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Another short and very simple page! Wallace Heaton, although today just a branch of Dixons, were the most prestigious photographic company in the UK. Together with their associated company City Sale and Exchange, beside having the Royal appointment, had large cine film libraries and could supply most movie items then available in the UK. Other departments provided film processing, titling, servicing etc. .

In the April 1951 "Amateur Cine World" magazine, City Sale and Exchange announced a range of four London Scene films - initially in 100ft 16mm Kodachrome and black & white versions. By June 1951 two more titles had arrived and 9.5mm versions became available at just 17/6d each; 100ft black & white, the prints presumably being provided by Pathéscope via their triple print 9.5mm from special 35mm positive print stock system. The illustration above is from a Wallace Heaton 16mm film hire catalogue of probably 1951/1952, whilst that below comes from the Wallace Heaton sales catalogue dated 1951 where only 8mm and 16mm versions are listed, but full descriptions are provided. By 1952 the ACW adverts made no mention of the films, so presumably they were withdrawn in favour of the new Walton titles which were becoming available.

The larger advert below comes from the ACW magazine for September 1951 - are these extra titles or just what is included in the two Festival films?

As you see from the list below another title has just turned up, so maybe there are more 9.5mm titles out there!
(gln Aug 2011)

I'm still looking for decent 16mm Kodachrome copies of any of these titles by the way!

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©GLN '96            INTERNATIONAL  9.5  FILM  CATALOGUE  -  ALPHABETIC  ORDER  LISTING           09/08/2006

 9.5mm Number  9.5mm Film Title   Class.               Issue-Delete     Original Film Title         Date

 1 C(WH)    BATTERSEA GARDENS     Travel   B/W Silent     51-52   :BATTERSEA GARDENS              ??/??/51 GB
 1 C(WH)    HISTORIC LONDON       Travel   B/W Silent     51-52   :HISTORIC LONDON                ??/??/51*GB
 1 C(WH)    LONDON IN SPRING      Travel   B/W Silent     51-52   :LONDON IN SPRING               ??/??/51*GB
 1 C(WH)    LONDON'S WEST END     Travel   B/W Silent     51-52   :LONDON'S WEST END              ??/??/51*GB
 1 C(WH)    ROYAL LONDON          Travel   B/W Silent     51-52   :ROYAL LONDON                   ??/??/51*GB
 1 C(WH)    SOUTH BANK (THE)      Travel   B/W Silent     51-52   :SOUTH BANK (THE)               ??/??/51 GB
 1 C(WH)    STUNT MEN             Interest B/W Silent     5?-5?   :STUNT MEN (Prod: Harold Baim)  ??/??/5?*GB

                                                                   ( 7 entries ) 

Watch my 9.5mm copies of "Royal London" & "Historic London" on YouTube - 27Sep2019 -

Watch my 9.5mm copies of "London's West End" & "London In Spring" on YouTube - 01Oct2019 -

Advert in ACW for September 1951

Well - we now know 16mm Kodachrome versions were sold! Films were often bought by tourists in those days - rich American tourists!!

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Two more titles added from Wallace Heston 1951/52 16mm silent catalogue
14Aug2011 Another title "Stunt Men" (genuine 9.5mm print) discovered - thanks Colin Cowles!
03Aug2015 - ACW advert for September 1951 added / 23Aug2016 - colour scans added
27Apr2017 - email address updated / 27Sep2019 & 01Oct2019 - YouTube uploads added