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originally compiled by myself some years ago - now somewhat forgotten!

Yes - there is supposed to be a McCreadie Clan Crest!

I have just a little information about my mother's family - naturally she had some photos and details but sadly much of this is lost.

My only memories (apart from my own mother of course!) are those of my grandmother (my mother's mother) - she had lived in Portsmouth before World War 11 with her husband. James Graham McCreadie, a master draper, had come down to Portsmouth from Glascow, Scotland, around 1900, to open a men's tailoring business. (An ideal place - naval officers' uniforms!). All I really knew was that business had been rather bad in Scotland (what's new there then), and he had come South to try for a better life. James Graham McCreadie had married Portsmouth born Ada Melrose Chapman at Portsmouth in November 1903.

The baby is my mother - Iris Agnes McCreadie - the photo is dated 1906
My mother is sat on her mother's lap - Ada Melrose McCreadie
Stood behind is my mother's father - James Graham McCreadie
I guess the boy in the pram is David Graham McCreadie

The baby is my mother - Iris Agnes McCreadie - so the photo is about 1905 oe 1906
My mother is sat on her mother's lap - Ada Melrose McCreadie
the couple behind are my mother's mother's parents - 'Canzie' and Catherine Camare Chapman

My mother, Iris Agnes McCreadie was born December 1904. There is a decent family tree for for mother's side of the family lower down this page.

A photo of my mother's parents (my grandparents on my mother's side)
James Graham and Ada Melrose McCreadie taken at the Isle of Wight in 1926

I also knew as a child that my mother's father (my grandfather on my mother's side) had contracted TB sometime in the 1930s and died in June 1939 aged 64. So I never got to meet him, seeing only old photos. The war really upset the tailoring business and I believe my mother's brother David Graham McCreadie, had not been too succesful carrying it on. Although I heard his name mentioned by my mother, my grandmother never mentioned her son David's name - he seemed to have dissapeared - maybe the 'black sheep' of the family?

I do know that my grandmother had a house in Portsmouth - 146 Victoria Road North, Southsea; it was bombed at least three times during the second war. These were incendiary bombs - damaging the garage and house roof - initially she had refused to leave (plucky to live in Portsmouth during World War 11 where the dockyard and factories were subject to nightly air raids).

After the third bombing which did terminal damage to her house, she eventually moved to stay with old friends who lived in Emsworth. By chance, a partly disabled gentleman lived next door to her friends - his wife had died earlier. So eventually my grandmother became his companion to help run his house and look after him. A possibly strange arrangement, but he had been from a weathly farming family in Michelmersh (near Romsey), but because he had been born partly paralysed, was of no use to the family - luckily his grandmother set him up in the house at Emsworth, and arranged in May 1932, probably a marriage of convenience to an older lady (Jane Marie Freemantle, also of Michelmersh) who could care for him and also set up a trust fund of stocks & shares and properties making him quite wealthly. (What weird things happened those years ago....). This lady (Mrs Jane Wheable) must have died before the second war.

As a child, I grew up in Emsworth and well remember my grandmother and the gentleman whom she lived with, as his companion, as it were. His name was Clough Corbin Wheable - a lovely man, who treated me almost as his grandchild (he had not had children). He had grown up initially in the family estate at Michelmersh so knew all about farming (in fact the house at Emsworth was called Michelmersh ( is it 44 Havant Road? - probably still the same today).

Mr Clough Wheable and my 'nan' Mrs Ada McCreadie - Nov1946

This photo has just turned up - of my 'nan' with the chap she looked after - we know the date - 26November1946 as it was taken by one of those 'Speedy Snaps' set-ups, usually at seaside holiday places - so possibly Southsea - this set-up were called 'CineSnaps' ...... Clough Wheable was partly paralysed, but he is still managing the shopping bag and his umbrella - he was always determined to be as independant as possible!

It was so sad that his brother was trying to trick him out of the part of the family estate that he was entitled to. Later I know my brother helped to sort out corrupt solicitors (better not mention names - but aren't they often like that?) who had coluded to thieve substantial amounts from his estate.

However I enjoyed going round to my grandmother's as I grew up - they had a lady who helped with cooking (Nellie?), a chap who helped with the garden ( Mr Churcher - who had run the Emsworth Cinema - The Pavilion - years before). My brother rented their garage for a while, until they bought a car ( my brother used to drive them about) - my brother and I later rented the garages next door in my grandmother's friend's house (The McConnels I recall) - he had died by then. I remember keeping (and working on), my Isetta 'bubblecar' there initailly, later my Austin Mini (yes I can still rememeber the registration number - 160 DXA)

Yes - the McCreadie family have a special tartan!

An early picture of David Graham McCreadie - born 1906 in Portsmouth
- so judging by the photo - this was around 1908 or so.
My mother's brother - hence my uncle

MCCREADIE FAMILY TREE (My mother's family)
by Grahame L. Newnham B.Sc. from my own various researches


   ROBERT MCCREADIE married AGNES WALKER on 30July1875 at Gobals District, Glascow, Scotland
                   James Graham (b:10Sept1875 at 191 Caledonian Road,Glascow)
           JAMES GRAHAM MCCREADIE married ADA MELROSE CHAPMAN on 28Nov1903 St Georges Church,Portsea,Portsmouth
           I                                                      I
       Iris Agnes (b: 20Dec1904 at Portsmouth)               David Graham (b:29Jul1906 at Portsmouth) 
           I      (d: 15Feb1997 at Portsmouth)                    I       (d:Mar1975 at Coventry)
           I                                                      I 
           I                                                      I 
           I                                                 DAVID GRAHAM MCCREADIE married STELLA JESSIE BEVIS in 1928 at Portsmouth
           I                                                 ___________________________________________________ 
           I                                                          I                             I
           I                                                       Beryl (b: 1928?)             Penelope (b:5Aug1940 at Rowlands Castle)
  IRIS AGNES MCCREADIE married LEONARD EUGENE NEWNHAM on 12Aug1929 at Portsmouth                
        I                                           I 
 Philip Howard James(b:18June1931 Portsmouth)   Grahame Leonard(b:12Apr1945 Sleaford) 

see NEWNHAM geneology for later details!

Early details of my mother 's family - from notes made by myself many years ago.

Robert McCreadie, described as a house painter and journeyman, married Agnes Walker on 30th July 1875 at Gobals District, Glascow, Scotland.
they had a son, James Graham McCreadie, born 10th September 1875.

James Graham McCreadie, described as a master outfitter, married Ada Melrose Chapman (born 1876 in Portsea, Portsmouth) at St Georges Church, Portsea, Portsmouth on 28rd November 1903. His address on the marriage certificate was 20 St Georges Square, Portsea, Portsmouth; whilst Ada Melrose Chapman's address was given as 26 King Street, Southsea, Portsmouth.
He had lived at 191 Caledonian Road, Glascow. but must have moved to St. George's Square, Portsmouth sometime later and started his tailoring business there.
they had two children - Iris Agnes McCreadie (my mother), born 20th December 1904 and David Graham McCreadie, born 1906 - both born in Portsmouth.

Incidentally, an internet search reveals that James Graham McCreadie had a service record in World War 1 - he is listed as an Airman - service number 311869 in 1918 - this record seems correct as birth and wedding dates and names confirm exactly. Occupation is described as 'draper'. I guess he must have been 'called up'.

James Graham McCreadie (my grandfather) died in Portsmouth 18th June 1939, aged 64 at St Mary's Hospital, Portsmouth. His death certificate lists the causes of death as a) Toxaemia & Cardiac Failure; b) Bronchiectasis - which I was told was TB. His estate totalled around £570 and passed to his wife Ada. Ada Melrose McCreadie (nee Chapman) - my grandmother, died in Emsworth 10th March 1966, aged 89.

My mother's brother (my uncle) David Graham McCreadie is difficult to trace, but appears to have married Stella Jessie Bevis (born Portsmouth 1907) in Portsmouth in 1928. For some reason I believe they had a daughter Beryl soon after - probably the same year. Thanks to recent information from one of his grandchildren, it seems he had a large family, possibly up to eight children!

My mother Iris Agnes McCreadie married my father Leonard Eugene Newnham 12th August 1929 at St. Georges Church, Portsea, Portsmouth.
they had two children - Philip Howard James Newnham, born Portsmouth 18th June 1931 and myself Grahame Leonard Newnham, born Sleaford, Lincolnshire 12th April 1945.

Initially, my parents lived in Portsmouth (probably in Victoria Road South), where my dad was a school teacher. He was also a keen radio amateur (call sign G6NZ) and did evening classes lecturing for the City & Guilds Radio Amateurs Exam. By 1938 it seems the UK government had realised war was inevitable and my father was 'head hunted' by the R.A.F. for the creation of a radio training school (seems they targeted radio amateurs who were teachers or lecturers). So my parents moved up to RAF Cranwell with my brother Howard, living in Sleaford nearby. I was born at the end of the war and my father stayed in the RAF till about 1948 or so (he was on a secondment from the Portsmouth Education Committee, and decided he didn't want to stay in the RAF during peacetime (too much 'red tape' he told me). So my parents, my brother and I returned to Portsmouth - actually living in Emsworth nearby where I grew up. My father had joined the RAF as a Flight Lt., rising to the rank of Squadron Leader. I remember we lived in Grantham Road, Sleaford next to his commanding officer Wing Commander McEwan (who I called 'Uncle Mac'). Oddly many years later I came across a photo taken outside the RAF radio training school huts - I saw Peter Sallis - my father said 'that's right - he was my sergeant' - but had no idea he was by that time famous as an actor and starring in the "Last Of The Summer Wine" TV series - naturally they did get in touch....

From the 1950s, my father continued teaching in Portsmouth - initially at North End Secondary School I think, later becoming the Headmaster of Eastney Modern Secondary School for Boys. Incidentally once my parents were divorced, my father married the school secretary Margaret - who was still doing fine at 93 years old!

Sadly my step-mother, Margaret Newnham died just before Christmas in 2016. She was buried in my father's grave at Kingston Road Cemetary, Portsmouth.

My parents Iris Agnes Newnham (nee McCreadie) and Leonard Eugene Newnham were divorced 27th August 1981.
My mother Iris Agnes Newnham moved to Southsea, later to The Bluebell Nursing Home, St Ronan's Road, Southsea and died of heart failure 15th February 1997, aged 92.
My father moved to Southsea, Portsmouth, where he lived with my stepmother Margaret, until he died 18th June 1994. aged about 87 years old. He had been still doing evening lecturing for the City & Guilds Radio Amateurs Exam until he was about 83 years old, and each year all the students passed!

Further Information

Some of the above may have minor inaccuracies, but I hope to update or add more information later. (If I don't write stuff down as I discover it, I will certainly forget it all!!)

James Grahame McCreadie actual birh certificate

Well , we can start with some facts! My Grandfather (I guess) on my mother's side was born in Glascow (yes I guess I am half or quarter Scottish - should save a bit of bloodshed when the chips are down) - was born in Glascow on 10th September 1875. Notice that the parentss had been married just three months earlier (30th July 1875 in the Gorbels District of Glascow - oh dear ! - had to get married and in the really dodgy area of Glascow!!)

James Grahame McCreadie actual death certificate

As mentioned somewhere above, my mother's father (my grandfather on my mother's side), contracted TB (Tuberculosis) and died just before the second World War.

April2017 - Amazingly, thanks to the internet, I have been contacted by Chris, living in British Columbia, whose mother is the daughter of my mother's brother David!! Whilst we compare notes much more interesting information is coming to light. I know that my mother always tried to contact her brother David Grahame McCreadie, but he seems to have moved away from Portsmouth after the death of his father around 1939.


My grandmother on my mother's side - my mother's mother
Ada Melrose McCreadie (nee Chapman) - no details on the back - maybe the 1930s?

My mother Iris Agnes (nee McCreadie) on lhs & my grandmother Ada Melrose McCreadie on rhs
(taken about 1942/1943 - my Dad was in the RAF at the time), my brother Phillip Howard Jams in the centre front.

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