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The 9.5mm movie film gauge, introduced in 1922 in France by Pathé-Baby, part of the then giant Pathé-Frères group,
arrived in the UK the following year and was effectively the first home movie film size.

Just a little page for our UK 9.5mm film club - 'Group 9.5' - makes it easier to update than editing individual web-pages.
If you are interested in the 9.5mm film gauge - films/equipment, then have a read & maybe come to film event or even join!

Eventually I may try to include details of our three-weekly Pimlico meetings - held at Lupus Street, Pimlico, not far from
the Pimlico tube Station and about a ten minute walk from Victoria Rail & Coach Stations.

Here's that man again - Charles Pathé! He started it all!

See a fascinating film made about the 9.5mm movie gauge on You Tube:

Watch a 9.5mm LGP silent film "A Visit To the Pathe Cinema Factory" FR 1924

Watch an interview with 9.5mm dealer the late Larry Pearce 10June 2014

See Pathéscope's 9.5mm dealers' 'promo' film: 16Jul2016


If you are interested in the Pathé 9.5mm film gauge then why not join the UK Group 9.5?
They produce a quality quarterly magazine; arrange a Spring Fair (Saturday 1st April 2017)
at Pimlico, London, UK; an Autumn Get-Together (Sunday 15th October 2017) at
Harpenden Public Halls, North London, UK - stalls, bring/buy, auction, 9.5 film shows etc
and also have a few regional groups (the London section meets every three weeks at Pimlico
showing rare vintage films on 9.5mm and 16mm - see CEL pages for current programme)

UK subscription is £12 per year (First year £14 - including free badge!).
Send cheque/PO payable Group 9.5 & SAE to:- Malcolm Cutmore,
24 Sandpiper Close, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 5QT (Tel: 01278 459335)

Group 9.5 London Branch

St Gabriel's Parish Hall, off Lupus Street, Pimlico, LONDON, SW1V 3AA, UK
Saturday 1st April 2017 from 10.30am till 3pm
Dealers' stalls, bring and buy, refreshments. Only £2 !

(Usually 9.5mm (and 8/S8/16) films, cine cameras/projectors, memorabilia etc.)

A short walk from Pimlico underground station; bus or ten minute walk from Victoria;
OK to park free at weekends on meter bays or on single yellow lines in the roads,
BUT no parking on residents bays or inside the housing estate - beware clamping!
Dealers' stalls available - £15 per table - contact Malcolm Cutmore - Tel: 01278 459335

Many thanks to all those who came in April 2016 - a reasonable turnout - over 70 in the hall!
I'm sure everyone enjoyed themselves and found bargains! Hope to see everyone again next year!
Many thanks to all the stall holders - there would be no fair without you!
Also a really special 'thank you' to the helpers for refreshments, ticket sales,
bring & buy, putting out chairs & tables and clearing up afterwards etc.!!
Incidentally this is a club event - none of the helpers gets paid a penny!!
(but no doubt a little profit will go into club funds)


Group 9.5

the exccellent North London venue is again retained for Autumn 2017
Sunday 15th October 2017
at Harpenden Public Halls, Southdown Road, Harpenden, Herts, AL5 1TE, UK
Dealers' stalls, bring & buy, 9.5 auction, film shows, 9.5mm amateur film competition, refreshments.

Many thanks to all our film friends who came to the 2016 event - sad to miss it!
Many thanks also to all the stallholders & helpers for ticket sales, film shows,
auction, bring and buy etc. Not to mention the refreshment people!
A much bigger turnout - and again a decent profit for our club
Incidentally this is a club event - none of the helpers gets paid a penny!!
Please try to come in 2017!


Fot further details of Group 9.5 and the three weekly meetings of the London Group at Pimlico,
where an interesting programme of vintage films are presented on 9.5mm and 16mm (and DVD)
see the Pathéscope section of the Vintage Film Page Web Site:
or check out the Clubs section of my on-line movie magazine 'Celluloid Image'



Group 9.5
Sunday 15th October 2017 - Harpenden Public Halls,
Southdown Road, Harpenden, Herts, AL5 1TE, UK
11am to 7.30pm
Exit 10 from M1 - car parking at rear & on single yellows (Sunday)
Three minutes walk from Harpenden rail station, frequent trains from
London and the south, also Midlands and the North
Non-members very welcome! Members £4 / Non-members £5 (pay at door)
(same prices as previous years!)
Specialist dealers / Auction / Bring and Buy / Printed Film Show
Refreshments on sale all day - Tables available at low cost
For further details, tables etc. please contact:-
Malcolm Cutmore, 24 Sandpiper Close, BRIDGWATER, Somerset TA6 5QT
UK telephone: 01278 459335

*                              GROUP 9.5                           *
*     Interested in the 9.5mm gauge? Then join Group 9.5! There is a      *
*  quarterly magazine (free ads for members), A Spring Fair at Pimlico &  *
*  Autumn Get Together at Harpenden, regional groups (London Group meets  *
*   three weekly, usually for showing rare vintage films on all gauges).  *
*     UK first year subscription £14 (free badge!), then £12 a year.      *
*             Send SAE with cheque/PO payable Group 9.5 to:               *
*    Malcolm Cutmore, 24 Sandpiper Close, BRIDGWATER, Somerset, TA6 5QT   *



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