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actual 9.5mm film frames

T.9781 (8 reel 9.5mm sound feature release by Pathéscope May 1958)
"DANGEROUS YEARS"                USA Dec1947(US)   Feb1948(UK)
-----------------                Director: Arthur Pierson
                                 Sol M. Wortzel Productions Inc.
63mins B/W Cert "U"              Associate Producer: Howard Sheehan
 (Uncut on 9.5mm)                Distributed by: 20th Century Fox
Production dates: 15th July to 31st July 1947
Story & Screenplay: Arnold Helgard
Director of Photography: Benjamin Kline ASC
Production Assistant: Clifford R. Gans
Supervising Editor: William Claxton
Art Director: Walter Koessler    Set Director: All Greenwood
Musical Score: Rudy Schrager     Musical Supervision: David Chudnow
Sound Technician: Max M. Hutchinson
Film Editor: Frank Baldridge     Make-Up Artist: Jael Casey
Hair Stylist: Ireme Beshen       Asst. Director: Paul Wurtzel
     Marilyn Monroe (waitress) 
Cast:   William Halop .......... Danny Jones
        Ann E. Todd ............ Doris Martin
        Jerome Cowan ........... Weston
        Anabel Shaw ............ Connie Burns
        Richard Gaines ......... Edgar Burns
        Scotty Beckett ......... Willy Miller
        Darryl Hickman ......... Leo Emerson
        Harry Shannon .......... Judge Raymond
        Dickie Moore ........... Gene Spooner
        Donald Curtis .......... Jeff Carter
        Harry Harvey, Jr ....... Phil Kenny
        Gil Stratton, Jr ....... Tammy McDonald
        Joseph Vitale .......... August Miller
        Marilyn Monroe ......... Evie
        Nana Bryant ............ Miss Templeton        
Danny Jones, a flashy youngster, incites others in the Gopher Hole club to raid
a warehouse. Trapped during the robbery, Jones kills school teacher Jeff Carter
and is brought to trial.  The prosecutor is District Attorney Edgar Burns who
demands the death penalty. Then Miss Templeton, a nurse from the orphanage where
Jones had been raised, tells Danny that his real father is Edgar Burns.....

 Front-of-House card
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   1. One test band printed (20th May 1958) and only one "proper" band printed
      19th November 1958. (One band = Three 9.5mm sound prints)  The report on
      the test band noted "small hair on bottom left hand corner". The opening
      credit "Sol M. Wurtzel Presents" has been replaced with "Pathescope
      Presents". Otherwise the 9.5mm print appears unchanged.

   2. Some sources credit the music score to Rudy Schrager, but this is believed
      to be a nom-de-plume for Ralph Stanley.           
   3. Heroine Anne E. Todd is not the famous British actress Ann Todd but an
      American with a similar name.  
   4. Dickie Moore, Scotty Beckett and Darryl Hickman used to be members of "Our
      Gang" , the highly popular series of comedy shorts.
   5. Billy Halop appeared on radio from age five and made his stage debut at
      twelve. He was later cast in the Broadway play "Dead End", Sidney Kingley's
      searing social drama which centred on six juveniles living in city slums.
      The young actors transferred to the screen in MGM's 1937 award winning
      film version.  Such was their success that they appeared in numerous
      sequels as The Dead End Kids and then various other combinations before
      ending up as The Bowery Boys. By then Halop had moved on to better things,
      leaving originals Leo Gorsey and Huntz Hall to share the lead. During 1941
      Billy enlisted in the Army and, after the War ended, performed as William
   6. Pathéscope were guilty of misleading advertising, implying the film
      starred Marilyn Monroe - in fact this is one of her first pictures.  She 
      has a very small part as "Evie" and was placed number 14 in the cast list!
      Assistant Director Paul Wurtzel told Leonard Maltin "Fox wanted to see some
      films of Marilyn because they were interested in signing her up.  Ben Lyon,
      who was head of casting, rang my dad (Producer Sol Wurtzel) and said "Look
      we need some footage. We don't just want you to do a test, can you write
      a part in?  So they wrote a part as a waitress in this one show".  She
      worked for one day on the film and was paid $125.    
(Extra Info gratefully added from Maurice Trace)       ZT-9781/gln/14.11.2013

Rather misleading Drive-in Movie Theatre poster


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