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The UK BBC is launching a new series on BBC2 in 2010 which will travel the country in a hunt for the nation's home movie archive. This will be the nation's story through the eyes of its most important historians - the British people.

The production company are looking for any amateur filmed footage that reflects the events of the last seventy years. It could be famous events or how you were involved - Coronation, Jubilee, Royal Wedding - street parties etc. / hobbies / big events in personal lives - weddings, birthday parties etc. / festivals / a local who became famous / local industries .......

If you have old cine or video footage (any format) the production company would like to hear from you - a fee will be paid if footage is used

Contact the production company (Diverse) at - or UK tel: 0203 189 3228 Home Movie Roadshow, 1 Ariel Way, London W12 7SL (new Nov2009)

The United States government has recently issued a warning about possible 'ignition' of rechargeable batteries when carried on aircraft. From January 1st 2008 it is forbidden to carry spare Lithium-Ion batteries in checked-in luggage. (It is OK if the batteries are fitted in the appliance (cine cameras included)). It is also recommended that devices using Lithium-Ion batteries should be carried in passengers' hand luggage. (From my own experience anything containing batteries in hand luggage usually throws the inspectors into panic!) Full details are on .

A bigger problem, certainly in the UK is the proliferation of counterfeit batteries. Certainly in the UK most if not all batteries on market stalls, discount shops (including national names) are fake - it is virtually impossible to spot these fakes which have brands like Duracell and Sony for example. I'm not sure if they are more likely to cause ignition, but they are generally flat or almost flat even when purchased. Sadly the UK Trading Standards offices take little interest as the staff numbers are being cut to the bone. Just ensure that you use a reputable store or mail order supplier for your Alkaline / Lithium and other fancy batteries; and if the purchased item turns out to be a dud complain to the shop and trading standards!

Incidentally it should also be emphasised never (no never!) leave batteries in a cine camera when it is not in use - the numbers of cameras I come across that are totally ruined by battery leakage just for the sake of a few seconds to remove the batteries. This also applies to other items like digital cameras, toys, gadgets of course. You have been warned!


Some of you may have heard one of the latest government initiatives on behalf of the so-called 'green campaign'. A UK government bill is being prepared to ban the sale of all filament lamps - naturally no-one has considered the hundreds of specialist lamps which require accurate beams of light or high power sources! Or in fact many household uses which really need 'proper' lamps like light security switched devices, dimmers and spotlights. Whilst I myself have been using efficient fluorescent lamps for many many years, they are certainly not suitable for all household applications, let alone technical ones. So on a domestic level, stock up on a few dozen 60 or 100 watt lamps (but hide them from the green inspectors!). (100 watt filament lamps are banned totally from September 2009 I think - most shops have removed them from their shelves already, but I notice Philips have introduced a 105 watt lamp - presumably still legal because of the way the Act of Parliament must have been written!)

On a more serious note, we do need projector lamps, hopefully someone will stop this madness before real problems arise (Gordon Brown and his cronies will need video projectors for their rallies, so I suppose the penny - eeerh euro cent - will drop soon!). Anyhow we can always buy from abroad via the internet.... new Jan2008

While on the subject of projector lamps - beware very cheap offerings on the internet! There a number of modern lamps like A1/259; A1/231 etc which can be found at extremely low prices on various web-sites. Sadly these are not what they appear - they are 'long life' versions rated at perhaps 500 hours but of course not nearly so bright or white! They are intended for display lighting, disco projectors etc and although advertised with A1 numbers are not actually labelled as such. For example the so called A1/259 (24volt 250watt reflector type) is actually labelled ELC3 (a genuine A1/259 projector lamp is type ELC). So if you want a dim, yellow picture, but a lamp that will possibly outlive the projector, by all means buy these cheap lamps, otherwise try to find the genuine article - probably from the few cine dealers who still bother to stock them!

new Sept2009

Don't forget the amateur film enthusiasts' magazine Projections, published bi-monthly, originally by ex-BBC film fanatic Barry Littlechild. It's well printed, has two staples, yes two, what luxury, and is full of interesting articles and illustrations. There are also dealer and classified adverts.

From early 2008 this excellent publication has been run by Peter Travers, judging by the first few issues - to be well recommended! Don't forget to send in your articles, letters, photographs, reviews, items for sale etc. now!

If you would like to subscribe then please send six A5 first class stamped self-addressed envelopes and a cheque for at least £8.50 donation, payable P. Travers to:- P. Travers (Projections), 24 Gatcombe Avenue, PORTSMOUTH, PO3 5HG.

updated 22August2009

The UK club for Ninefivers is still very much alive and kicking, over 50 years since the UK 9.5mm supplier Pathescope ceased trading!
If you would like a sample Group 9.5 magazine just contact me, Grahame Newnham by telephone on: 023 8086 5086
or e-mail:
presto @ (no gaps in actual e-mail address)

updated 26Mar2017

Flickers is back! Sadly the previous editor of the famous Flickers vintage film magazine Gerald McKee died early in 2007. However the magazine has been resurrected by a new team, led by editor (and well known film collector / historian) Patrick Moules. The UK subscription for the new "Flickers" magazine is £10 per year (four issues). Send a cheque for £10, payable Terence Nunn, to T. Nunn, 35 Dewsbury Road, London, NW10 1EL. Don't forget your own name and address! (Yes really, internet nerds seem to forget that we are not mindreaders - I often get an envelope just containing a cheque for things from my web-site sales list or e-bay!)

I just received the latest issue, and it is an excellent read! Twenty four pages, A5 size, with the luxury of colour front and back pages, lots of illustrations and photos, all printed on decent gloss paper (like the Group 9.5 magazine).

updated August 2009

As most film makers already know Kodak have withdrawn the famous Kodachrome film emulsions in Super 8, 16mm movie and 35mm slide formats. Kodak processing has now finished for Super 8mm and 16mm.

However if you still have recent Kodachrome 25 or 40 emulsions then all is not lost. An American processing laboratory can process Kodachrome Super 8mm and 16mm film stocks. Naturally you will have to pay though!

Dwayne's currently charge $9 US for Super8 (50ft) and $25 US for 16mm (100ft) Kodachrome processing. There is a $5 US shipping charge within the US - this may be a little more for the UK. Payment is easy as they accept Visa etc. so no problems with expensive dollar cheques. Just download an order form from their web-site at - Dwayne's also supply fresh filmstock and process E6 emulsions.

updated August 2009

For those familiar with the You-Tube media web-site, there is an excellent 9.5mm promotional video up there at the moment. Produced by the French 9.5mm cine club, their President Bernard Trembloy explains the origins of the ninefive movie gauge and with the help of Daniel Colland, the boss of French film facilities company Cine Dia. shows that 9.5mm camera film is still available today and we see how it is made from the bulk unperforated 35mm filmstock. Naturally the speech is in French, but there are excellent English sub-titles. Just search for "The 9.5 Image".
P.S. Sadly 9.5mm E6 colour reversal camera film is not available at present - check with me yours truly Grahame Newnham -

new 7Sept2009 updated 26Mar2017


After much research and testing, a replacement for those fragile reflex pellicules (lames)
has been produced - thinner and specially coated to give improved image.
Use your reflex viewfinder again !
If the 9.5mm or 16mm Pathé Webo M reflex camera is in otherwise good working order
the work can be carried out from £50 plus return carriage.
Also general repairs to other cine cameras.

Contact: Andrew Hayden - tel: 01493 700258
doubleopen32 @ (no spaces in actual address)


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