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My grandfather (on my father's side) Albert James Newnham (1881 - 19??) was a despatch clerk in South London for many years till he moved with his firm (Vollers?) to Portsmouth maybe just after the turn of the century. Later, retired through ill health, he continued his hobbies of coin collecting, medal roll research and family tree searching making these into a reasonable business sideline.

My memories are of a jovial, happy fellow, usually found crouched over an old full size office typewriter, typing out copies (using carbon paper) of whatever was his latest research project. He had an amazing memory for useful facts, dates etc. Although not technically minded, he was intriqued by all modern inventions and developments and always insisted on being told in detail about all the marvellous things which he had seen begin in his lifetime. Electricity, radio, telephone, records, films, motor cars, television etc. had all developed during his lifetime - an amazing era to live through (for those who did actually survive those years of terrible world wars and totally inadequate medical services and sanitation).

Anyhow I still have my grandfather's research work on our branch of the Newnham family - on these pages I have reproduced it just as he did over fifty years ago (I have added later information where I can find it - I am not so skilled in family searches!)

Here I have added many family photographs - these date from way back and probably continue up to the current age of digital imaging. It is interesting to see that colour photographs only seem to appear after the second World War - 1945 on) - there were some earlier colour processes, but expensive, and many people did their own processing (my father and uncle and later myself) which was generally black & white. A problem with photographs is knowing who is in them and the relevant dates - luckily my father generally scribbled on the back of many of his photos and I had dated a few of mine - otherwise there is a bit of guesswork, but at least the pictures are preserved for myself and family.

1. MY NEWNHAM FAMILY TREE 2000 01Aug2015

(Compiled by myself from my grandfather's extensive research notes and my own later information - in progress!


(For the Portsmouth & Isle of Wight Newnham family - exactly as compiled by my grandfather Albert James Newnham over fifty years ago)

3. MY NEWNHAM GENEOLOGY 2004 21Apr2017

(Back from 1743 - as researched and compiled by my grandfather Albert James Newnham over fifty years ago, with later data assembled by myself Grahame Newnham)

4. MY MCCREADIE GENEOLOGY 01Aug2015 03Oct2017

(My mother's family name, originally from Scotland - - limited information, but now with some photos and interesting documentation)


(A selection of family photographs I have accumulated over the years - dating from 1905 or 1916 up to the 2000s. Sadly not all dated or identified accurately!)


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