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I seem to recall another 9.5mm dealer / enthusiast by the name of Mervyn Richards had originally traded as 9.5mm Film Services in Carvoza Road, Truro, Cornwall - importing, packing and maybe processing 9.5mm camera film. In or around 1979, there began to appear little adverts in the 'Projectors' section of the Movie Maker movie magazine classifieds for the "Super-Ninefive" projector. By now trading as D.D.S. I think he was also dabbling in car performance additives - no doubt these were advertised in suitable car magaxzines.

The Movie Maker advert was for the "Super-Ninefive" zoom projector. A closer look and it was immediately obvious that this was a conversion of a Super 8mm machine. This turned out to be the Japanese Raynox "Plus-O-Matic" 202 silent model. This used the popular A1/17 8 volt 50 watt built-in reflector lamp obviating the need for reflector or condenser optics. The original machine took 400 fot spools, but a later modification enabled a new bracket for 1000 foot spools to be added.

It was claimed that using the original Super 8mm f1.4 20mm - 30mm zoom projection lens, the light output was better than the 9.5mm Europ Super projector and 2.5 times that of the 9.5mm Specto 500 machine.

Lookimg back at earlier Group 9.5 magazines, we see that this projector conversion was first demonstrated at the Group 9.5 Annual Get-Together in Autumn 1976. However because of the time taken to design and manufacture bulk quantities of the conversion parts and for a batch of the Raynox Super 8mm projectors to become available, it was late 1977 that the machine became available for sale.

D.D.S. Publicity leaflet around 1979 or 1980

Mervyn Richards was asked to write a short article for the Group 9.5 magazine - this appeared in Issue 20 Winter 1977/78:


Ken Valentine has asked me to do a 'write-up' on the new 'Super 9.5 Projector', which is actually a modified 'Plus-O-Matic' model 202 Super 8mm machine made by Raynox Industries of Japan. I chose this model for conversion to 9.5mm as it appears to be the most suitable of all the Super 8 projectors (16mm machines being eliminated because of high cost, even of the one or two silent machines still available).

The model 202 is indeed unique on at least two counts; firstly it has sprocket feed and take-up, and secondly it is of all metal construction - a rarity these days. Both features are essential for a 9.5mm conversion, the massive 9.5mm sprockets being 'sleeved' over the Super 8 ones eliminating any possibility of film slip, whilst retaining the original Super 8 driving gear without alteration.

The single Super 8 film claw is replaced by a double 9.5mm claw unit operated by the modified cam which is integral with the shutter, thus avoiding any possibility of 'loss of sync' under any circumstances. The claw stroke is slightly longer than 'classic' 9.5mm to accomodate 9.5mm printed films re-perforated from 16mm prints: few recent 9.5mm machines seem able to cope with this somewhat rare stock,

The 9.5mm model 202 projector has manual film lacing to avoid extra cost and complication of auto-film-feed - a feature not preferred by most enthusiasts - that is fitted to the Super 8 model., but film threading is easy with the side-loading gate and new type film retainers adjacent to the sprockets. Other features are:- Fast f1.4 Hi-Fi zoom 20 to 32mm lens, spring side-presser and long presser-pad for rock-steady pictures. 8 volt 50 watt A1/17 'envelope' type lamp, fast film rewind and 400 foot reels, and of course it is lightweight and compact.

The picture brightness belies the modest rating of the lamp, being surprisingly high, due to the fast lens and lamp optics; even in daylight viewing is possible with a picture of T.V. dimensions.

Although the new 9.5mm 202 projector was shown at the 1976 "Get-Together" at Chiswick, it is only now that the projector is available, due to delays in obtaining certain production parts and the fact that the importers had no machines in stock for about nine months. (But have now received a large consignment from Japan in mid-September last/)

The retail price of the new 9.5mm projector is £107 (inc. VAT) plus £1.25 compensated post. A reasonable figure these days, as development costs and conversion parts, the latter ordered in quantities, have to be adequately covered. The Super 8mm Plus-O-Matic 202 costs £67.68 plus postage as above. Delivery time usually from stock, and the 9.5mm model also either from stock from December 1977 onwards or two to three weeks allowing for conversion if demand exceeds supply.


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