' silent projector 1930s, takes 400ft spools,
 indirect lighting, motor driven, with original large dropper 
 resistance and lamp, not tested, nice for collector, bit heavy
 to post, prefer buyer collects or I can deliver locally     £25


Another Std 8mm Kodascope Eight 50R cine projector, motor driven,
sprockets, A1/13 110v 200w prefocus lamp. this runs from our
240 volt mains - switched mains lead with three pin plug, also
200ft printed film, runs OK!  Bit heavy to post, prefer buyer
collects or I can deliver locally    £20 

Cine Kodak Eight Model 60 std 8mm cine camera, focussing f1.9 lens,
handle with viewfinder, motor runs, made in USA    £6


Std 8mm Bolex C8SL cine camera, circa 1959 serial no.857127, with nice
original box, Bolex take-up spool, Yvar f1.8 13mm "D" mount foc. lens,
needle match exposure, specification leaflet  £20  collectable!


   £1.95 each (dated Dec2018)
Fresh 35mm Agfa Vista film - negative for colour prints
 - 200asa 24 exp. (C-41 processing - made in Japan) 

(( Nice Agfa Isolette 1 folding camera for 120 size film. f4.5 Agnar 85mm ))
(( focussing lens, Vario shutter speeded to 200th sec. flash and cable    ))
(( release connections. Looks little used      £12                        ))

 Balda Baldix 120 folding camera
Balda Baldix 120 folding camera, f4.5 75mm lens, prontor S shutter,
looks nice, with empty 120 spool, apertures OK, delay action OK, 
shutter works at B, but all other speeds look like 1 second only!
Nice for display/collection - were good German cameras!  £12

APS format Canon Ixus ELPH miniature camera using the "Advanced
 Photo System" compact film cartridge. Canon f4 24-48mm zoom lens,
 fully automatic focus and exposure, built-in flash, self-timer,
 takes lithium CR2 battery (one included), complete in original
 box with case, instructions and a couple of films      £10


    Masterplug RCD adaptor
Masterplug RCD safety earth leakage trip adaptor
Yes, not just for electric shock prevention when using garden tools,
this device will certainly save lives when using older electrical 
equipment like cine projectors in the home! Fits 13amp socket - 
240volt AC - trip current 30mA. - trip speed 40mS - double pole.
Test button, also trips if power fails. (new stock Nov2017)
Better than unbranded Garden Centre products! -  Only   £9.95 NEW!
Neat 13amp 4-way mains adaptors, fitted fused 13amp plug
 and approx 2 metres of cable - new, poly carry pack   £2.50 each

         TDK FE90 Cassette tapes (new sealed) £1 each
Useful adaptor - American to European two-pin £1 each

 Realistic stereo mixer
Realistic (Tandy) Stereo Disco Mixer 32-1100B
As new, boxed with instruction book. Takes 4 x AA batteries
or AC 6 volt input. Inputs for Mic/Phono/Tape, mixer sliders,
level meters,monitor headphones jack socket, stereo output,
twin phono sockets for in/out.   £20 (plus post)
NEW UNUSED - MULLARD EF37A radio valves, boxed £6 each
Amateur Radio;
 (stock photo, but very similar)
Yaesu FRG-7 Communications Receiver -nice condition-with manual (buyer collects) £40
 The Yaesu FRG-7 is an all-mode receiver covering 200 kHz to 29.90 MHz in four bands.
 Modes of reception include AM, USB and LSB/CW. The display is linear analog
 providing up to ±5 kHz dial accuracy. Features include:  RF Attenuator,
 Preselector, Fine Tuning [later production], Tone Control and ANL. There is
 a carry handle on the right side. The rear panel has high and low impedance
 aerial inputs. The FRG-7 operates from 240 VAC, 13 VDC or 8 D cells that plug
 in the battery pack that is accessible via the rear panel.
ICOM IC2E 2 metre handheld amateur radio transceiver.  With battery charger,
original battery (will probably need replacement), case & spec. sheet, manual
& instructions on the internet   Nice piece of amateur radio from the 1980s!
(Amateur radio licence required to legally use this kit)         £30

  UK Tel: 023 8086 5086  E-Mail: presto @  (no spaces) 

British Film Institute 1951 film library catalogue,16/35mm, photos etc. 52 pages £3
Amateur Cine World magazines: 1949: May/July/Dec    50p each
                              1953:   50p each
                              1954: June/Sept/Oct/  50p each
   (most good condition       1955: July/Sept/Oct/Dec/   50p each
                              1956: Feb/Mar / Apr/ 50p each
    some have covers off)     1957:    50p each
                              1958: Jan/Aug /Oct/Nov/ 50p each
                              1959: Jan/  50p each
                              1960: May/June/July/Aug/September/Nov/Dec 50p each
Flickers magazines; Nos 111,119,120,122,123,124,125,126 (1999-2008) / 139,140,141,142 (2015/2016) £1 each
Group 9.5 magazines: Nos 100-110, Winter 2000-Summer 2002 (11) £11
Group 9.5 magazines: Nos 108-115, Winter 2002-Autumn 2003 (8)   £8
Group 9.5 magazines: Nos 118-132, Summer 2004-Winter 2008 (15) £15
Group 9.5 magazines: Nos 128-135, Winter 2007-Autumn 2008 (8)   £8
Pathescope Monthlies: Jan;Feb;Apr/May;Nov;Dec1950
                      Jan;Feb;Mar;Apr/May;Jun/Jul;Aug/Sep;Oct;Nov;Dec1951; Jan;Oct/Nov1952;
                      Dec52/Jan1953; Feb/Mar;Apr/May;Jun/Jul;
                      Dec53/Jan54; Feb/Mar;Apr/May;Jun/Jul;Aug/Sept;Oct/Nov1954;
                      Dec54/Jan55; Feb/Mar; Apr/May1955  £1.50 each (originals)
French "Le Cinema Chez Soi" (Pathe) magazines: No 38 Mars (March) 1930
                                               No 40 Juin/Juillet 1930
                £1.50 each copy                No 92 Mars 1936
      French Pathe-Baby 9.5mm releases etc.    No 105 Oct 1937
                                               No 111 Avril/Mai 1938
                                               No 113 Aout/Sept 1938
                                               No 116 Avril/Mai 1939
                                               No 117 Juin/Jui/Aout/Sept 1939
     (these are a bit like the Pathéscope Monthlies - but in French of course!



35mm CINEMA TRAILER FILMS - £8.50 each - two for £12 - Use for "CineCells" etc!  
As shown in cinemas - no rights implied or given - private use only
Generally these are full length, about 200 foot / 60 metres - polywrapped/unspooled
 "BARQUERO" US 1970 - Warren Oates, Lee Van Cleef - good colour
 "CARRY ON UP THE JUNGLE" GB 1970 - Sid James,Joam Sims,Kenneth Connor,Frankie Howard
      (some colour fade)
 "RETURN OF THE PINK PANTHER" GB 1978 - Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom - good colour 




 WOW! Fantastic 16mm Krasnogorsk 3 cine camera, with original fitted case,
 pistol grip, shoulder grip, leather strap, lens hood, sets of close-up 
 lenses, 85B filter,lens cap,spare battery,100ft spools,plus instructions
 with English instructions and review.  Full reflex viewing, this 'export'
 model has an M42 screw type lens mount and is fitted with a f1.9 Meteor
 17-69mm zoom lens. There are many examples on ebay, but this is in the UK
 and you will actually receive it! (Sadly many Russian armed forces were (or
 are) paid with overstocked photographic/electrical gear!) Lovely example £100
(with new battery - meter doesn't seem to work now - but I really want to try
 this thing before I sell it - sorry!
(I include a roll of test film) These are heavy - would prefer buyer collects


EQUIPMENT - 9.5mm Cameras / Projectors

                        9.5mm Webo M
9.5mm Pathe Webo M reflex cinecamera, 100ft spools, sprocket fed, 8-80fps,
fully closing shutter, backwind, triple 'C' mount lens turret. No lenses,
mechanism won't run, viewfinder pellicule OK. With 100ft & 50ft spools
and instruction booklet. Looks nice for display! (serial no. 9580)   £50

Nice 9.5mm Pathescope Motocamera, 1930s, fitted f2.7 20mm Carl Zeiss Jena lens,
footage counter, French made, lens cap, twin claw, wide opening fiilm gate,
with instruction booklet and "P" film charger    £20


(All 9.5mm cine cameras run & operate OK unless otherwise stated, but not film tested)

9.5mm Bingoscope hand-turned projector - no lampholder/condenser lens  £8


100ft "A TRIP TO THE CALIFORNIA ALLIGATOR  FARM"        Interest     G/VG £5

1 reel "THE CURE" (Chaplin) This interesting item is the 16mm Walton
 Films negative used for their Super 8mm release A205  (on core)  VG £20
1 reel "BIG FISH" US 194? Prod:Eugene Castle Catching giant fish! VG £10
1 reel "SEE" US Prod:Eugene Castle - variety items, including
         various dogs,ladies keep fit,wrestling,crazy cars etc.   VG £10 
1 reel "HURRY HURRY" US 193  W.C. Fields Another negative on core VG £12


Interesting item: approx 120ft b/w negative for "FORD V8 NEWSREL - STEEL VALLEY"
 complete with the optical sound track negative - both excellent cond.  £10

120ft  "WIZARD OF OZ" CINEMA TRAILER - Good colour LPP stock         LN £20
 COL   (These were new prints intended for 9.5mm mag sound releases but
        by then these prints were polyester stock which won't perforate!)

120ft  "CALAMITY JANE" CINEMA TRAILER - print on LPP stock           LN £20
 COL   (These were new prints intended for 9.5mm mag sound releases but
        by then these prints were polyester stock which won't perforate!
        - think my notes mention not such good source material for this
          one, there are a couple of splices on the negative))

1 reel "KINGS OF SPORT" GB         MoviePak                  Sport   VG £12

1 reel "LOVE ON WHEELS" GB 1932 Dir:Victor Saville                    G £10
         just reel 5 of this early UK talkie feature - and a DIN
         print - ie picture reversed when threaded normally 

50mins "HUNTER - THE TOLHURST FILE" Aust 1967 Secret Service Drama   VG £20
          Tony Ward plays Hunter, a secret agent assigned to a new
          division to investigate the suicide of scientist Dr Brian
          Tolhurst who was working on an anti-missile project. This is
          Episode 1 of this Australian TV series that ran to 65 episodes

75min  "LET'S BE HAPPY" GB 1957 Dir:Henry Levin      B/W  Musical   VG £45
 B/W     Vera Ellen, Tony Martin, Robert Fleming.  Cinderella story of 
         Jennie McLean who visits the Scottish home of her ancestors
         & is mistakenly taken for an heiress. Delightful light-hearted
         musical.  Main title missing (credits OK) 'Masked' print to
         achieve 'Scope format without special lens.

67min  "THIS'LL MAKE YOU WHISTLE" GB 1936 Dir:Herbert Wilcox  B/W    G £55
 B/W     Jack Buchanan, Jean Gillie, Elsie Randolph, William Kendall
         Bill (Buchanan) ends up engaged to two girls. Attempts to 
         rectify matters involves dozens of girls, wild parties,
         mistaken identity, bearded French gendarmes & counterfeit money!
         Plus songs and comedy!  (A few splices & wear marks)

(Any 16mm feature - only £10 towards UK postage - I'll pay the extra!)
16/35MM ODDMENTS    (Wanted: Lenses for L516 projector)
16mm white, acetate leader / spacer film, single perf. 100ft / 30m roll £10.95
16mm black, acetate leader / spacer film, double perf. 100ft / 30m roll £10.95
16mm blue thin tough polyester leader film, single perf. 100ft roll £7.95
16mm clear, acetate leader film, double perf.  30ft / 9m roll £3.00
16mm/std8mm Premier cement film splicer,vgc orig box,scraper/brush £12.00
*****     Motor pulleys for Elf/Eiki projectors, 24/18fps £8 each     *****
* Replaces 60Hz pulley on machines (mostly 110volt), that run slow in UK! *

FILM1117E    POSTAGE EXTRA PLEASE (Projectors prefer collect/deliver) 

 UK Tel: 023 8086 5086   E-Mail: presto @  (no spaces)
9.5MM DVDs   9.5MM DVDs   9.5MM DVDs
 (see my separate DVD sales list for other DVDs please)

Still available January 2017!


Professionally produced by a French 9.5mm
movie enthusiast, this DVD now includes
all twenty of these rare and interesting
Pathé-Baby 1923 coloured 30ft 9.5mm
printed films with suitable background music.
(French titles - plays in all regions)

Only £7.95 - UK post free!
send cheque/PO payable 'G.L. Newnham' to

Grahame L. Newnham, 22 Warren Place,
Calmore, Southampton, SO40 2SD, UK

Improved re-issue February 2014! onwards
New professional 16mm film transfer & more extras!
Still available January 2017!

"LIGHTS OUT ... and the stars appear"

A potted history of 9.5mm produced in 1972 by
the UK 9.5mm film club Group 9.5, this DVD
now includes four interesting extras:-

"PATHE BABIES" col 12 min.Belgian short

(French titles - English translation included)

"HERE IT IS" & "HINTS" 1920s American Pathex
9.5mm 30ft silent shorts

Only £7.95 - UK post free!
send cheque/PO payable 'G.L. Newnham' to

Grahame L. Newnham, 22 Warren Place,
Calmore, Southampton, SO40 2SD, UK


*            A4  SIZE  HIGH  QUALITY  COLOUR  PRINTS                *
*   Ideal for framing, display!  Each quality colour poster £1.75   *
*                                                                   *
* 1. Genuine Pathe Freres/Pathe Cinema Share Certificate 1897/1924  *
* 2. 1930's Pathe Kid projector advertisement                       *
* 3. Pathe Freres 1910  Cinematographes and Films poster            *
* 4. A La Conquete Du Monde  1898  Pathe Freres poster              *
* 5. Betty Boop print (Betty in Marilyn Monroe pose)                *
* 6. Pathescope Home Movies (1938) with 17.5mm Home Talkie          *

FRENCH PATHE 9.5MM FILM POSTERS: "Le Capitaine Fracasse"(1942);     *
 "Les Enfants Du Paradis"(1945);"Les Femmes S'En Balancement"(1953) *
 "Gaites De L'Escadron"(1932); "King Kong"(1933); "Notre-Dame de    *
 Paris"(1911); "Nous Les Gosses"(1941); "Pontcarral"(1942)          *

PATHESCOPE 9.5MM SOUND FILM POSTERS: "Calling All Stars"(1937);     *
 "Calling Paul Temple"; "Captain Kidd"; "Dangerous Lady";"The Devil *
 Bat"; "Doomed Caravan"; "Down Among the Z Men"; "The Eagle's Brood"
 "Flannelfoot/Forces Sweetheart"; "Juggernaut"; "Kelly the Second"; 
 "Land Without Music"; "Our Relations"; "Spooks Run Wild"; "Swiss Miss";
 "Something In the City";"Tomorrow We Live";"Too Many Women";"Variety Jubilee"

OTHER FILMS: "The African Queen"; "Casablanca"; "Miss London
 Limited"; "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

******************* Each A4 quality colour print £1.75  *************

            UK POSTAGE: A4 prints - £1 for any number please

  UK Tel: 023 8086 5086   E-Mail: presto @  (no spaces)
       (9.5mm original unused Pathéscope spares are marked * )
  Replacement Prince door bezal & internal instruction sheet  £1.00
* Duplex viewfinder masks (to fit H/Nat/Prince) £2.50
* Pathe H front "H" badge & chrome viewfinder bezel, the 2 for 50p
  Chrome inching knob for "H" etc. £1   "H" Winding handle  £1.50
  "H" front viewfinder glass £1.00


9.5mm PATHÉ BABY 60   Motor drive belts £4.50
   New motor carbon brushes, pack of two  £2.50

9.5mm PATHÉ EUROP   (no motor drive belt on this model!)
   New motor carbon brushes, pack of two  £2.50
 New 2-pin table lamp socket, plug £2 each 
These crimp wireable plugs also suit other continental projectors
which have room light sockets etc.

9.5mm PATHÉSCOPE SON/GEM SPARES     Motor drive belts £3.50 each
                    Gem/Son/Mk9 external rewind belts £4.50 each
    New motor carbon brushes, pack of two  £2.50
  Pathéscope "Son" instruction booklet (& Mk1&Mk2 amp. circuits) £5
  Pathéscope "Gem" instruction booklet £5
* 9.5mm Pathescope "Son" sound drum presser rollers      £1.00 each
* 16mm or 9.5mm Son/Gem sprocket guide rollers, £1 per pack of four
* 9.5mm film guide rollers, with spindles, nuts etc. £1.50 pack of 2
* "Son/Gem" rewind drive pulley,(double pulley-mechanism end) £1 each
* "Son/Gem" main pulley for take-up or rewind spool arm   £1 each
* "Son/Gem" idler pulley for take-up or rewind spool arm  £1 for two
* Brass spacer & threaded end piece for "Gem/Son" lens  25p a set
  New output valves for Mk 1 Son - 6V6GT boxed  £5 each
  "Son" strobe disc (16/24fps) fits on sprocket, pack of 2  £1
  "Son/Gem" body screws, packet approx. 20 assorted £2.50

9.5mm PATHESCOPE "ACE" SPARES           Motor drive belta £4.50 each
                                        Spring take-up belts £4.50 each 
  9.5mm "Ace" shutter (with fiting screw)  £1.50
  9.5mm "Ace" guide rollers, pack of two with spindles/nuts  £1.50
  9.5mm "Ace" lampcover (later 'power bulge') grey £1.50
  9.5mm Ace transformer 20volt 1amp, needs rewiring £4
  (See my 'lamps' sales list for Ace lamp conversion kit - £20)

* 9.5mm Vox film guide rollers, pack of two   £1.50

9.5mm PATHESCOPE "H" PROJECTOR SPARES   Motor drive belts £3.50 each
    New motor carbon brushes, pack of two  £2.50
  9.5mm Pathescope "H" projector instruction book (photocopy) £5
  Lightweight spring take-up belt £4.50 each
* Voltage selector plate(200-250) 50p each
 Lovely Pathéscope badges (unused stock!) 50p each
      (These were the Pathéscope "H" projector badges/name plates)
9.5mm PATHESCOPE "IMP" PROJECTOR BITS   Nitrile Motor drive belts £4.50 each
  Knurled nuts as on "Imp" maybe others, & 12mm bolt, pack of two £2.50
9.5mm/16mm PATHESCOPE 200B SPARES       Motor drive belts £4.50 each
    New motor carbon brushes, pack of two  £2.50
  9.5mm Pathescope "200B" projector instruction book (photocopy) £5
  Pair of extension pieces for spool arms for 900ft spools £2.50
  Lightweight spring take-up belt £4.50 each
* Pathe 200B sprocket fixed guide & idler roller/arm, pair of each £2
* 200B Dual 16/9.5mm guide rollers with spindle and nuts, 2 for £1.50
  200B - knurled nut to hold lens/gate cover (not original) 25p each
  Set of new nitrile motor belts (one large/one small) £8
* Knurled nut to secure super attach. on top of Pathe Baby   £1 each
  2-pin power input sockets to fit Pathe-Baby, (modern) £2.50 each  
* Baby projector front bearing & bracket (some surface rust) £1 each
* Baby projector internal dropper resistance (store soiled)  £1 each
9.5mm BOLEX PA or DA
 (Motor drive is normally spring belt)
  But nitrile motor drive belts £4.50 each
   New motor carbon brushes, pack of two  £2.50
9.5mm CINE-GEL ROYAL 200 
  New nitrile Motor drive belts  £4.50 each
   New motor carbon brushes, pack of two  £2.50
9.5mm CINE-GEL ROYAL 210 and 215 
  New nitrile Motor drive belts  £4.50 each
9.5mm (16mm/9.5mm/8mm) SPECTO 100 & 500 SPARES
  New nitrile Motor drive belts  £3.50 each
 New motor carbon brushes, pack of two  £2.50
  Motor interference suppressors (new) £5 each
  Specto shutter  £1.50
  Lens/film gate casting assembly (with 8mm gate) £2.50
   Lamp house tops / mains input sockets £1 each item 
  Sorry! no Bulgin mains input plugs at present 
  (All above are good used items, other parts please enquire)
  New sets of 4 rubber feet,for Specto & maybe other machines?
    small 20mmm diam £1.50  / larger 24mm diam £2.00
  New "Presto" nitrile motor drive belts:
                     9.5mm Ciné-Gel G / GR /GS £4.50 each
                     9.5mm Ciné-Gel Royal 210  £4.50 each
                     9.5mm Cine-Gel Royal 200  £4.50 each
                     9.5mm Cine-Gel Royal 235  £4.50 each
                     9.5mm Cine-Technique Pratic 300 £4.50 each
                     9.5mm Dekko 48 £4.50 each
                     9.5mm Eumig P111 £3.50
                     Heurtier Supertri £4.50 each
                     9.5mm Specto £3.50 each
   (post free with   9.5mm Pathéscope "H" £3.50 each
    other items or   9.5mm Pathe Lux £4.50; Pathescope 200B £4.50 each
    add 50p towards  9.5mm Pathe Baby (one large/one small) £9.00
    UK postage)      9.5mm Pathéscope Son/Gem/Mk9 motor belt £3.50 each
                     9.5mm Pathescope Son/Gem/Mk9 external rewind belt £4.50 each
                     9.5mm Pathescope Ace motor drive belt £4.50 each
                     9.5mm Ligonie Super Europ motor drive belt £4.50 each
                     9.5mm Pathé Marignan motor drive belt £4.50 each
                     9.5mm Pathé Baby 60 motor drive belt £4.50 each
                     9.5mm Pathéscope Princess - set of three belts £12
  16mm Elf/Eiki/9.5mm Buckingham conversion - motor/rewind belt £4.50 each
  16mm Elf/Eiki/9.5mm Buckingham conversion - feed/take-up arm belt £4.50 each

"Presto" Cine Projector Spring Take-Up Belts (new, unused) £4.50 each
New lightweight spring belts, suitable for "Ace","Imp","H";"200B", "Coq D'Or"
& many of the 'toy' type "Coronet", "Bingoscope", "Homray", "Astor" machines

* 9.5mm projector gate, U-section form, no presser pad, new £4 each
   (These gates were produced by Pathescope as spares for the Imp)
  9.5mm front gates plates for Pathé Lux, used, not new  £2.50 each
* Output valves 6V6GT (for Vox/Son Mk1/Pax Mk1 etc.) new boxed £5.00 each (2)
                                        as above as new tested £3.50 each (2)
  Valves EF37A (Mullard)-in some 16mm projectors etc. new boxed £6.00 each (5)

  f3.5 Berthiot lens for Baby camera, faulty iris £1.50
  Lampholders: a. P30/s (8volt 50watt A1/17)  b. B15/s   £2.50 each 
  8volt 50watt transformer with A1/17 lamp and holder  £15
  Problems with focussing drive to the lens?
  Pack of four new drive rubber inserts & full instructions £2.50

  Ron Ashton makes replacement Pathe Baby shutters and can supply
  excellent reprints of vintage cine magazines and instruction books
  for many makes of cine equipment of all gauges
  Ron has also produced booklets on the "Ace" and "Baby" projectors
  R.N.Ashton,14 Bladon Avenue,Sutton Colefield,West Midlands,B75 5TE,UK
  These delicate slivers of glass can now be replaced in the UK 
  Cost from  £60.   Contact: Andrew Hayden - Tel: 01493 700258
   or e-mail: doubleopen32 @ (no gaps in actual address)


Check for availability / reserve any item by phone, letter (SAE please) or e-mail before ordering
Items marked in double brackets (( )) are reserved.
With lost/delayed overseas orders & new European VAT laws - UK ORDERS ONLY - sorry!
Prices are in UK pounds sterling. Payment by UK cheque or UK postal order
Please try not to waste my time asking for valuations, discussing trivia etc. I do have a life away from films!!

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