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The 27th 9.5mm International Festival 2002

The 27th 9.5 International Festival was held from Thursday 9th May to Sunday 12th May 2002, at the Hotel des Etrangers, in Sospel, France, a 45 minute train ride inland from Nice. It is a little village, set in the Roya valley, with a river running through, threaded by cobbled streets, with a jumble of tiny medieval houses scattered down the hillside, at an altitude of 358m in the Alpes-Maritimes region, close to the Parc National du Mercantor.

The Cine Club 9.5 of France were the hosts to this year's 9.5 International event, arranged in collaboration with their local delegate M. Roger Briano. Just under forty ninefivers attended; ten were from the UK, also present were Kevin and Kathleen Philips from Texas, who have started up a 9.5mm group in the USA.

No, not a new version of "The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg"!
Just some of the 2002 9.5mm International contingent - braving the rain visiting Sospel
thanks to the French 9.5 club magazine front cover No.274 dated Jul/Aug/Sep 2002

The Events

During the Festival, a number of visits were arranged into the surrounding countryside. On the Friday, despite the rain there was a guided tour of Sospel including the Cathedral; after lunch a coach trip to Fort St-Roch, close to the Maginot Line. The fort has now been transformed into a museum. At the end of the visit there was a special meal of local products, including a taste of orange and lemon wines.

The next day (with no rain!) the excursion was to the village of Eze on the Cote d'Azur and a perfumery. The village of Eze is built to the same plan as Sospel, but every house is now a cafe or a shop. All typical French and very attractive.

Finally on the Sunday morning a tourist train trip to Tende, situated close to the Italian border, even more steeped in the past than Sospel, sadly the majority of the residents seemed elderly with many houses empty and no sign of cafes or shops.

The Films

The 9.5mm film competition was held in the Sospel multimedia centre, in the ancient Chapel de Penitents Gris. The projectors included a Heurtier Monoson, a Ligonie Heurtier (fitted with a zenon arc.), and an Elf / Eiki EX3000 16mm conversion. Showings were split over two evenings, with it seems the usual problems with sound!

Projectionists M. Penavayre and M. Briano

The competition judges were John Ferrari, Scotland; Kathleen Phillips, USA; Jean Marc Bonnet, a member of the Cine Club of Sospel; and Jo Guibait, the deputy Mayor of Sospel. President of the Jury was Katherine Trembloy of France. There were seventeen entries for the 9.5mm competition, shown in the orders listed below:

(the films shown on Friday 10th May - list from the French club magazine)

(the remaining films shown on Satuday 11th May - from the French club magazine)

H. Gnech of Sospel, France was given the first prize for his film "Sospel My Village" with Wolfe Otte of Germany coming second with his film "The Draisine Lives On". Third prize went to Dr. Ditte of France for his film "Migration". As usual there was also the audience award which was won by Mavis Spence from the UK with her film "Rainforest". Oddly this actually had been the Jury's choice for first prize but it had been decided no film could win more than one prize - so sadly Mavis lost out on the main prize of 9.5mm filmstock as well!

Prize winners~: Top left - Mavis Spence; Top right - Dr. Ditte; Bottom - M. Gnech

The next year's 9.5mm International is to be held in the UK at Folkstone.

(I have precised (or is it 'cobbled together'?) this material from a report by Mavis Spence, originally published in the UK Group 9.5 magazine number 111, dated Autumn 2002, added by pieces from the French 9.5mm club magazine No.274 dated Jul/Aug/Sep 2002)

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