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actual 9.5mm film frames

T.9779 (3 reel 9.5mm sound release by Pathéscope October 1956)        
"MAN ON THE CLIFF"         Drama  GB Sept1955
----------------------         Dir: Robert Hartford-Davis (billed as 'R.Davis')
                               E.J. Fancey Productions 
24mins B/W Cert "U"            Produced by: Edwin J. Fancey
(Uncut 24mins B/W on 9.5mm)    Distributed by: New Realm Pictures

Screenplay by: E.J. Fancey     Original Story: Maxwell Munden
Cinematography by: D.Hill, A.Sheridan, H.Morey
Lighting: L.Pizer
Editing by: Monika Kimick
Music by: Jackie Brown         Sound Recordist: E.H. Day
Assistant to Producer: R.C. Huggins
Cast:   Ronald Leigh Hunt .......... John Tilling
        Billie Love ................ Mrs Tilling
        Russell Carr ............... Hotel Porter
        Adrienne Fancey ............ Hotel Receptionist (as Adrienne Scott)
        J. Harvey .................. Police Officer
        B. Davis ................... Police Sergeant
        H. Morey ................... Detective
        Richard Palmer ............. Bill
        Maian Hartford-Davis ....... Girl On Beach (uncredited)
 A man regains consciousness to somewhere on the edge of a cliff near Brighton.
 Fearing he is a missing scientist wanted by the police he swaps identity with
 a dead man he finds at the bottom of the cliffs. 

Very early effort from Robert Hartford-Davis ("Corruption", "Incense for the Damned", "The Fiend" , etc), - a man wakes up on a cliff, discovers he is suffering from amnesia and then finds a dead body nearby. Unable to work out whether he is the dead man's killer or the dead man's intended victim who fought back, he takes to walking about a nearby town where chatter and newspaper headlines about a missing nuclear scientist offers a clue to his identity.

The cliff setting and central murder scene that takes place, there do point the way towards "Corruption", but overall the personality of its producer/writer Edwin J. Fancey registers more here than that of Hartford-Davis (credited simply as 'R. Davis'). All of the usual Fancey hallmarks are present and correct, lots of inexpensive to film scenes of people talking on the phone and wandering about (giving the film some inadvertently strong time capsule qualities), plus a supporting role for offspring Adrienne Fancey (using her stage name Adrienne Scott) and a brief running time – its only 25 minutes long- so that E.J. could stick it on the bottom of a double-bill and get his mitts on some Eady money. (gavcrimsin - IMDb)


A man regains consciousness on a cliff edge. He has amnesia and can remember nothing. In his wallet is a letter containing a death threat. Finding a corpe on a deserted beach, the man swops identities with the deceased and sets out to discover the truth........ (Maurice Trace 9.5mm sound film catalogue)

Pathéscope Gazette magazine Oct/Nov 1956  

  Watch the film full length "Man On The Cliff"  on You Tube   

 1. A very quick Pathéscope release as the film was only submitted to the 
    British Board Of Film Censors in September 1955 and announced for 9.5mm
    sale in October 1956. Two test bands were printed followed by a further
    three bands, (One band = 3 prints)

 2. Robert Hartford-Davis (named on the credits as just "R. Davis") went on
    to direct features such as the cult horror film "The Black Torment" (1964)
    and producing Norman Wisdom's "Press For Time" (1966). Ronald Leigh Hunt
    was usually billed as Ronald Leigh-Hunt. 
 3. The film was shot mainly on location, in and around Brighton.
 4. Continuity error: A woman rings the police to report that her husband is
    missing. The duty sergeant asks her for details of the man, but bangs down
    the phone before she can say a word. Magically the sergeant then broadcasts
    to all units with a complete description of her lost husnand!
 4. The young girl, sitting with her mother and sister on the beach,(not credited)
    who pointed out the man on the cliff, was the daughter of the Director. Her
    name was Maian, aged 7.  
 5. The hotel receptionist billed as Adrienne Scott was actually the producer's
    daughter Adrienne Fancey, who later fronted the New Realm Company until her
    recent death in 2013, aged 80.
 6. What with the producer's and director's daughters, we seem to have one of 
    the cameramen playing the part of a detective, and the director's brother
    or whatever playing a police sergeant. Almost a 'home movie'! 
 (Extra Info gratefully added from film historian 'extraordinaire' - Maurice Trace)

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