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The 44th 9.5mm International Festival 2019

For 2019, it was the Nederlands turn again to host the '9.5 International' - sadly they had already stated last year at the Limoges 'International', that, with their club membership dwindling, this would be the last 9.5 International Festival they would be able to host. In fact with the dearth of fresh 9.5mm camers film stock and the age profile of 9.5 club members all over Europe, I myself fear the end of these excellent gatherings is soon to come.

Sadly with my ongoing health problems (and ever increasing age! - I'm 74 now) I have missed attending the last few 9.5 Internationals, so have to rely on the reports in our 9.5 club magazines for information. So for this 2019 report, i thank our Group 9.5 younger club member from Belgium - Dominique De Bast for his excellent report reproduced below.


This article is from the UK Group 9.5 magazine No.179 Autumn 2019




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