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The UK Group 9.5 - the club for ninefive enthusiasts, was formed a few years after the main business supporting the 9.5mm home movie film gauge in the UK - Pathescope (Great Britain) Ltd., went into receivership. (In fact a reformed Pathescope (London) Ltd continued for another four years supplying 9.5mm equipment and filmstock).

Once the Group 9.5 Club was formed, (way back in 1962 by the late Larry Pearce and the late Paul van Someren), publication of a magazine began and regular meetings were held. Soon the meeting grew to an Annual Get-Together which included a 9.5mm amateur film competition.

I recall the original Get-Togethers were held at Kensington Library, then the earlier annual Get-Togethers were held at Chiswick Town Hall; later with rising costs and organisational problems at that venue (couldn't use the car-park, etc!), the event moved to the Harpenden Public Halls at Southdown Road, Harpenden, Herts which gave a lower cost, easy parking and good facilities. As I compile these pages, hopefully the event will continue for a few more years, whilst some fit and healthy committe members continue to organise it and cine enthusiasts support the day. (I must emphasise that these Get-Togethers include all aspects of film in general - it's only the auction that is currently limited to 9.5mm items)

These reports are mostly culled from the Group 9.5 club magazine, originally "The 9.5 Review", now just known as "9.5". Generally I have just scanned relevant pages and photographs. Already there are a good number listed below, I plan to add more years as I access the relevant magazine issues. Hopefullly I shall credit the writers and photographers, but please accept my apologies if I leave a name out (updates are easily done with computers!)

As usual, if you spot any errors or omissions etc., please let me know - email at: gln @ (no gaps in the real address)

03. Group 9.5 Annual Get-Together - Kensington 1964



09. Group 9.5 Annual Get-Together - St. Gabriel's 1970



12. Group 9.5 Annual Get-Together - Chiswick 1973


14. Group 9.5 Annual Get-Together - Chiswick 1975


22. Group 9.5 Annual Get-Together - Chiswick 1983


30. Group 9.5 Annual Get-Together - Chiswick 1991 29Apr2017

31. Group 9.5 Annual Get-Together - Chiswick 1992 29Apr2017


38. Group 9.5 Annual Get-Together - Chiswick 1999

39. Group 9.5 Annual Get-Together - Chiswick 2000



45. Group 9.5 Annual Get-Together - Harpenden 2006



49. Group 9.5 Annual Get-Together - Harpenden 2009



52. Group 9.5 Annual Get-Together - Harpenden 2013

53. Group 9.5 Annual Get-Together - Harpenden 2014



Group 9.5
Sunday 15th October 2017 - Harpenden Public Halls,
Southdown Road, Harpenden, Herts, AL5 1TE, UK
11am to 7.30pm
Exit 10 from M1 - car parking at rear & on single yellows (Sunday)
Three minutes walk from Harpenden rail station, frequent trains from
London and the south, also Midlands and the North
Non-members very welcome! Members 4 / Non-members 5 (pay at door)
(same prices as previous years!)
Specialist dealers / Auction / Bring and Buy / Printed Film Show
Refreshments on sale all day - Tables available at low cost
For further details, tables etc. please contact:-
Malcolm Cutmore, 24 Sandpiper Close, BRIDGWATER, Somerset TA6 5QT
UK telephone: 01278 459335

*                       GROUP 9.5                 *
*    Interested in the 9.5mm gauge? Then join Group 9.5!   *
*   There is a quarterly magazine (free ads for members),  *
*   A Pimlico Spring Fair & Harpenden Autumn Get Together, *
*   regional groups: - (London Group meets three weekly,   *
*  usually for showing rare vintage films on all formats)  *

*  UK first year subscription 14 (free badge!), then 12/year *
*       Send SAE with cheque/PO payable Group 9.5 to:          *
*            Malcolm Cutmore, 24 Sandpiper Close,              *
*              BRIDGWATER, Somerset, TA6 5QT                   *






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