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The 17th 9.5mm International Festival 1992

(Sadly many of the earlier 9.5mm International Festivals were poorly, or even not reported at all, in the UK Group 9.5 club magazine. It seems if someone won a prize, then they made sure to do a write-up! Lists of all the film entries are often omitted and for technical reasons there was a dearth of photos. Only if one had an original programme would the details be fully known. In the earlier days I was really busy still at work, so was generally unable to attend. So hence again, like for 1991, this somewhat abbreviated report of the 1992 event, based on a short article by the late Roger Spence in the UK Group 9.5 club magazine '9.5' number 71 dated Autmun 1992)

The 17th 9.5 International Festival, hosted by the Dutch 9.5 Club, was held from Wednesday 27th to Sunday 31st May 1992, at Artis, a small town close to Amsterdam, Holland., celebrating 70 years of 9.5mm film making.

There was a record number of twelve participants from the UK, with others from France, Germany and of course the Nederlands! The UK group included Hugh Hale, John Ferrari, Tony Jackman, Angus Tilston, plus Roger and Mavis Spence.

The Events

During the Festival, a number of visits were arranged:- a visit behind the behind the scenes at the Tushuiski Cinema and a tour round the Amstel Brewery. The main attraction was a special cruise along the river Vacht in a luxury boat during which dinner was served. .

As meals were taken at the conference facility in the zoo, there also ample time to stroll around admiring the animals during intervals!

The Films

The films were shown in the conference facility of the zoo. The standard of entries was good. (I guess projection was by Harry Bruno of the Dutch club - gln).

The judges were Tony Jackman of the UK Bognor club and Mr V Ryn and Mr B Vermeulen both from the Nederlands.

The UK did exeedingly well with their film entries. Roger Spence gaining first prize with "Tabs and Tibias"; his wife Mavis got the Audience Award with a short animated film called "Rock".

The second award went to "The Last Rose", a film about the funeral of a cat, made by Wolf Herman Otte of Germany. Not everyone could film such a subject in a way which would hold attention, but he is a sensitive and imaginative film maker and this film was very well received. Third award went to Jacque Baptiste of France for the film called "L'Ecrou" which can best be described by saying it was about a rock.

Angus Tilston of the UK gained the "Golden Scissors " Award, given for a good film which could be improved by editing. The film was the 9.5 version of "A Tale of Two Bottles" made twenty-four years ago by the Swan Cine Club. This was a fair judgement as cutting today is far quicker than it was in 1968.

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