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Welcome to this somewhat belated eigth edition of "The Celluloid Image" - I thought I had put up parts of this edition last year (2008!!). Anyhow here is the belated (but updated effort). We always need contributions - letters, comments, adverts and full articles are all really appreciated! Even just ideas for items in future issues. Sorry - holidays and other commitments give me little time to 'play' with my web-pages.

Don't forget two of the regular features - the Cine Services Page - lists many cine services not always known about by the average film enthusiast. Check out page 17 and please use the services mentioned there. Naturally if you know of other services related to the film user / collector please let me know and I will add to the list. The other is the Cine Events Page - there are many cine fairs and related events throughout the year - why not visit some of these near to you - you may be pleasantly suprised. All have dealers' stalls, most have bring & buys or auctions etc. The larger ones also have printed film shows and the 9.5mm Get-Together even has an amateur 9.5mm film competition. If we are to keep these events alive, old friends and new faces alike are really essential! Please let me know about other cine events.

This edition includes details of the known film events from September 2009 onwards. See page 4. Please support these events - they are always good fun and one never knows what turns up (items or visitors!). Naturally I will be pleased to include details of any other film events - just let me know!

Official Kodak processing for remaining Kodachrome film stocks has now ceased, but Dwaynes in the USA offer a Kodachrome service - their web site contains all the details. It is easy to send material from the UK and pay by credit card. .

All is not lost for filmmakers as various cine stocks seem to be springing out of the woodwork, many from cottage industry sources that can probably survive on low sales as long as somewhere there is a source of reversal colour film. Certainly the new Kodak Super 8 and 16mm reversal E6 stocks seem to be well established and users report good results. The only drawback seems to be increased overall prices!

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Grahame N.

Always a comprehensive selection of printed movie films &
equipment for sale - Std/Super8 / 9.5 /16mm sound / silent.
Write or telephone for latest lists.

Movie films & equipment in good condition purchased

(Note - the shop in Buckingham is now closed)

Contact us now for full details:-
Buckingham Film Services
43 Broomfield, Stacey Bushes,
Milton Keynes
MK12 6HA, UK
Tel: 01908 315110

(last updated: 14Feb2014)


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