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GB 1937  79mins  British Lion     Directed by:Herbert Smith
Produced by: S.W. Smith           Photography:George Stretton
A slim story about broken masters of a 78rpm record series "Calling All Stars",
enables a string of music and variety artists linked by Flotsam & Jetsam.

Artists include: Ambrose and his Orchestra, Evelyn Dall, Davy Burnaby, Flotsam & Jetsam, Carroll Gibbons & the Savoy Orpheans Orch., Arren & Broderick, Leon Cortez & his Coster Pals, Ethel Revnell & Gracie West, Billy Bennett, The Bega Four, Eugine Pini & his Band, Buck & Bubbles, Turner Layton, Elisabeth Welch, Larry Adler, The Nicholas Brothers, Twelve Aristocrats, The Whirlwind Skaters, Max Bacon.

This film appears on 9.5mm optical sound as a 4 reel feature with the same name, T.9348 (issued on 9.5mm 1941), other musical clips appear in "Pathe Vox Review Number 6" T.9602 (issued Nov 1940), "Pathe Vox Review Number 7" T.9603 (issued March 1941) and "Harlem Holiday" T.9316 (issued June 1940)

9.5mm sound reconstructed print:-

             Original 35mm release                  9.5mm source

The Gramophone Factory of Mr Katz (Davy Burnaby)
Carroll Gibbons & Savoy Orpheans with the Three
Canadian Bachelors perform "Painting Rainbows"      Calling All Stars

Arren & Broderick in adjoinig studio render
        "The Last Rose of Summer"                   Not on 9.5
        "Il Bacio"                                  Calling All Stars
Mr. Katz tells visitors Flotsam & Jetsam about
new releases but messenger smashes master discs.    Calling All Stars
Flotsam & Jetsam, as traffic police, jump into
police car and broadcast "Calling All Stars"        Not on 9.5

Down to East London where Evelyn Dall sings
        "The Organ Grinders Swing"                  Calling All Stars
Pearlies escort cockney & bride to their new home.  Not on 9.5
It's Leon Cortez with Ethel Revnell & Grace West    Calling All Stars 
Leon Cortez and his band perform
        "Ruins That Cromwell Knocked About A Bit"   Vox Review No. 6

Over to Aldershot with Army cook Billy Bennett      Calling All Stars
Flotsam & Jetsam sing "Changing Of The Guard"       Calling All Stars

A Hungarian cafe with acrobats The Bega Four 
accompanied by Eugene Pini and his band.            Calling All Stars

Next New York's Cotton Club - Buck & Bubbles        Not on 9.5
People drift in as Turner Layton sings
        "East Of The Sun"                           Harlem Holiday
Buck & Bubbles sing "The Rhythm's OK In Harlem"     Harlem Holiday
Elisabeth Welch croons "Nightfall"                  Harlem Holiday
and finally the Nicholas Brothers "Za-Zu-Za-Zu"     Harlem Holiday

Larry Adler checks into crowded hotel lobby and
plays "Stardust" on his harmonica.                  Vox Review No. 7
In the hotel ballroom - The Twelve Aristocrats      Calling All Stars
Ambrose Orch. play "Serenade In The Night"          Vox Review No. 7
followed by The Whirlwind Skaters and               Calling All Stars
Max Bacon who tells what happened when
        "Gimble Hit The Cymbal"                     Not on 9.5

Next Larry Adler plays "The St Louis Blues"         Calling All Stars
and Evelyn Dall sings "I Don't Wanna Get Hot"       Calling All Stars

Ambrose introduces a few numbers beginning with
        "Peanuts"                                   Vox Review No. 6
        "Body And Soul"                             Not on 9.5
        "Eleven More Months And Ten More Days"      Calling All Stars
        "When Day Is Done"                          Calling All Stars

Flotsam & Jetsam with Mr Katz sing title song.      Calling All Stars

(Original running time was 75 minutes; it was re-issued 
at the cinema in 1945 with 1300ft cut from it.) 

©GLN 12/2/99 (With grateful thanks to Maurice Trace for most of this information)

Watch my 9.5mm sound print - Whirlwind Skaters clip on You Tube:

Watch my 9.5mm sound print - Ambrose - "Serenade In the Night" on You Tube:

Watch my 9.5mm sound print - "Harlem Holiday" on You Tube:

Watch my 9.5mm sound print - Evelyn Dall extracts on You Tube:

(Sorry about the quality of the first two clips, maybe I'll do an improved item. "Harlem Holiday" & the Evelyn Dall clips are my uploads)

(All these clips are from my 9.5mm 'reconstructed' optical sound print - goto my Sales Page to purchase this on DVD)

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