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These instructions are labelled Ciné-Gel GR8 or G8 but are equally siuitable for the G9 / GR9 and GS9 projectors.

The G was the entry level machine, the GR had a brighter lamp and reverse run. The GS had a tape-sync. socket for the Ciné-Gel tape-sync. attachment, but I believe the other models mostly also had these sockets.


1.The page numbering may look a little odd. This is because this document also contained the instructions for a Ciné-Gel 8mm zoom cine camera.

2. The Ciné-Gel G and GS cine projectors used an 8 volt 50 watt interal mirror lamp like the A1/17; I think the similar A1/185 will also fit OK. The model GR (which had reverse run) used a 10 volt 100 watt French designed Saipe integral mirror lamp which has been obsolete for many years. I am sure that a suitable 12 volt 100 watt lamp could be used, providing the mains voltage tapping was changed from the 240 volts to 220 volts. I am sure I have one of these machines somehere (I do still have two genuine spare lamps!) - if it turns up I can do a few experimients. .

3. There is a mention of 'Auto change to slow motion' on the second to last page. This refers to a remote control cable available for those models with the tape-sync. facility. With the cable plugged into the tape-sync. sockets by pressing the remote control cable button, the motor speed dropped to around 8 frames / second. Although I have got a suitable projector, I have never spotted a cable - but could no doubt make one with a push-button and a suitable dropper resistor (or maybe they used a diode?).

4. The 25mm lens mount diameter means that other projection lenses may fit - certainly those from UK Specto projectors. Later when Ciné-Gel moved over to 8mm projector manufacture, these were often fitted with an f1.4 17-32mm zoom lens - I have discovered these seem to work fine with these G series 9.5mm machines, having the same 25mm barrel diameter. These zoom projection lenses give a larger image with no sign of vignetting at the edges of the picture. A prowl round French 'car boot' ('brocante' etc.) sales may yield a plastic type Ciné-Gel 8mm projector (with the necessary lens!) at a bargain price. (The machine can go in the nearest bin, leaving just the lightweight lens to bring home!)

5. As you can see, this instruction booklet was printed in Paris - hence the somewhat quaint English in parts!

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