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The 23rd 9.5mm International Festival 1998
Calella, Spain

The 23rd (says '25th' in the Group 9.5 magazine!) 9.5 International Festival was held from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th March 1998, at Calella, situated some 40 miles to the north of Barcelona on the Mediterranean coast, at the four star Hotel Bernat 11 . The whole package was very generously subsidized by the Calella Municipal Culteral Department and the Catalunya Ministry of Culture.

To add to the event, there was also a cine collectors market staged over the same weekend, with many fascinating Spanish made cine items on sale.

Seven ninefivers attended from the UK, John Ferrari, Hugh Hale, Ron Middleton, Tony Jackman, Ted Smith, David Mason and his wife Janet. Others were from Spain, and France.

The Events

Visitors were made most welcome at the Festival. The hotel conference room was used by the dealers during Saturday and Sumday. It was also ideal for the projection of the film entries - the dealers were also able to watch the films!

John Ferrari checks a film with projectionist and technician Luis Argelich

The festival ended on the Sunday with an excellent Gala Dinner in the hotel's function room attended by various local council dignitaries. The resident interpreter delivered a speech on behalf of Ted Smith. Everyone received fine commemorative medallions whilst John Ferrari and Hugh Hale were presented with large silver plaques, beautifully engraved wikth their names, and housed in elegant presentation boxes.

The Films

A total of fifteen 9.5mm films were entered for the competition. There were eight entries from France with the remaining seven from the UK. Entries from the UK included films made by Roger and Mavis Spence, John Ferrari, Ron Middleton, Ken Wordsworth and two from Hugh Hale. The films were all screened on a Pathé Europ machine with a Heurtier sound base.

The judges' prize went to our own John Ferrari for "Adventure In The Glen" whilst Hugh Hale won the audience award with "The Brush Off".

The next year's 9.5mm International is to be held in Scotlamd organised by John Ferrari on behalf of Group 9.5.

(I have precised (or is it 'cobbled together'?) this material from scant reports by David Mason and Ted Smith, originally published in the UK Group 9.5 magazine number 94, dated Summer 1998)

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