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As photography only arrived in the mid 1850's and the man in the street didn't have the money to commission paintings; I'm afraid my earliest family photographs are those of my grandparents, and the earliest of these date back to just after 1900. I have included the family photographs in approximate date order.

There were many more vintage family 'snaps', but these either were lost during various house moves or in the last world war. Of the later ones, I have tried to include a reasonable cross section. Another problem is that often we do not title or date our photos - once those who remember are dead, there is no way of identification. Luckily all my Dad's photos were always carefully labelled with a date and location - wish I had done the same!

Seems my mother and father got together because my mother Iris and my dad's sister Mabel worked at the same place in Portsmouth - they were friends.

An interesting find! Luckily on the back is written "Mr & Mrs Newnham and family" - the question marked date of 1908 seems about right;
- there is another comment "taken by Miss Whitbread, 99 Twyford Avenue" - maybe connected with brewers Brickwoods, later Whitbread
So here we have my father's parents - my grandmother Florence Mabel Newnham (seated left),
my grandfather Albert James Newnham (seated right); lhs must be my aunt Mabel Newnham;
centre is my uncle Cecil Newnham; and on my grandfather's lap my dad Leonard Eugene Newnham;

Used on another page but fascinating to see the same family in two pictures over 50 years apart! (1916 & 1970)
From left to right:- My grandfather (Albert James Newnham); my aunt (Mabel Newnham); my father ('Len' Newnham); my uncle (Cecil Newnham); my grandmother (Florence Mabel Newnham) - I remember taking the 1970 photo - no I wasn't around for the 1916 one!

My mother's brother David Graham McCreadie - perhaps 1906?
Believed born at Portsea, Portsmouth around 1908, and maybe
married in Portsmouth 1928 to a girl named Stella Bevis
and a daughter Beryl born same year.



My grandmother, Florence Mabel Newnham in 1908, aged 27

My grandfather, Albert James Newnham in Piccadilly, 1918.

In my Dad's old photo album - this says 'My Mother'
- so I guess this is my grandmother Florence - maybe 1920?

Taken around 1920 I guess - my auntie (my father's sister) Mabel
my uncle (my father's brother) Cecil; & my grandfather (my father's father) Albert James Newnham

The back of this photo says 'Hayling 1921' so I guess this must be my mother - Iris Newnahm

A photograph, obviously taken by my Dad as he is not in the picture!
The back dates it as 1926, with my aunt Mabel ('Doll' as she was nicknamed), my mother Iris Agnes Newnham,
and my Grandfather Albert James Newnham - taken on Windmill Hill, Horndean. The car is my dad's Mathis.

My mother Iris Agnes Newnham (nee McCreadie) - Lake District - 1929 - maybe they were on honeymoon?

Two photos of my brother - Philip Howard James Newnham - lower one says '3 months old' so that one must be 1931
upper photo looks later - say 1933?

My mother Iris Agnes Newnham and my brother Philip Howard James Newnham - April1932

My dad was always keen on amateur radio (Call Sign G6NZ) - this was his 'radio room' in 1932!

My brother Philip Howard James Newnham - 24Aug1933 - plus a professional 'posed' photo - Howard was 18 months old?

My aunt Mabel and uncle Cecil (my father's brother & sister) - Newport, Isle-of-Wight - Aug1934

My grandmother (my mother's mother) Ada Melrose McCreadie
(I called her 'nan') probably late 1930s on holiday perhaps?

89 Grantham Road, Sleaford, Lincs - where my father, mother & brother lived during World War 11
when my father was in the RAF at Cranwell. I was myself there, from my birth in 1945 till about 1949.

Taken during the war, probably at Lovedean, in 1942/43 on a visit south from Sleaford, Lincolnshire where my father set up the RAF Radio Training School at Cranwell, teaching RAF radio operators. On the left is my mother Iris Agnes Newnham, centre my father Flt Lt (later Sqn. Ldr.) Leonard Eugene Newnham and my brother Philip Howard James Newnham, on the right is my grandmother on my mother's side Ada McCreadie. (Her husband James Graham McCreadie had died in 1939)

A family photo from 1942 - taken at Lovedean (near Hordean, just outside Portsmouth) - my grandparents had moved there to escape Portsmouth bombings (probably their house had actually been bombed). Same place & people - photos taken by my Dad (missing from lhs photo) and my auntie Mabel (missing from rhs photo). So - the two at the very back are my grandparents on my father's side - Mabel & Bert Newnham; middle standing centre is my brother Philip Howard James Newnham and on his right is my mother's mother Ada McCreadie; bottom row seated is my auntie Mabel Kemp,one of her son's (either Jeffrey or Desmond - probably Jeffrey), and my mother Iris Agnes Newnham - judging by my brother & mother's attire - it was probably about the time as the photo above. Still not sure who the lady standing middle row lhs is - can't temember - I wasn't born till 1945!
A quick update - I think I later called the lady "Aunt Veen" ??????, must have been a neighbour at Lovedean


Here's my father Leonard Eugene Newnham and my brother Philip Howard James Newnham at Freshwater, Isle of Wight in 1949
(my brother had done City & Guilds Catering and was head waiter at a Freshwater hotel - later he worked in Rank Cinema Restaurants -
finally he qualified as a metalurgist and worked in the Scientific Civil Service - a bit of a change!)

The 'Sunshine Holiday Camp' in Hayling Island, nr Portsmouth - probably about 1950 - my brother is forth in from the right - back row
he was into catering for a few years in his teens, before becomming a metalurgist - quite a career change!
this place had quite a reputation when I was in my teens (16+) at school - friends worked there for summer jobs
another friend and I counted cars at Petersfield for the council and earned more for two week's shift work than my friends did all season!!
(The "Sunshine Holiday Camp" was used for location work in the 1977 British feature film "Confessions From A Holiday Camp")
now still exists, much upgraded, as "Mill Rythe Holiday Village"

Me - Grahame L. Newnham (aged 4) at Emsworth in 1949

My brother Philip Howard Newnham and myself - probably at Southsea - Mar1950

My brother Howard Newnham, my mother and me! - Southsea seafront
with the South Parade pier (now derelict) in the background -
(spot my dad's shadow in the foreground) - dated August 1950

Me again (Grahame Newnham.) with brother Howard Newnham - at Brighton Sept 1951 it says on the back!
(people wore suits on pleasure outings!!)

Yes it's me again! Grahame Newnham school photo - Coronation Year - so 1953
(taken at Emsworth County Primary School, Washington Road, Emsworth)

My brother Howard Newnham and my cousin Jeffrey Kemp (I think!)
no date on the back, but must be early 1950s
The rhs photo - same time, same place - but with me as well!

My brother Howard Newnham and myself in one of his vintage 'Clyno' cars - probably 1957 -
this is in Washington Road, Emsworth, Hants - the school behind (we lived just opposite);
(I had helped him change the engine in this 1928 tourer and he had hand-painted it yellow - very flash! -
this model even had an electric starter motor as well as that handle at the front!
at about that time he had up to five Clyno cars - only two or three runnable though -
he had bought them at prices from £5 to £25 each in those days - would be worth a fortune today!!
(In the 1920s - Clynos were quality hand-built cars - Coventry Climax engines - Mulliner coach-built bodies -
motor car mass production in the early 1930s finished the company)

Me (Grahame Newnham) again (aged 12) - passport photo in 1957

My auntie (Mabel Newnham) and her mum and my grandmother (Mabel Florence Newnham) - Portsmouth Aug1957

My grandparents, Mabel & Albert Newnham / me Grahame Leonard Newnham 1962



My brother Philip Howard James Newnham - 1966 - family always called him Howard, but at work etc. he was generally called 'Phil'.

Oh yes! I got an Honours Degree in Electrical Engineering (Portsmourh Poly / University) - about 1967

My wedding (to Jane) - Grahame and Jane Newnham - 28Oct1968
(this was at Wymering Parish Chuirch, Portsmouth)

My wedding (to Jane) - Grahame and Jane Newnham - 28Oct1968

Another wedding photo - 28Oct1968

My brother Philip Howard James Newnham - Dec1969

My grandfather, Albert James Newnham, aged 89 in 1970

My dad (Len Newnham) famous at last! He had been a consultatnt for a BBC history of radio exhibition
( I guess some of the vintage equipment on display was from my father's own extensive collection)
Yes that's my Dad behind the Queen - later Princess Margaret asked to bring her sons over for a private view

Well it's me (Grahame Newnham) - Spain, near Benidorm perhaps, maybe 1972?

Well, here's me (yes on the left!) with my brother Howard Newnham (Philip at work) at Kew - 21July1974
(dad took the photo using Orwocolor slide film - yes colour fade - but it wasn't up to much even at the time!)

Family group - daughter Deborah Jane Newnham (about a year old perhaps?);
ex.wife Jane's mother Dorothy Davis; me (Grahame Newnham);
and daughter Claire Louise Newnham - must be 1975

A little later - myself (Grahame Newnham. and daughters Deborah Jane Newnham lhs & Claire Louis Newnham rhs - maybe 1976?
(this looks like Blackgang Chine, Isle Of Wight)

In the New Forest - Deborah, Claire & ex-wife Jane Newnhan
- says 1978 on the back of the pictures!

Elder daughter Claire Louise Newnham - maybe 1978? - a sports event? - probably here at Calmore
my Dad must have taken the photo - myself & ex-wife are just behind - and no paunch in those days!

Daughter Claire again - must be the same day - yes Calmore and a Sports Day - 1978?

Yes we once had a horse - a New Forest Arab cross named Spice - this is Jan1980
- daughter Claire & ex-wife Jane Newnham feeding him - end of Cook's Lane, Calmore I think - not many houses then!

Another photo from Jan1980 - Deborah, ex-wife Jane Newnham, Claire & myself at Eling Tide Mill (Totton)

My dad (Len Newnham) and step-mother Margaret - probably on their wedding day - 1981?

Well, going back a bit to the 1940s - my stepmother found this photo!

Another photo about 1980s, of my dad (Len Newnham G6NZ). An early radio transmitter built by my dad
- a keen radio amateur - maybe in the early 1920s - used in an article in the local newspaper I think

My father Leonard Eugene Newnham and my step-mother Margaret - was this on the HMS Victory (Portsmouth)? maybe 1985?

Daughters Claire Louise Newnham and Deborah Jane Newnham - but when - maybe 1988?

Daughters Claire and Deborah again - a school photo - but when - maybe 1990?

Obituary for my dad in the Radio Society of Great Britain's Amateur Radio Magazine Radcom
(I probably helped compile the text but realise how much I have now forgottten!)

Daughter Deborah Jane Newnham getting her Honours Degree - at least the date is there!

Daughter Deborah Jane Newnham with son Jacob - 1998

Not family photos, but family possessions - a French Ormolu clock from around 1800 and two Chinese vases
inherited from my Mother - but sadly stolen in a major burglary here -
would be good to get the clock back at least - a friend had spent a long time restoring it -
pity that's life in the UK these days - in France the fellows would have been shot and killed - still are!

Daughter Claire Louise Meaker with her firstborn - Jessica (born 26Dec2004) - so photo probably taken in 2005

Daughter Claire's first two children - Jessica (born 26Dec2004) and Brendan (born 21Mar2006) - photo probably 2009

Stepmother Margaret Newnham on her 90th birthday! Plus me, gln and Anne of course! 2009




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