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T.9764 (9 reel 9.5mm sound release by Pathéscope April 1956) 
"FLANNELFOOT"                 GB Nov1953    Director: Maclean Rogers
-------------                 New Realm Pictures Limited
74mins B/W Cert "A"           Produced by: E.J. Fancey
(Approx 72mins on 9.5)        Distributed by: New Realm Pictures Ltd
Produced at Nettlefold Studios, Walton-on-Thames (UK)
Screenplay by: Carl Heck      Based on a story by: Ex-Inspector Jack Henry
Art Director: John Stoll      Director of Photography: Geoffrey Faithfull
Camera Operator: Leo Rogers   Recordist: Jack Miller
Editor: Peter Mayhew          Assistant Director: James Shingfield
Continuity: Kathleen Sinnot   Make-Up: Gerry Fairbank
Song: Diana Coupland sings; "Fascinating Man" 
Cast:   Ronald Howard .......... Sgt. Fitzgerald
        Mary Germaine .......... Kathleen Fraser
        Jack Watling ........... Frank Mitchell 
        Gene Anderson .......... Rene Wexford
        Ronald Adam ............ Inspector Duggan
        Adrienne Scott ......... Cynthia Leyland
        Graham Stark ........... Ginger
        Peter Hammond .......... Andy Fraser
        Alastair Hunter ........ Superintendent Carter 
        R. Stuart Lindsell ..... Lord Wexford
        Michael McCarthy ....... Hawkins
        Edwin Richfield ........ Bill Neilson
        Vanda Godsell, Ronald Leigh-Hunt, Kim Peacock        
 Frank Mitchell, crime reporter on the Daily Comet, is assigned to track down
 a mystery jewel thief called "Flannelfoot".  The case is also investigated by
 Detective Sgt Harry Fitzgerald and Inspector Duggan of Scotland Yard. Ginger
 Watkins, an ex-convict who gave information to Mitchell, is killed.

 Lord Wexford, the Comet's owner, hosts a country house party but during it
 Flannelfoot strikes again, valuables are stolen and another murder committed.
 The guests are forced to conclude that the killer must be one of them.   

Watch Diana Coupland sing "Fascinating Man" on YouTube 

"Flannelfoot" has been released in the UK on DVD by Renown - 
  buy it on Amazon, Moviemail etc. 09Mar2014
(But this is the 'censored' version - see note 1 below)

       1. The 9.5mm sound print is virtually complete, probably the only scene 
          cut is where Cynthia Leyland (played by producer Edwin J. Fancey's
          daughter Adrienne) undresses whilst the murderer is behind the curtain
          - a bit too saucy for Pathéscope!
     Adrienne Scott (Fancey) shows a bit of leg

       2. The Pathéscope Gazette magazine announced that that 9.5mm prints were:
          "Available in the UK and Commonwealth - Expiry Date November 1960"

       3. In his autobiography, "Stark Naked" (2003), Graham Stark recounts how,
          after being murdered half way through the movie, he thought all his
          scenes had been shot.  However one morning at 8am he was still in bed
          when producer E.J. Fancey rang and shouted, "No time for breakfast - 
          Get down to Leicester Square right away". The film was under length
          and more footage was needed. With a hidden camera rolling, Graham dodged
          about the street, used a phone box and bought a newspaper.  Fancey was
          happy with the extra shots, gave Stark a £10 note and sent him home.

       4. Ronald Howard was the son of Leslie Howard, a big star in both British
          and American films.  Ronald had a good career in the theatre and some
          leading roles in features such as this.  He also played Sherlock Holmes
          in a rather strange TV series made in France. 
(Info edited from gln, Maurice Trace and Denis Gifford)       ZT-9764/gln/22.10.2013

Pathéscope Gazette Apr/May1956

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