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The 19th 9.5mm International Festival 1994

(This report is based on an article by Jean-Claude Ditte in the French 9.5 Club magazine "Cine 9.5" issue 242 dated July/Aug/Sept 1994. Photographs are by Robert Latrasse)

The 19th 9.5 International Festival, hosted by the Cine-Club 9.5 De France, was held from Thursday 12th to Saturday 14th May 1994 (Ascension weekend), at the Palais des Congres in Royan, France, organised by the French club chairman Bernard Trembloy and vice-chairman Robert Latrasse, ably assisted by their wives.

Over seventy people attended , sixty were from France, with six from the Nederlands, and five from the UK.

Front page photo from the French 9.5 club magazine "Cine 9.5" issue 242 dated Jul/Aug/Sep 1994

The Events

During the Festival, a number of visits were arranged. On the Thursday the group embarked on the catamaran "La Boheme" for a cruise in the Gironde river estuary. Those confident enough were able to visit the Cordouan 14th century lighthouse.

Other visits were to the celebrated zoo Palmyre; the Roche-Courbon castle and a celebrated Cognac distillery, including tastings!

1. On board "La Boheme" / 2. Roger Spence (UK); Robert Latresse (FR)
3. John Ferrari (UK) / 4. The Courdouan lighthouse
5. Mr Arnold & Cora Bruno (Holl) / 6. M. Joly (lhs); M.Jambert (rhs)
7. The projection set-up / 8. Roger Spence; John Ferrari; Angus Tilston (all UK)

The Films

All the 9.5mm competition films were ably projected in the Grande Conche Hall in the Palais des Congres de Royan.

The projectors used were a Zenon Elf, and a Mark 300 (both 16mm machines converted to 9.5mm in France). The twenty 9.5mm films entered were projected over the two evenings. The judges awarded diplomas for entering the competition and for the best ten films.

The 9.5mm film competition entries

The best ten 9.5mm films:

"Le Grand Jardin" from Maurice Pegon (FR)

"Pedigree Du Dessin Anime" from Dr. Jean-Claude Ditte (FR)

"Die Kette" from Paul Goy (Switz)

"Idylle Code de la Routesque" from Dr. Jean-Claude Ditte (FR)

"Turn Of The Tide" from Angus Tilston (UK)

"Le Vent Des Hautes Cretes A De Longs Jupons Noirs" from Bernard Granier (FR)

"Per Saecula A Saeculorum" from Andre Pailhous (FR) - Third Prize

"Romantic Road" from Roger Spence (UK) - Second Prize

"Le Rugby A Toulouse" from Gerard Vaur (FR) - First Prize

"Latitude 70░ Nord" from Bernard Trembloy (FR) - Grand Prize

The winners were announced at the special 'gastronomic' dinner on the Saturday night, where members of the local film and video club were also welcomed.

9. Visit to the Chateau La Roche-Courbon & the magnificent gardens / 10 & 11. The lively guide demonstrating artefacts!
12. The special gastronomic meal / 13. Mr & Mrs Gatinot; Mr & Mrs Arnold Bruno; M. Henri Uguen; Catherine Trembloy
14. Presentation at the Casino de Royan Pontaillac - Bernard Trembloy holds his award with care!

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