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Amateur Films On 9.5mm

This new section contains a few details of some of the
amateur films made on the 9.5mm 'home movie' film gauge
Many of the titles listed are now viewable on YouTube!


1. 9.5mm amateur films made by yours truly Grahame L.Newnham -

using my 9.5mm Pathé Webo M reflex cine camera

(mostly quite old, some more recent, but not exactly the best - I was trying to get 9.5mm noticed in the various UK amateur film competitions)

"Cherchez Le Vin" ('Hunt the Wine') - made in 2008, whilst we were on a French holiday in the Loire valley, mostly filmed with my Pathéscope 'Prince' cine camera, titles and other shots filmed back at home using my Pathé Webo M cine camera. Filmed with the 9.5mm filmstock I distributed for a while as 'Presto' colour but actually 100asa E6 Konica 35mm slide film, slit and repeforated to 9.5mm by the late John Cunningham for me.
Just noticed this film got third prize at the Group 9.5 Harpenden 'Get-Together' in Autumn 2008.

See my film "Cherchez Le Vin" ("Hunt the Wine") on You Tube:


This film won the Audience Award at the 2009 Group 9.5 Open Award Film Competition

"The Art Of Suicide" - made about 1964, when I was probably doing my degree at Portsmouth Poly. - certainly that is my old Austin 'Mini' in the film. I had persuaded a good friend the late Richard Lamb, to 'star', but it was always difficult to find the time and conditions for each section of the story - no doubt other bits were never filmed! It was shot on 9.5mm Orwo 64asa black and white filmstock using my Pathéscope 'Prince' cine camera.

See my really old film "The Art of Suicide" on You Tube:-


"The Parcel" - made around 1964 or 1965, when I was probably doing my degree at Portsmouth Poly. - Jane Davis, later became my ex-wife! Originally made for a two minute category in the UK Group 9.5 club annual competition, it was shot on 9.5mm Orwo 64asa black and white filmstock using my Pathéscope 'Prince' cine camera.

See my very old film "The Parcel" on You Tube:-


2. 9.5mm amateur films made by the late John Ferrari (former President of our UK Group 9.5 club)

"Where's Denny?" - made in 2002, it won the audience and the judges' third prize at the 2003 Open Film Competition at Harpenden. At the time, there was a theme for making a 9.5mm film about the place you lived. John actually lived in Denny. I think he used two 9.5mm cine cameras, including a converted Russian 16mm Kragnoskork reflex - excellent specification, but there was a problem with light leaks and shutter syncronisation I seem to remember, but sadly John had no time to reshoot scenes in time for the competition. He not only filmed but also recorded the sound track and transferred it to magnetic stripe. It was filmed at 18 frames/second and currently the transfer has slight flicker because my Elf/Eiki magnetic / optical projector has a two bladed shutter.

See John's prize winning entry "Where's Denny?" on You Tube:-


3. 9.5mm amateur films made by Graham Murray (former Chairman of our UK Group 9.5 club)

"Battle" - made in May 1999, it won the first prize in the Spanish 9.5 International Festival of 2000. Shot on 9.5mm Fuji Provia 100 filmstock using Pathe Webo M and Bolex H9 cine cameras it was a record of the re-enactment of the Peninsula war. Sound was added using magnetuic stripe.

See Graham's prize winning entry "Battle " on You Tube:


4. 9.5mm amateur films made by the late Ken Wordsworth (Ken was really responsible for starting up the Wimborne 9.5mm Mini-Festival many years ago)

"United Colours Of Ninefive" - an idea of Ken's - this film used old and new clips of commercial and amateur 9.5mm films, to illustrate the various types of colour film used for the 9.5mm 'home movie' film gauge. Much of the post-war colour footage was actually filmed by Ken himself, mostly at special schools for disabled children where he worked for much of his life.

See Ken's film "United Colours Of Ninefive" on You Tube:



Please excuse the untidyness - hopefully there may be more to come!
Meantime as someone once said - 'publish and be damned!'

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