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This film appears on 9.5mm optical sound as a 6 reel feature T.9136, with the same name, (issued on 9.5mm Oct 1939), & the Paris Opera concert scene as a 2 reel short "Across Europe" T.9350 (issued on 9.5mm Sept 1939)

9.5mm sound reconstructed print:- (runs 68 minutes approx.)

"SHE SHALL HAVE MUSIC" GB Dec1935 Cert "U" Dir: Leslie Hiscott
91/105 mins B/W (Approx. 68mins on 9.5)
Production Company: Twickenham Film Studio Productions
Producer: Julius Hagen
Screen story: Paul England, Denier C. Warren
Scriptwriters: Arthur MacRae, Fowler H. Mear
Photography: Sydney Blythe, Billy Luff
Art Director: James Carter
Music: Jack Hylton
Songs: Maurice Sigler, Al Hoffman, Al Goodhart
Choreography: Howard Deighton

Jack Hylton ................ Jack Hylton
June Clyde ................. Dorothy Drew
Brian Lawrence .......... Brian Gates
Claude Dampier ......... Eddie
Marjorie Brooks ........ Mrs Marlow
Edmond Breon ........... Freddie Gates
Gwen Farrar .............. Miss Peacham
Felix Aylmer .............. Black
Ernest Sefton ............. Wallace
Freddie Schweitzer .... Freddie
Leslie Carew ............. Leslie
Sonny Farrar ............. Sonny

The 2 reel extract T.9350 "Across Europe" is best edited back in, not (correctly) in the initial Paris Opera sequence, but during the finale to balance the music content in this Pathéscope cut-down.

Minor story about a radio broadcast from a cruise ship provides vehicle for a number of musical & variety items:-
The Band That Jack Built" Jack Hylton & Orchestra
Nothing On Earth" June Clyde
Sailing Along On A Carpet of Clouds"
Do The Run Around" June Clyde
Don't Ask (Any) Questions" Brian Lawrence
Moanin' Minnie" Diana Ward
Novelty number by Alex Templeton
Why Did She Fall For the Leader of the Band" Leslie Carew
May All Your Troubles Be Little Ones"
"She Shall Have Music" Jack Hylton & Orchestra - vocal probably Pat O'Malley
plus: The Leon Woizikowsky Ballet; The Dalmora Can-Can Dancers; Carmora - Spanish Dancing Beauty; The Two Mackays - Harlem's Hottest Hoofers, Freddie Schweitzer, Magda Neeld - Australia's Star of Song, and exotic dancer Mathea Merryfield

(Many numbers are shortened in this 9.5mm Pathéscope release, and another number "My First Thrill" sung by Brian Lawrence to June Clyde on the deck of the ship and later reprised by Sonny Farrah is completely missing. However the Alex Templeton item is missing from version shown on TV, but exists on 9.5!)

Jack Hylton, born in Lancashire, 2nd July 1892, the son of a publican, fronted the premier European show band in the 1930's. Also appeared in the 1939 film "Bandwaggon". Later became impresario, chairman & managing director of Jack Hylton Ltd. / chairman and director of Piccadilly Theatres Ltd / director of TWW TV (later HTV Wales), shows included ITMA, Crazy Gang, "Kiss Me Kate", "Call Me Madam", "Paint Your Wagon" & "Camelot". He died 29th Jan 1965.

For more Jack Hylton information check out this web-site: Jack Hylton Archive

Known as an 'exotic dancer' at the time I guess - basically a model and sexy dancer, Mathea Wilson Merryfield (her father's surname was Wilson) was born 11th June 1913 and grew up in California, USA, attending Stockton (east of San Fransisco) High School (class of 1928). After studying dancing, she moved onto the theatre stages of New York and Europe. There are stories of living the high life, at one time owning a castle somewhere in Europe, being imprisonded by the German Nazi Gestapo police and entertaining many influential people. Quoted as 'a six foot tall beauty' she performed a daring fan dance on stage in 1934 at the London Palladium and the 'champagne dance' in the 1935 British film "She Shall Have Music". Sometime in the late 1930s she contracted TB (tuberculosis) and returned to the USA to recuperate in the Actors' Home, Saranac, New York, but didn't recover and returned home to San Joaquin, California to die on 28th January 1947 aged only 33. She is buried at Oak Hill Memorial Park, San Jose, Santa Clara County, California, USA - the epitaph "A Beauty and the Toast of Europe" (Dates are thanks to Jim Sholer, who visited her grave recently) - gln/30Aug2014

June Clyde, born Dec 2nd 1909 in St.Joseph,Mo. USA; at 7 appeared in vaudeville as Baby Tetrazini, later in stage musicals & films by 1929. Married director Thornton Freeland in 1930. Whilst he was working in UK she appeared in many UK films and on London stage. This very attractive and vivacious actress can also be seen on 9.5mm sound in:- T.9103 "Land Without Music" and T.9053 "Charing Cross Road". She died in 1987.


Rcently (June 2016) released in the UK on DVD by Renown, but beware this is only 77 minutes long. Shorter even than the UK (ex TV version at 80 mins) and a currrent American DVD in the "British Classics Collection" which runs for 92 minutes.

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Watch June Clyde sing & dance "Do The Run Around" from my 9.5mm print on You Tube: 17Feb2014

Watch part of my 9.5mm sound print of "Across Europe" on You Tube:

Watch more musical numbers from "She Shall Have Music" 17Jun2014

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