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Holiday in France - The Loire - 2010

The Loire is the second longest river in the world - best bit is where they make the wines!
The white Muscadet just at the start of the river along from Nantes - Melon de Bourgogne grape
The main (and best!!) red wine is made from the Cabernet Franc grape;
production is based around the medieval town of Chinon - Saumur, Bourgeuil, and St. Nicholas de Bourgeuil.

View through the vineyards - possibly towards Bourgeuil

Partner Anne Vaughan amongst the vines!

We usually spend a week in the medieval town of Chinon - view from the gite across the river

Inside the little gite on a tiny island by the main Chinon bridge

Ready for a boat trip

The local stone 'tuffeau' (limestone) was mined for building material - many caves created were later used to live in -
now museums, mushroom growing, wine making and maybe even still housing

A deep cave

'Troglodite' museum

Mushroom caves

Wine caves!

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