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The 38th 9.5mm International Festival 2013

Most of the participants at the Dijon 9.5 Festival
(from the front page of the French 9.5 club magazine No.317 Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2014)

The 38th 9.5 International Festival was held in 2013 from Thursday 30th May to Sunday 2nd June at Dijon, Burgundy, France. An area famous both for its wine and mustard! Both featured in the entertainment programme - rather more of the first than the second!

The Ibis hotel, located conveniently near the main railway station, provided excellent accomodation for the thirty-two nine-fivers who checked in for the four days.

The Events

The ancient Hospices de Beaune, where the annual wine auction is held.
(from the front page of the French club magazine No. 314 Jan-Apr 2013)

During the Festival, two coasch trips had been arranged, designed to give a taste (literally!) of the local Burgundian attractions. Friday, the first full day of the Festival saw us make an early start for the picturesque old town of Beaune. The drive took us through many famous wine villages and mile after mile (I should say Kilometres really!) of vineyards. Beaune is one of the principal wine centres of France and its annual wine auction, held in the ancient Hospices de Beaune, is France's primary wine auction. Our guided tour of this historic walled town included a visit to the Hospices. This is a fine gothic building, founded in 1442 as a charity run by nuns to provide medical care and other services for the needy and is now a museum with fascinating period displays recreating its past use.

The original dining hall is where the wine auctions now take place. The building boasts a magnificent tiled roof, intricately patterned with the coloured tiles, unique to this region of France. The courtyard provided the setting for the obligatory group photograph.

Le Clos de Vougeot vineyards
(from the centre pages of the French 9.5 club magazine No.316 Oct//Nov/Dec 2013)

After an excellent lunch of local specialities (and wine!), we were off for a visit to a mustard factory. Then on to the serious business of a visit to the very modern premises of a major producer of sparkling wine 'Veuve Ambal'. It appeared to be an almost totally automated process, with virtually no human presence. Even the packing of full bottles into crates was in the 'hands' of a couple of robot machines. The visit concluded with a very well produced widescreen film (digital of course!), showing the wine making process and the major part played by the wine industry in the life of the region. Naturally a wine tasting concluded the visit.

The four club presidents enjoying the wines!
John Ferrari (UK); Rene de Marr (Nederlands); Bernard Castello (France); Santiago Marrč (Spain)
(from the centre pages of the French 9.5 club magazine No.316 Oct//Nov/Dec 2013)

Saturday included a walking tour of Dijon itself. Like many provincial French towns, it has a centre virtually untouched by time, with many fine old shops and houses, a smallish but beautiful cathedral, several grand civic buildings and the palace of the Dukes of Burgundy.

The Films

The 9.5mm film competition was held at the hotel, supposedly over two evenings. Because of a lack of entries only one evening was planned for the competition. The projector was one of the Ligonie conversions, owned by Jean Penavayre who because of a broken leg was unable to attend. There were major problems with the magnetic sound, meaning that in the end Graham Murray withdrew his film from the competition as it was impossible to reproduce the magnetic sound track. Even films with CD or tape cassette sound had poor sound. The start of the proceedings was much delayed whilst attempts were made to actually screen the films! (As a general comment from myself (Grahame N.) I find it sad that most 'arty' film makers and 'film buffs' are generally unable to understand the technical nature of the equipment needed to make and show cine films. Thank goodness that modern digital cameras and viewers/projectors are virtually foolproof so that our modern population can enjoy these hobbies. I really fear for the future of mankind even to manage survival with the rapidly dimishing level of intellect!).

There were eventually only ten entries for the competition, shown in the order listed below:

(from the UK Group 9.5 magazine No.155 Autumn 2013)

Just one prize was awarded - the audience prize announced at the closing ceremony on the Sunday at the Gala Dinner. The 'Prix de Public' went to "Au Gré des Alizés" a beautifully shot film about hot-ait ballooning by the French Club President Bernard Castella. Sincere thanks are due to him and his wife Madeleine, for all their hard work in organising a very successful and enjoyable festival.

(Photo from the UK Group 9.5 magazine No.155 Autumn 2013)

We can now look forward to next year's International in Spain, in conjunction with the annual Calella 9.5 Festival.

(Most of this report is by Graham Murray, Vice Chairman of the UK Group 9.5 , originally published in the UK Group 9.5 magazine number 155, dated Autumn 2013.)

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