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T.9765 (9 reel 9.5mm sound release by Pathéscope June 1956) 
"FORCES' SWEETHEART"          GB Oct1953     Dir: Maclean Rogers
--------------------          An E.J. Fancey Films Production
76mins B/W Cert "U"           Produced by: E.J. Fancey
(Approx 72mins on 9.5mm)      Released by: New Realm Pictures Ltd
Produced at Nettlefold Studios, Walton-on-Thames, UK
Script: Maclean Rogers & Michael Bentine
Director of Photography: Geoffrey Faithfull
Assistant Dir: James Shingfield    
Camera Operator: Leo Rogers
Art Director: John Stoll      Continuity: Kathleen Sinnott
Musical Numbers: Wilfred Burns, Ralph Reader, Manlio Di Veron
Musical Director: Wilfred Burns
Dances Arranged by: Leslie Roberts
Editor: Peter Mayhew          Make-Up: Gerry Fairbank
Recordist: Jack Miller        RCA sound (re-recorded variable density on 9.5mm)
 "I'm Your Sweetheart Maybe" - sung by Hy Hazell
 (sung over credits and in Judy James' flat - song in flat not in 9.5mm copy)
 "Charlie Chaplin Dance" - Leslie Roberts Twelve TV Girls
 "All Through the Year" - sung by Hy Hazell (missing from 9.5mm print)
 "She Knows Me" - sung by Freddie Frinton with Secombe & Bentine
 "One Love One Lifetime" - sung by Harry Secombe
 "I'm the Girl the Forces Fight For" - sung by Hy Hazell 
Forces Sweetheart Judy James (Hy Hazell)  Leslie Roberts Twelve Television Toppers

Confusion arises when Forces Sweetheart Judy James (Hy Hazell) is pursued by a number of
sevicemen, all with the name of John Robinson.  Meanwhile a new show for Judy James,
backed by eccentric millionaire Aloysius Dimwitty (Freddie Frinton) is in rehearsal.
Cast:   Hy Hazell .............. Judy James
        Harry Secombe .......... Private Llewelyn
        Michael Bentine ........ Flt.Lt. John Robinson
        John Ainsworth ......... Lieut. John Robinson
        Freddie Frinton ........ Aloysius Dimwitty
        Kenneth Henry .......... Tommy Tupp
        John Fitzgerald ........ Producer
        Adrienne Scott ......... Audrey
        Graham Stark ........... Porter
        Mollie Weir ............ Scots maid
        Michael McCarthy ....... Plumber
        Leslie Roberts Twelve Television Girls

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 1. A fairly 'dire' film but includes bits of three vaudeville sketchs by Harry Secombe -
   putting on a jacket; routine with a sink plunger; and a routine using two walking
   sticks (with Michael Bentine).
2. Freddie Frinton, mostly famous for his stand-up drunk act plays a decent part.
3. The film was obviously such a dire comedy that Pathéscope listed it in their 1956/57
   catalogue under the Drama section!
4. Adrienne Scott (actually Adrienne Fancey) was producer Edwin J. Fancey's daughter.
5. Ralph Reader choreographed many musical hits on Broadway and organised the British
   Scouts "Gang Shows". He also wrote many popular songs including "I'm Riding On the
   Crest Of a Wave" and Bud Flanagan's "Strollin".
6. Pathéscope announced that prints were "Available in the UK & Commonwealth - Expiry
   Date September 1960".  
(Extra info. gratefully sourced from -
 Maurice Trace, Alex Gleason & the late Denis Gifford) ZT-9765/gln/01.11.2013

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