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The 25th 9.5mm International Festival 2000

The UK ninefivers at the Festival

The 25th 9.5 International Festival was held from Wednesday 31st May to Sunday 4th June 2000, in Holland, at the ancient town of Enkhuizen. just a few kilometres North-East of Amsterdam. Enkhuizen had been an important sea port dating from the seventeenth century.

The Dutch 9.5 Cine Club were the hosts to this year's 9.5 International event, with fifty two ninefivers attending; eleven were from the UK, twenty one from France, 17 from the Nederlands, two from Germany and one from Switzerland.

Many of the Festival participants, a typical windmill and yachts on the adjoining large lake
(French Club magazine cover No.267 dated Oct/Nov/Dec 2000)

The Events

A - The 'Dromedaris' / B - Dutch Club President & the Mayor / C - typical Enkhuizem buildings
D - the projection hall / F - the steam train / G on - museum views

On the Thursday there was a reception with the Major of Enkhuizen, after coffee there was a guided tour of the historic town,

During the Festival there were outings to the Zeiderzee Museum, Volendam and Marken, plus a ride on a vintage steam train, a visit to a working windmill and steam driven pumping station. Something for everyone, includimg time for shopping!

The Films

The Festival headquarters was situated in the Dromedaris, a three storey historic watchtower situated in the harbour, a very dramatic building indeed! The only snag was that the projection room was on the second floor reached by a spiral staircase of some 70 steps, whilst the restaurant was on a lower floor down some 50 steps!

Showings were split over two or three evenings, the first just for a few Chaplin and Buster Keaton vintage films and a few older amateur films.

The competition judges were Angus Tilston (UK); Marie N. Ghallchbhair from the local Arts Filmhouse, and Helm Jansen of NOVA (the Nederland equivalent of our IAC). There were sixteen entries for the 9.5mm competition.

The winning film was "Baa!" by Roger Spence, about a sheep fair in North Yorkshire; second prize wrent to Paul Bigou of Albi for a film set to an Edith Piaff record; third prize went to "Express" made by Paul Goy of Switzerland, filmed in black and white some 40 years ago.

A Golden Scissors award (for a film although good, but needing more editing) went to "Cat's Paw" by R. Bouffard of France. The audience award went to Wolfe Otte of Germany for his film about Euro Disney, (this was shown in widescreen by Wolfe himself using his Ligonie OSM projector). A special award was also given to the film "Water and Sun" by J. Sevin of France.


The next year's 9.5mm International is to be held in Speyer organised by the French 9.5 Club.

(I have precised (or is it 'cobbled together'?) this material from a report by Mavis Spence, originally published in the UK Group 9.5 magazine number 103, dated Autumn 2000, added by pieces and illustrations from the French 9.5mm club magazine No.267 dated Oct/Nov/Dec 2000)

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