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The 36th 9.5mm International Festival 2011

The 2011 Programme

The 36th 9.5 International Festival was held from Thursday 8th September to Sunday 11th September 2011, at the Harpenden House Hotel in Harpenden, UK

The UK Group 9.5 club were the hosts to this year's 9.5 International event, held in the UK in Harpenden, Hertforsdshire, just north of London. About thirty five had booked in at the Harpenden House Hotel, whilst forty six enthusiasts attended the Gala dinner. The hotel had a 4 star rating with very comfortable and spacious rooms. It was conveniently situated just 200 yards away from the halls where the competition films were screened and the Get-Together, which culminated the event, held. Attending the Festival were eight from the Nederlands, four from France two from Germany and two from the USA (Dino Everett and his wife).

The Events

Thanks to having a copy of the excellent International Programme, the events are clearly identified. here is the first day:

First day - registration and the first batch of films

On the arrival day of Friday, all those that attended were prsented with a 'goodie bag' containing a luxury pack of biscuits along with an appropriately illustrated cine and film digital timepiece. In the evening, the first batch of competition films were screened - luckily the venue at Harpenden had been used by the UK Group 9.5 Club for a number of years - the Harpenden Halls are literally next to the Harpenden House Hotel so what could be easier than to go next door for the film show before adjourning back to the hotel for dinner?

Second day - coach trip and more films next to the Hotel

Friday there was a coach trip to Woburn Abbey - a classic English country house with formal gardens and a Safari Park. The house has a large collection of paintings including a Canaletto and ceiling painted by Cipriani in 1770. Then back to base for more films next door and dinner in the Hotel again.

Saturday - London excursion and Gala Dinner

On Saturday 10th September forty guests climbed into a coach for a visit to London and the Cinema Museum.

Hugh Hale & John Ferrari have a quick 'cuppa' at the Cinema Museum

There was a tour of London sights with a short break at Parliament Square near Big Ben then onto the museum for a guided tour and a 45 minute vintage film show. The evening featured the Gala Dinner with the usual speeches and awards.

Sunday - the UK Group 9.5 Get-Together - what planning!

Finally the Sunday morning coincided with the UK Group 9.5 50th Annual Get-Together - wait, actually just next door at the Harpenden Halls! The usual dealers' stalls, auction, bring and buy, 9.5mm film show and a talk by Kevin Brownlow. And of course dinner back next door at the Hotel.

UK Group 9.5 magazine No.148, dated Winter 2012 back cover

Superb planning and as far as I remember everything went off really well - a real credit to the organisers! Originally much of the planning was begun by our Hon. Treasurer David Erskine who sadly died some time before the event. Luckily it was very ably run by the UK Group 9.5 Club Hon. Chairman Graham Murray and his wife Pat.

The Films

Yes the old grey fella by the 9.5mm Elf conversion is me, Grahame Newnham
talking to a couple of other old grey fellas from the French 9.5 club
M. Bernard Castella and M. Huard

The 9.5mm film competition was held, so conveniently, in the Harpenden Halls right next door to the Hotel. Projection was by yours truly, Grahame Newnham using one of my own Elf 9.5mm projectors (these are UK 'Buckingham' conversions from the 16mm models). With much needed help from Chairman Graham Murray with the various tapes etc. used for the sound tracks.

The judges for the film competition were Gert Hartwig from Germany, Gerrit Krulmink from Holland and UK Group 9.5 committee member Brian Pearce, who acted as chairman. There were about fourteen 9.5mm films entered for the competition, shown in the order listed below:

(the films shown on Thursday 8th September - list from the original programme)

(the 2 minute films shown on Friday 9th September - original programme)

The 9.5mm film competition had been altered a little from previous years by having a section for short films of around just 2 minutes running time. Incidentally I know that my short film "I'm Walking" wasn't ready in time, so I entered "The Parcel" for this section instead. The initial evening show included the 'regular' films, whilst the following evening a selection of past 9.5mm award winning films was included to round off the evening.

Believe it or not, my film "The Art Of Suicide" won first prize, with John Ferrari's film "Out and About In Central Scotland " coming second, and UK Group 9.5 Chairman Graham Murray's film "Manhattan Melody" taking third prize. I think my award and certificate can be displayed here!

I don't often win prizes for my films, but this was made way back in the 1960s -
a dark comedy about a chap trying to end it all but attempts end in catastrophe!
(It also won the audience award at a UK Group 9.5 Get-Together)

See my prize winning entry (a really old film!) "The Art of Suicide" on You Tube:-

First prize for the short films went to Angus Tilston for "Fishing In the Sky" and the audience award was won by Hugh Hale for "Hetty's Half Hour".
See my 1960s (really old again!) short 9.5mm film entry
"The Parcel" on YouTube:

All in all, a very enjoyable and successful few days' event!

(Most of this material is from the original Festival programme and a report by the Malcolm Cutmore, published in the UK Group 9.5 magazine number 148, dated Winter 2012)

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