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T.9753 (6 reel 9.5mm sound release by Pathéscope December 1954) 
"DOWN AMONG THE Z MEN"          GB Oct1952     Dir: Maclean Rogers
----------------------          E.J. Fancey Productions
71mins B/W Cert "U"             Produced by: E.J. Fancey
(Approx 50mins on 9.5)          Distributed by: New Realm Pictures Ltd
Produced at Kay Carlton Hill Studios, Maida Vale (UK)
Story by: Jimmy Grafton and Francis Charles
Associate Producer: Jimmy Grafton
Photography: Geoffrey Faithfull
Camera Operator: Oscar Burn
Assistant Director: Jimmy Shingfield
Art Direction: Don Russell      Make-Up: Peter Armsten (actually Armston)
Film Editing: Peter Mayhew      Sound Recordist: Charles Parkhouse
Music: Jack Jordan              Lyrics: James Douglas (ie Jimmy Grafton)
Choreographer: Leslie Roberts
Also known as "Stand Easy"; "The Goon Show Movie" and "Goon Movie"
Songs: Carol Carr sings; "Down Among the Z Men" and "If This Is Love" 
 Harry Secombe     Carole Carr   The Twelve TV Toppers
Cast:   Harry Secombe .......... Harry Jones
        Michael Bentine ........ Professor Osrick Purehart
        Spike Milligan ......... Private Eccles
        Peter Sellers .......... Colonel Bloodnok
        Carole Carr ............ Carole Daly
        Leslie Roberts' Twelve Toppers (Dancers)
        Clifford Stanton ....... Stanton
        Robert Cawdron ......... Sergeant Bullshine
        Andrew Timothy ......... Captain Evans
        Graham Stark ........... Spider
        Russ Allen ............. 
        Elizabeth Kearns ....... Girl in shop
        Miriam Carlin .......... Woman in shop
        Sidney Vivian .......... Landlord
        Eunice Gayson .......... Officer's wife
        Richard Turner ......... Josiah Crabbe
        Howell Evans, Rufus Cruikshank, Adrienne Scott,
        Judy Horton, Jane Morrison         
  Shop assistant Harry Jones wants to be a detective.  A couple of spies (Andrew
  Timothy and Graham Stark) trick him into following Professor Purehart, inventor
  of a secret atomic formula, to Warwell Military Research Station.  Harry is
  forced to join the Army - the 'Z' reserve - meets the local commander Colonel
  Bloodnok and an MI5 girl (Carole Carr) posing as the Colonel's daughter .....   

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   1. "Down Among the Z Men", which supposedly had it's world premier at the
      Troxy, Fratton Road, Portsmouth (I grew up a few miles away in Emsworth
      - I would have been 7 years old at the time) became quite a cult film,
      being about the only film to feature all of the Goons - Peter Sellers,
      Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe and Michael Bentine - famous for their
      madcap comedy radio series "The Goon Show". It is said it made thousands
      of pounds from the cinema re-releases.  Even today the DVD, issued by
      various obscure companies retails at around £15.  Sadly the remains of
      the Fancey empire have long lost the rights, so that others are now
      still cashing in. 
   2. Sadly little of the 'Goon' humour gets into the film.  It appears E.J.
      Fancey had no idea of 'Goon' humour and couldn't understand the voices
      so told them to 'act normally'.  Peter Sellers is quoted as saying (about
      "Down Among the Z Men") - "we were working with crap.  We thought well it
      didn't matter what you did, it's Hollywood! This is it! But this film
      fellow said, "They don't understand that Goon stuff - You've got to give
      it to them on the nail.  And don't do any of them funny voices, because
      they don't understand 'em either...".
   3. A Goon Show enthusiast points out that although Bloodnok is a Major in the
      radio series, for no reason at all, in the film he has become a Colonel.
      Alas this Bloodnok is completely different from the deranged BBC character.
      There he was a thieving, lecherous, cowardly villian - but in the movie he
      is a normal, likeable middle-aged man.  Peter Sellers plays him virtually
      straight and understated.  (It should be noted that at the time of filming
      Sellers was 27, but certainly looks a great deal older.  Carole Carr, the 
      MI5 girl who poses as his adult daughter was just two years younger!)
   4. Carole Carr sings "Down Among the Z Men" (which is in the 9.5mm print) and
      "If This Is Love" which the Pathéscope editor cut out. Also missing from
      the 9.5mm print is a scene near the beginning when MI5 decide the professor
      needs protection, a section where the spies waylay the new adjutant and a
      lengthy section where Milligan and Secombe oversee a PT lesson with the
      leggy Leslie Roberts' TV Toppers.
   5. The opening shots in the film are in Denham village, Buckinghamshire, UK
      Does anyone know where the old army camp used for Warwell is?
   6. Adrienne Scott was actually Edwin Fancey's daughter.  He himself often also
      used the surname Scott in his film credits. 
   7. There is a brief glimpse of stand-up variety theatre as Bentine does a 
      routine with a chair back and Sellers does a routine about American 
      soldiers avoiding a Panzar division where he impersonates a private and
      a lieutenant. 
   8. The shooting schedule was reported to be just two weeks.  When Sellers 
      discussed his approach to the scenes, director Maclean Rogers said "I've
      got eight minutes of screen time to shoot each day - just do it quickly!"
      Only one take of each shot was expected unless a disaster occured!        
(Info from gln, Maurice Trace & the late Denis Gifford)     ZT-9753/gln/18.11.2013

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