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T.9783 (1 reel 9.5mm optical sound release by Pathéscope April 1959)

"NEWS REVIEW 1958"            GB 1958
----------------------            "Pathe News" issue 58/104
7mins B/W Cert "U"                
Produced and Distributed by: Associated British Pathé
Commentary by: Bob Danvers-Walker
At the end of each December, Pathé News released a special issue comprising a review of the year.
These were one reelers showing the main events from the previous twelve months culled from Pathe's
twice weekly newsreels. Although twenty two appeared on 9.5mm silent, this is the only 9.5mm sound
release. In the listings below, the original Pathê Newreel for each item is identified (in brackets
and italics). This begins with the Pathé reference number - the first two digits relate to the year
of release and the last digits are the issue number. Finally the month and year of its original
35mm release are given. 
The 9.5mm reel begins with the "Pathéscope Prsents" frame which is followed by "Reviews 1958". The
original 35mm title was "Pathé News Reviews 1958". Pathéscope have removed the "Pathe News" frame
(with the famous cockerel) and substituted their own logo.  They then carried on with "Reviews 1958"
frame from the original master - these are superimposed over the opening New Zealand sequence.
 from the Pathéscope Gazette magazine April/May 1959 (the last ever published!)


Leaflet returned with processed 9.5mm home movies
Certainly Pathéscope made history!  But they could have released 9.5mm sound News Reviews for many
 years before; giving us collectors some good 9.5mm sound stuff to show!

Watch this "Pathe News Reviews 1958"  on You Tube: 
See a 1960s Pathé News intro on You Tube: 

     1. Seems Pathéscope had a deal with Pathé News in the UK since the 1930s
        or maybe before. In the 1930s Pathéscope issued a monthly Pathé Gazette 
        on 9.5mm and continued with an annual News Review during and after the
        war.  1958 was the first to be issued as a 9.5mm optical sound release, 
        copies were also advertised in 9.5mm and 8mm silent.  Although I bought
        the 9.5mm sound release new at the time, I have so far not come across
        the silent 1958 News Review in either 9.5mm or 8mm versions. Things were
        really bad financially by then at Pathéscope, with I believe a debenture
        loan taken out using their Cricklewood premises as security.  
     2. The last short and penultimate film released on 9.5mm sound by Pathéscope.
        It was the only title they sold simultaneously on 9.5mm sound, 9.5mm silent
        and 8mm silent.
     3. I notice that the Pathé News item for this film on YouTube also begins 
        minus the Pathé News cockerel start.  No doubt this is the very same 35mm
        film as returned from Pathéscope - minus this start!
(Extra Info gratefully sourced from Maurice Trace)       



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