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The 9.5mm movie film gauge, introduced in 1922 in France by Pathé-Baby, part of the then giant Pathé-Frères group,
arrived in the UK the following year and was effectively the first home movie film size.


These 9.5mm international film events have been held since 1976. The various 9.5mm movie clubs in each country taking turns to organise. Sadly with the current lack of fresh 9.5mm film stock these festivals may soon come to an end. Anyhow below are details of next year's festival to be held in the UK at Bradford, West Yorkshire. .

DATES:-  Thursday 11th June - Sunday 14th June 2020 - inclusive
VWNUE:- THE UK!      The City of Bradford, West Yorkshire
                     The Midland Hotel, (City centre, close to railway station & shops) 

The Midland Hotel, Bradford



 Visits and trips have been carefully selected to cover varying interests and will
 include the Keithley & Worth Vslley Preserved Railway. This includes transport to
 the railway and coach to Haworth with hopefully a moors tour.  Lunch will be  
 "ad hoc" in the village where there are plenty of cafes. This will be a whole day.
 Those interested can visit the Bronte Parsonage (Senior entry is £7) 

 Plus - A half-day visit to Bradford Media Museum, who have offered an 'Insight Tour'
 and can provide lunch. 
      - A half-day visit to Bradford Industrial Museum 

 And - a whole day to the Saltaire Village & Salt Mill with tea/coffee on arrival
 in a private area and later, lunch in the same place.
 There is a scenic tramway a short walk away if anyone wishes to go and see.

 The cost for stayig at the hotel has been specially negotiated and covers overnight
 accomodation with breakfast & evening dinner at £80 per person, per night for single room.
 If sharing, then a twin or double room would be £60 per person.
 There is an extra £10 per person, for the special gala night dinner on Saturday evening. 
 When booking the hotel please mention 'Film Society Weekend' to obtain this special rate.
 Although currently a long way off -   the Midland Hotel phone number is 01274 735735. 
 There will be a separate festival charge, this is to cover the costs of the visits
 along with transport, lunches and incidentals. This won't be known until nearer the time,
 but will be kept to a minimum and should be very reasonable.

 A function room will be hired for the Thursday, Friday and Sunday evenings for filmshows
 which will include some 9.5mm sound. Tea / coffee will be available at interval times.

 Details for entering your films will be given soon along with any necessary updates.
 It is early days at present - your films will be much needed and as new ones are few,
 previous entries will be more than welcome.

 It is hope to attract a reasonable number to make it all worthwhile.
 Sadly this could probably be the last 9.5 International Festival.

 For enquiries please contact Group 9.5 Chairman Cliff Perriam 
   -    email: 

 (I will update these initial details as more information comes to hand - gln)       

Midland Hotel, Bradford

Midland Hotel, Bradford

Midland Hotel, Bradford

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