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STEPPING TOES (GB 1938) [aka Rhythm of my Heart]

MD-Kennedy Russell [choreog: Wallace Orton & Duggie Ascot*]

Rhythm Of My Heart (Russell) - i) Orch titles etc NIV ii) Hazel Ascot (song & tap-dance)
Steps (Russell) - Dance - Hazel Ascot
Ballet no - Dance - Hazel Ascot & girls (from Cone School of Dancing)
The Darkies' Jubilee (mci Old Folks at Home(Foster) - Song & dance - The girls (acc pianos) IV
Little Dutch Tulip (In Old Amsterdam) (Russell) - Song & dance - Hazel Ascot & partner
County Clare (...Springtime in Old County Clare) (m&w Reg Morgan & Maureen O'Shea)
- Gerry Fitzgerald 1/2IV
Narcissus (m.Ethelbert Nevin) - The Sanders Twins (boy dancers) 1/21V
Ten Pretty Girls (m&w Jimmy Kennedy & Will Grosz) p.P.Maurice
- The Three Dots (little girl trio -dbd) IV
Shoe-shine Boy (m. Saul Chaplin {W Sammy Cahn}) - Child Accordianist IV
If Night Should Fall (m&w Russell) p.E.Ashdown - Gerry Fitzgerald (acc chorus & pianos) IV
You Must Have This (Russell) - Song & dance - Hazel Ascot
The Old Woman in a Shoe (medley):-
Kids! Kids! (Russell) - Jack Barty & the kids IV
Old King Cole (trad) - Boy slap-shoe dancer IV
Marta (m&w Moises Simons) - Tenor IV
Waltz (Russell) - Dance - boy & girl dance duo
Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay (m{&w}Henry J Sayers) - Girl (song & dance)
Whistling Rufus (Kerry Mills) - Banjo trio & whistler IV
Take Dat Banjo (Russell) - Vocal
Darkies' Jubilee (Russell) - The Three Dots
Goodnight Song (Russell) - Jack Barty & the children
Demande et Reponse (m.Coleridge-Taylor) +
Waltz Medley (inc.
Voices of Spring, Over the Waves, Morgenblatter Waltz & Die Fledermaus)*
- Alfredo Campoli(violin) & The Glendale String Symphony IV
Join the Army (m&w Russell) p.E.Ashdown
- Song & dance - Hazel Ascot with the band & boys of the Duke of York's School IV

* AND Blue Danube Waltz used in the trailer but not in the film itself!

1999 Alex Gleason - included by kind permission

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