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TALKING FEET (GB 1937) [aka Music Hall]

MD-Kennedy Russell [choreog. Duggie Ascot & Wallace Orton]

Talking Feet (Russell) - over titles & with Hazel Ascot (song & dance)
Big Boy Blue (Little Boy blue, come blow your horn) (Jack Lawrence, Dan Howell & Peter Tinturin)
- The Corona Babes (girl song & dance troupe)
Following in Father's Footsteps (m&w E.W.Rogers) - (song & dance - as Vesta Tilley)
I Used to Sigh for the Silv'ry Moon (m.Hermann Darewski w.Lester Barrett)
- John Lockwood (song & dance - as G.H.Eliot)
True Blue (Russell) - child contortionist
I'm One Step Ahead of my Shadow (m.Saul Chaplin {w. Sammy Cahn}) - boy xylophonist
Some of These Days (Shelton Brooks) - Sylvia Glover (song - as Sophie Tucker)
Jolly Brothers (Lustige Bruder) (m.Robert Vollstedt) - Bertie Kendrick(whistled-as Albert Whelen)
(I'm) Phil, Phil, the Super-Brazil (Russell) - Kenneth Kove (vocal & piano)
Scottish Medley - (Annie Laurie/My Love Is But A Lassie Yet/Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond/Bluebells of Scotland/Auld Lang Syne etc) - The Scotch Kilties Band Junior dance band)
Let the Show Go On (Russell) - The Gordon Ray Girls
Oh, You Rogue! You Stole My Heart! (m {&w} Ed G.Nelson & Fred Rose)
Hazel Ascot Highland Medley - marches & dances - The Dagenham Girl Pipers & Dancers
Call Me Home (My Own Dear Highland) (Russell) - William Heughen (vocal)
William Tell Overture (Rossini) - The Minipiano Ensemble (14 juveniles)
Polonaise (Op4O No I in A) (Chopin) - Mark Hambourg (piano)
When Day Is Done (Katscher) - The Minipiano Ensemble
Our Jack's Ashore (march) (Russell) - Band of H.M.Royal Marines (Plymouth Div), the Georgian singers & Hazel Ascot (song & dance)

(music not credited with composer-written or arranged by musical director Kennedy Russell)

1999 Alex Gleason - included by kind permission

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