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The originators of the 9.5mm home movie film gauge were the Pathé-Frères company based in Paris, France. The founder Charles Pathé was well ahead of his time as what we would now call an entrepreneur (and that's a French word anyway!). Having begun with recorded entertauinment - cylinder (phonograph) and disc music, he moved into films both cinema and home cinema - 35mm; 28mm; 17.5mm, and of course 9.5mm. The 9.5mm film gauge arrived in France in 1922 and then was launched in the UK in 1923.

Now Charles Pathé really was a smart cookie all those years ago. He established agencies in many countries world wide. But these were more like franchises - MacDonalds learnt this trick many many years later! In each country a group of money men had to set up a company (yes their money!). Then there was a deal with the French Pathé-Freres or for 9.5mm the Pathé-Baby company - there were issued shares, but the parent company held one special share which I believe took half of the profits! Not a bad deal?

March 1929 catalogue front cover

Anyhow, in the UK, the agency set up was named Pathéscope Ltd, based in London - they had originally been set up around 1912 to handle the Pathé 28mm film gauge and were based at the same central London location in Lisle Street, just off Leicester Square, as other Pathé cinema agencies like Pathé News. Later with expansion, Pathéscope Ltd opened showrooms in central London and a purpose built factory / film laboratory outside London in the North Circular Road, Cricklewood.

Pathéscope Ltd issued illustrated sales catalogues and information sheets/brochures regularly over the years until their demise in 1960. I have begun to scan a few of these - really useful for researching the history of the 9.5mm film gauge in the UK. It's a slow boring job, so be patient please!

It would appear that the Pathéscope illustrated catalogues were published each year or so from sometime in the 1920s right up to the second World War. The iniital catalogues were 5.25 inches x 7 inches ( 13cms x 18cms) up to 1937 when they jumped up in size to 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches ( 14cms x 21.5cms). Each catalogue sported up to around 20/24 pages. After the war, Pathéscope standardised on individual double sided illustrated leaflets for each of their products, not a full catalogue, although a simple price list was produced most years. Around 1955 they did produce a nice illustrated catalogue (hopefully to be included in the scans below), but otherwise continued with their standard size individua leaflets with the occasional folded brochure for special products. This even continued into the re-formed Pathéscope (Great Britain) Ltd around 1958, and the final Pathéscope (London) Ltd from 1960 for about four years, until 9.5mm was abandoned.

Currently I can identify the following Pathéscope illustrated catalogues in my collection: undated - probably pre-1929; March 1929; 1930; First edition 1931; Fourth edition 1933; First edition 1934; Winter edition 1934; Summer edition 1935; Second edition 1936; 1937; First edition 1938, but the cover has 1937!; First edition 1938; Second edition 1938; Probably 1939 (coloured cover missing); Second edition 1939. Mid. 1950s edition - possibly 1955.

1939 catalogue - second edition front cover

Naturally, I would be interested in any Pathéscope catalogues not in my collection if in decent condition.
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2. 9.5MM PATHÉSCOPE UK SALES CATALOGUE - SUMMER 1935 04Jul2016 26Feb2017 (faulty pagination now fixed - sorry!!)
(The 9.5mm "Imp" & 17.5mm sound)

------------- (9.5mm sound & a 16mm "Vox"!)

4. Hopefully more to come .......



Please feel free to correct typos, query information etc. I am usually interested in purchasing 9.5mm items, especially sound or colour films in runnable condition, equipment and film library catalogues not in my collection, and later 1950s 9.5mm Pathe talkie projectors etc.
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