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I have included details of our three-weekly Pimlico meetings - held at St. Gabriels Parish Hall, off Lupus Street, Pimlico,
not far from Pimlico Tube Station and about a ten minute walk from Victoria Rail & Coach Stations. (see the map below)
Normally free evening street (Lupus Street) parking (check the signs) - no parking inside the housing estate though!


Mainly for showing rare vintage films, often real 9.5mm film material,
but these days also sometimes on the various other formats!

Non-members very welcome! (you may even join!).
Last minute queries telephone the organiser Malcolm Cutmore : UK Tel: 01278 459335.

Regular meetings usually every three weeks at St. Gabriels Hall, off Lupus Street, Pimlico

2019 London Section Meetings


July 5th - 'The Dark Man' (GB 1950) A location police thriller where a mysterious murderer haunt a seaside resort. Maxwell Reed takes the
lead with Natasha Parry and Barbara Murray providing the female interest, well supported by William Hartnell, Edward Underdown,
Geoffrey Sumner and Cyril Smith. Jeffrey Dell directed. It has good camerawork of chase sequences. A short or two will included.
Complete on 16mm from the collection of Ronald Pearce.

There now follows our Summer recession and we will recommence as follows:-

September 7th - The St. Gabriel's AGM which will be followed by some 9.5mm silent classics with magnetic sound
specially prepared and added by the late John Ferrari. The main film will be 'Faust' (Germany 1926) 4 reels. A drama
set in Medieval times. Stars Emil Jannings and Camilla Horn, a former dancer who became a popular film star. Also
'Some Bird' a 1 reel Hal Roach comedy from the 1920's. Plus 'The New World' a one reel Chaplin (taken from
'The Immigrant') 1917. If time permits John's own prize winning film from 1977 'Louisa's Mountain Man' made in colour.
Presented and screened on 9.5mm by Dave Wyatt.

September 28th - 'Womaneater' (GB 1958) A semi-horror hokum directed by Charles Saunders and produced by Guido Coen
with distribution by Eros. George Colouris heads the cast with Vera Day. A mad scientist returns from the Amazon with a man
eating carnivorous tree that is kept in his basement. It supposedly produces a serum that can bring the dead back to life.
Very low-budget and made at Twickenham. Cast includes Joy Webster, Joyce Gregg, Julie Ashley and Sarah Leighton.
Some shorts will be included. All on 16mm from the collection of Ronald Pearce.

October 12th - 'The Boy and the Bridge' (GB 1959) A light fanciful drama directed by Kevin McClory and based on a story by
Leon Ware. A small boy (Ian MacLaine) finds his way into a small room in one of the towers of a bridge in London. After
comings and goings and saving a lady from suicide, he is eventually reunited with his father. The cast includes Liam Redmond,
James Haytor, Geoffrey Keen, Chilli Bouchier, Bill Shine and others. A short or two will complete the programme.
Presented by Tony Sloman and screened by Graham Sinden.


I will try to update this entry regularly - holidays & health permitting!! (gln)

A photograph of yours truly Grahame Newnham at a Pimlico show with Dominic De Bast a keen Group 9.5 member
over in London from Belgium for a short stay. Dominic is also a member of the French Cine-Club 9.5 de France.
The picture was taken by our then Group 9.5 Chairman Brian Everett on 10th June 2000 -
I was about to screen "Dangerous Years" on 9.5mm optical sound, using my converted Elf/Eiki projector
using the 9.5mm 2400 foot 'giant spools' I used to distribute, enabling a full 8 reel feature without a break.
Didn't I look young then, still able to lift heavy projectors etc. - pity about the grey hair though!

from the Group 9.5 magazine No.116 Winter 2004

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