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The 35th 9.5mm International Festival 2010

The UK participants at the Zutphen 9.5 Festival
Back row: Hugh Hale, John Ferrari, Roger Spence, Graham Murray
Front row: Angus Tilston, Mavis Spence, Pat Murray, Ena Tilston
(back page of the UK Group 9.5 magazine Noo.144, dated Winter 2011)

The 35th 9.5 International Festival was held in 2010 from Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th September in the historic town of Zutphen, in north-east Holland. Its near neigbour Arnhem brings back memories. The city was heavily damaged during World War 11, although the picturesque heart of the old town happily escaped serious harm. It was here that the Festival's hotel (The Eden) was situated, also conviently quite close to the railway station.

There were a total of thirty two nine-fivers checked in for the four days. Eight from the UK, a similar number from France, three from Germany and the remainder, of course, from Holland.

The Events

Some festival activities including a canal boat trip and visit to a micro-brewery
(centre pages of the French 9.5 magazine No.308 Jan-Apr 2011)

Our Dutch colleagues proved as always to be excellent hosts and had arranged a packed programme for us. Particularly popular was a visit to a micro-brewery situated in a charming old restaurant in the centre of the town. Zutphen has a network of canals and we all enjoyed a guided tour around them by 'fluisterboot' a craft powered, but virtually silent.

Further festival activities including horse-drawn tram and vineyard visit
(from the centre pages of the French 9.5 club magazine No.308 Jan-Apr 2011)

The Sunday trip took us to the magnificent Palais Het Loo, the Summer Palace of the Dutch Royal Family and a particular favourite of Queen Wilhelmina.

The Films

The 9.5mm film competition was held at the hotel, with viewing sessions spread over the Thursday and Friday evenings. Projection was shared between a Ligonie OSM and a Heurtier.

Projectionists H.W. Otte & H. Bruno and the audience for the film competition
(from the centre pages of the French 9.5 club magazine No.308 Jan-Apr 2011)

The first evening's screenings began with two films out of competition - the first a restrospective of the Dutch group's films marked this year's 50th Anniversary of the founding of Cine 9.5 Nederland. The second was the last film of the much loved President of Cine-Club 9.5 de France - the late Bernard Trembloy. entitled 'Mon Arbre' it showed Bernard tending his cherry tree through the seasons and was, I know, very moving to an audience that had fond memnories of one of nine-five's greatest champions.

There were nineteen entries for the competition, sadly I currently don't have the full list (gln)

((from the French 9.5 club magazine No.308 Jan-Apr 2011))

It was sonething of a hat-trick for the UK contingent with first prize going to Mavis Spence for 'Middle Earth' ; second prize to John Ferrari for 'The Dabblers' - actually a vintage amateur film found by John, who re-edited it and added a soundtrack; and third prize to Roger Spence for 'Conwy Nobby'. Whilst most entries were the usual documentary efforts, it was good that the Dutch group had produced an excellent drama produced and acted by Dutch group members. 'Die Wijnkenners' ('The Wine Connoisseurs') was based on a Roald Dahl short story, scripted and directed by Magda Bruno, was well acted and photographed with nicely lit interiors and a satisfying twist in its tale. The audience obviously enjoyed it and voted it their favoutite.

There was a newly introduced award this year - for the best film with a maximum running time of two minutes. This excellent idea had been takem up enthusiastically by the French Dupin family who had entered four such films - a couple of them using animation. Their 'La Magic des Couleurs' won this new prize. The Dutch Club also awarded a prize unique to them. Known as 'The Golden Scissors' it is given to a film judged to be worthy of an award it it had been somewhat shorter. This time it went to Wolf Otte from Germany for 'Stroiche' ('The Cat'), a delightful and beautifully photographed study of his cat. For cat lovers, which I confess includes yours truly, it was not a foot too long.

I am sure everyone enjoyed this 35th 9.5 Festival very much and thanks are due to our friends in Cine 9.5 Nederland, in particular to their President Rene de Marr, to Gerrit Kruimink, whose linguistic skills were much appreciated by the French delegation and of course to the Bruno family who, as always, on these occasions, worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of the Festival and to make each of us feel s welcome.

We now look forward to next year's International in the UK, which will be hosted by the UK club Group 9.5.

(This report was mostly by Graham Murray, then Chairman of the UK Group 9.5 - it was originally published in the UK Group 9.5 magazine number 144, dated Winter 2011.)

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