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The 26th 9.5mm International Festival 2001

The ninefivers at the Festival

The 26th 9.5 International Festival was held, as usual over Ascencion Day weekend, from Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th May 2001, in the Hotel Domhof, at the little German village of Speyer. just a few kilometres from the French border. Here is a famous cathedral (Kaiserdom) where a number of ancient German Kings and Queens are buried.

The French 9.5 Cine Club arranged this year's 9.5 International event, about fifty ninefivers attended; from the UK, France, Germany and Switzerland.

The Events

An Engineering Museum; Cruise on the Rhine; Mechaical Music Museum

On the Thursday, at an evening reception, the President of the French 9.5 Cine Club, Bernard Trembloy, declared the 26th Festival open.

During the Festival there were outings to the Cathedral, Heidelberg, a castle, and museums - see the photos from the French club magazine above.

The Films

Showings were split over two evenings, presented in the Barberousse Room at the Domhof Hotel. Pojection was by Harry Bruno of the Dutch club and Claude Balloy of the French club.

The projection set-up, audience and judges

There were seventeen entries for the 9.5mm competition, listed below:

The winning film was "Guadalajara" by Bernard Trembloy, President of the French club. All the winners are listed below (sorry but the list is mostly in French as it comes from the French club magazine!).

Two winners (second and third) were by Roger Spence from the UK 9.5 club.

The next year's 9.5mm International is to be held in Sospel, again organised by the French 9.5 Club.

(I have precised (or is it 'cobbled together'?) this material from a report and illustrations in the French 9.5mm club magazine No.271 dated Oct/Nov/Dec 2001)

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