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The 43rd 9.5mm International Festival 2018

For 2018, it was the turn again for the French 9.5 club to host the '9.5 International' - it was very ably organised by M. Bernard Castella, President of their 9.5mm club 'Cine Club 9.5 de France'. This year's festival was based in Limoges, the capital of the Haute-Vienne département, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of central-west France. No actual 9.5mm film competition this time, but of course no fresh 9.5mm camera film stock! Instead a good selection of 9.5mm films were projected - some old some a little newer.

Sadly with my ongoing health problems (and ever increasing age! - I'm 73 now) I have missed attending the last few 9.5 Internationals, so have to rely on the reports in our 9.5 club magazines for information. So for this 2018 report, i thank Group 9.5 club member Tod Higginson. for his excellent report reproduced below fron our UK club magazine.


This article is from the UK Group 9.5 magazine No.175 Autumn 2018




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