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The 9.5mm movie film gauge, introduced in 1922 in France by Pathé-Baby, part of the then giant Pathé-Frères group,
arrived in the UK the following year and was effectively the first home movie film size.

Here's that man again - Charles Pathé! He started it all!

See a fascinating film made about the 9.5mm movie gauge on You Tube:

Watch a 9.5mm LGP silent film "A Visit To the Pathe Cinema Factory" FR 1924

Watch an interview with 9.5mm dealer the late Larry Pearce 10June 2014

See Pathéscope's 9.5mm dealers' 'promo' film: 16Jul2016

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The UK 9.5mm Club

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Yes - you can still buy 9.5mm leader (spacer) film, splicers, spools etc. Good secondhand cine cameras & projectors often available.
And for 2018 - I now again stock the 9.5mm CIR tape film splicers!

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After much research and testing, a replacement for those fragile reflex pellicules (lames)
has been produced - thinner and specially coated to give improved image.
Use your reflex viewfinder again !
If the 9.5mm or 16mm Pathé Webo M reflex camera is in otherwise good working order
the work can be carried out from £60 plus return carriage.

Contact: Andrew Hayden - tel: 01493 700258
doubleopen32 @ (no spaces in actual address)

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