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as compiled by my grandfather Albert James Newnham from 1938 to 1950

My grandfather (on my father's side) Albert James Newnham (1881 - 19??) was a despatch clerk in South London for many years till he moved with his firm (Vollers?) to Portsmouth maybe just after the turn of the century. Later, retired through ill health, he continued his hobbies of coin collecting, medal roll research and family tree searching making these into a reasonable business sideline.

My memories are of a jovial, happy fellow, usually found crouched over an old full size office typewriter, typing out copies (using carbon paper) of whatever was his latest research project. He had an amazing memory for useful facts, dates etc. Although not technically minded, he was intriqued by all modern inventions and developments and always insisted on being told in detail about all the marvellous things which he had seen arrive in his lifetime. Electricity, radio, telephone, records, films, motor cars, television etc. had all arrived during his lifetime - an amazing time to live through (for those who did actually survive those years of terrible world wars and totally inadequate medical services).

Anyhow I still have my grandfather's research work on our branch of the Newnham family - on these pages I have reproduced it just as he did over fifty years ago (for dates after 1950, I myself have the later information where I can find it - I am not so skilled in family searches!). This page contains the origins of my branch of the NEWNHAM family, general notes on NEWNHAM's in the Isle of Wight area are on another page.

Two rather interesting photos with the same family - but 54 years apart!
In the photos you can see (from left to right):- my grandfather Albert James Newnham, my aunt Mabel Kemp; my father Leonard Eugene Newnham, my uncle Cecil Newnham and my grandmother Florence Mabel Newnham.
(1970 photograph taken by yours truly - no I didn't take the 1916 one!)

Genealogical Records and Historical Data of NEWNHAM family of The Isle of Wight and Portsmouth

Collected from divers sources over a large number of years and from which almost every Newnham in Portsmouth can trace his or her descent (at least as a start). In forming your pedigree it is best to follow a retrograde course, working assiduously until your goal is reached. You won't get any further than the 17th century, lucky if you get even there. Those who boast as having come over with the "Conqueror" cannot prove their claim (the fingers of one hand would cover genuine cases); and many pedigrees are bogus for the sake of being able to "bear arms".

The Newnham family are entitled to bear family arms, they exist in Kent, Sussex, Northants, Gloucestershire, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. The latter with Sussex are the most prolific with the name and many Portsmouth families emerge therefrom.

A.J. Newnham (Numismatist & Amateur Archivist), Lovedean, Hants. Jan 1st 1948

After a protracted period I have been able to visit Newchurch, Isle of Wight again and with the assistance of my daughter Mabel, have made an exhaustive search of the registers this 14th July 1950 and have reaped a very good result. I am now able to take you back to 1743, another step retrograde, and still further I have proved that Robert and Hester NEWNHAM did have a son Robert as I felt certain they did, many years since. Other than this, after thirty years searching, off and on, I have waylaid the marriage certificate of John and Frances, my great grandparents.

This is how we now run:-

John NEWNHAM and Sarah ------- married about 1743

they had children, born at Ryde, baptised as follows:-
John in 1744; Mary in 1747; another John in 1749 and Robert in 1757
(I rather suspect that Robert's birth date is erred for 1752; I cannot trace the death of the first John which I imagine must have occurred else why duplicate the name?)

Now of these children Robert NEWNHAM, batchelor, married Hester Dore, spinster of Ryde at All Saints, Newchurch, Ryde on Thursday 30th October 1788, J. Gill curate, John Loader and Elizabeth Dore witnesses; and they had children:-

Robert born Ryde 1790, he married a Johanne and had issue (see census)
Barnabas born Ryde 1793, he married Harriet Attrill of Binstead at Whippingham in 1817 and had 13 children, six at Whippingham and the remainder at Diamond Street, Southsea. (see census)
John NEWNHAM born Ryde 25th November 1796 married Frances ('Fanny') Chandler of Glymping at South Bersted, Bognor on 23rd March 1824. E. Erdle vicar; George Newnham, Mary Chandler and Thomas Wisdom signed as witnesses). John died at Ryde, 7th January 1832. Frances ('Fanny') remarried 18th February 1847 to a James Cook Miller. She died at 11 The Avenue, Southsea, 28th August 1883, aged 83 and was buried with her second husband who had died 26th September 1880 at Ryde aged 82, at Ryde, Isle of Wight.
this John had issue and was 'my great grandfather' (
my grandfather's comment) and had issue:-

John Albert born (must be Ryde) 1824, married Hannah Hale Salter of Isle of Wight - no issue. He died 1882 aged 58; she died 20th November 1918 aged 91.
George born ..... ??? ---- died in infancy ....... no trace of birth
Joseph NEWNHAM born Ryde 24th November 1831, 'my grandfather' (
my grandfather's comment), batchelor aged 24 of 8 Park Lane, Southsea, married Mary Jane Berryman, born Penryn, 1828, father George Berryman, a bailiff, spinster 'aged 25' actually aged 27!, of Park Road, Portsmouth; on Sunday 11th March 1855, vicar C. Redknapp, and had issue:-

Fanny Marie born Southsea 1858 - married Henry Boryer - they had three daughters
James Joseph NEWNHAM, born 1856 at 8 Park Road (now 30 Castle Road), Southsea, aged 23 of 11 The Avenue, Southsea, 'my father' (
my grandfather's comment), - married Alice Parnell, aged 22 of Clarence Street, Landport, Portsmouth, at Kingston Church, Portsmouth on 10th October 1878; (George Parnell (father) and Fanny Newnham (sister) signed as witnesses); and had issue:-

Florence Ethel. born 1879, married 26th November 1901. A.G. Beckett, King's pilot at Gibraltar, had daughter who died in infancy, and sons Arthur and Keith. She died in 1934.
Albert James Joseph NEWNHAM, born 2nd February 1881, batchelor, married Florence Mabel Shergold, spinster, both of Portsmouth, at St. Saviours, Southwark, London on 16th December 1899; (Walter and Isabel Mansel signed as witnesses); they had issue (see below):-
Henrietta Georgina, born 6th January 1883, married 4th August 1909, William Hammond and had two sons, one daughter.
James, born one day after his father's death, 16th June 1884, married in 1906 Caroline Standen and had three sons and two daughters.

Cecil Albert, born 48 Gladstone Street, Southwark, London, 2nd September 1900; batchelor, married Betty Ford and had issue (1 son: Cecil Leonard; 2 daughters Sylvia and Bebe)
Florence Mabel Alice, born 25 Swan Street, Southwark, London, 27th October 1902, spinster, married Alfred Ernest Kemp and had issue (Ernest Desmond Kemp and Geoffrey Gordon James Kemp)
Leonard Eugene NEWNHAM, (
my father), born Portsmouth, 21st July 1905, married Iris Agnes McCreadie, spinster, (born 20th December 1904, at St. Georges Square, Portsea), on 12th August 1929 at St. Georges Church, Portsea, Portsmouth, (divorced 27th August 1981), and had issue:-
(my father) died 18th June 1994; Iris Agnes NEWNHAM (my mother) died 15th February 1997, aged 92)
(My father's second wife Margaret Alice NEWNHAM (nee JONES) (
my step-mother); born 16May1919, died 22nd December 2016, aged 97)

My brother Philip Howard & Penny on their wedding day - 1960s?
Philip Howard James NEWNHAM, born Portsmouth, 18th June 1931. batchelor, married Penelope Waldie of Parkstone, Poole and had one daughter Elizabeth. He died 15th March 1978, at Emsworth, Hampshire, aged 46 years.

Jane & Grahame (me) on our wedding day
Grahame Leonard NEWNHAM, (
that's me folks!) born 12th April 1945, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, batchelor, married Jane Davis, born 14th September 1946, spinster, of Cosham, Portsmouth, on 25th October 1968, at St. Peter and St. Paul Church, Wymering, Portsmouth, (divorced 15th October 1986), and had issue:-

Deborah on lhs, Claire on rhs, gln in centre (was this 1976?)

Deborah Jane NEWNHAM, born Hythe (hospital), Southampton, 14th August 1974. - married Hugh Travers

Jacob , born 10th December 1998,

Patrick Travers, born January 2007,


Claire Louise NEWNHAM, born Lyndhurst (hospital), Hampshire, 16th December 1971, - married Andrew Meaker December 2003 and had issue:

Jessica Meaker, born 26 December 2004,

Brendan Meaker, born 21st March 2006,

Scarlet Meaker, born 10th October 2009,

William Meaker, born 27th September 2010,

Further Information (from my grandfather's notes)

My grandfather's grandfather and grandmother (Joseph NEWNHAM born Ryde 24th November 1831 and Mary Jane Berryman, born Penryn 1828) met at Ryde, Isle of Wight, In the 1851 census, he was an apprentice aged 19, living with his mother and step-father, Fanny Miller and James Cook Miller, a bricklayer and builder, at 42 Newport Road, Ryde, Isle of Wight; she a lady's maid, aged 24, working for a family by the name of Cramer (Charles C. Cramer & Mrs M.A. Cramer, who was born in Edinburgh, with three children Charles Cramer, aged 13, born St. Petersbourg; Flora, aged 11, born Tours, France and Benedict Francis, aged 1, born St. Petersbourg), who were a travelling family living at that time at Johanna House, Melville Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight.

In 1855 Joseph NEWNHAM (my grandfather's grandfather) came over from Ryde and entered Portsmouth Dockyard on 25th January 1855 as a carpenter and joiner. He married Mary Jane Berryman in March the same year. They continued to live with Joseph's uncle Barnabas at 8 Park Street (now 30 Castle Road), Southsea until soon after Joseph and Mary's first son James Joseph was born in 1856. (Uncle Barnabas could not stand the noise of a child, so my grandfather was told by his grandmother). So Joeseph and Mary NEWNHAM moved in 1856 to Croydon Terrace, Hyde Park Road, Southsea, where a second arrival was hailed - Fanny Maria in 1858.

Around the year 1860, The Avenue, King Street, Southsea, was being built, and Joseph took over number 11 and acted as carpenter for the whole work . Joseph retired from Portsmouth Dockyard 5th February 1887 on pension. The couple lived at number eleven till each died - Mary Jane NEWNHAM in 1906 and Joseph in 1915, both being buried at Eastney (Portsmouth) cemetary.

Joseph's son James Joseph NEWNHAM (my grandfather's father) entered Portsmouth Dockyard as a carpenter, 5th January 1875, but sadly died 15th June 1884, leaving a widow and four young children (one born the day after his death).

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