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T.9744 (9 reel 9.5mm sound release by Pathéscope March 1954)

"CALLING PAUL TEMPLE"           GB June1948    Dir: Maclean Rogers
--------------------            A Nettlefold Films Production
92mins B/W Cert "A"             Produced by: Ernest G. Roy
(Approx 75mins on 9.5mm)        Distributed by: Butchers Film Service
Filmed at Nettlefold Studios, Walton-On-Thames, England (UK)
Location filming around Canterbury, England (UK) 
Based on the Radio Thriller by: Francis Durbridge
Screenplay by: Francis Durbridge, A. R. Rawlinson, Kathleen Butler
Director of Photography: Geoffrey Faithfull
Camera Work: A. Grant           Art Director: C. H. Gilbert
Film Editor: Ted Richards       Production Manager: E. S. Laurie
Continuity: J. Faithfull        Assistant Director: John Moxey
Wardrobe: M. Arbuthnot          Make-up Artist: G. Partleton
Sound Recordist: J. Myers       Musical Director: Percival Mackey
Songs by: Sid Colin & Steve Race and Steve & Bunti Race   
      Celia Lipton             John Bentley & Dinah Sheridan
Cast:   John Bentley .......... Paul Temple
        Dinah Sheridan ........ Steve Temple
        Margareeta Scott ...... Mrs Trevellyan
        Abraham Sofaer ........ Dr Kohima
        Celia Lipton .......... Norma Rice
        Jack Raine ............ Sir Graham Forbes
        Alan Wheatley ...,,.... Edward Lathom
        Hugh Pryse ............ Wilfred Davies
        John McLaren .......... Leo Brent
        Michael Golden ........ Frank Chester
        Ian MacLean ........... Inspector Crane
        Shaym Bahadur ......... Rikki
        Merle Tottenham ....... Millie
        Mary Midwinter ........ Carol Reagan
        George Merritt ........ Ticket Inspector
        Wally Patch ........... Spider Williams
        Hugh Miller ........... Doctor
        Marion Taylor ......... Esther van Ralston

Original numbers sung by Celia Lipton
"Lady On the Loose" by Sid Colin & Steve Race
"What's Cookin' In Cabaret" by Steve & Bunti Race        
Mystery serial killer "Rex" murders a woman on the Canterbury Express Train.
Cabaret singer Norma Rice tries to reveal his identity to amateur detective
Paul Temple, but is killed during a performance at the Pompadour Club.
Temple, together with his wife Steve and Sir Graham Forbes of Scotland Yard,
discovers "Rex" is a blackmailer and must be one of a small group of suspects.
More murders follow before the villian is unmasked.                
 Cinema poster

Maurice Trace article in the Group 9.5 magazine No.70 dated Summer 1992

See the start of "Calling Paul Temple" on You Tube:  
 (including the song "Lady On the Loose" missing from the 9.5mm print)
"Calling Paul Temple" is now on a Renown DVD (try Renown, Moviemail, UK Amazon etc.)  

Notes: 1. Based on the BBC Radio serial "Send For Paul Temple Again" (1945) by
          Francis Durbridge.  This was reworked and broadcast during 1968 as
          "Paul Temple and the Alex Affair" when, among the changes, the mystery
          villian changed from "Rex" to "Alex" and the "Girl In Grey" became the
          "Girl In Brown".  A novel based on the original radio script appeared
          in 1948, written by Durbridge with Charles Hatton.
       2. Four Paul Temple films were made and three are on 9.5mm sound. This is
          number two in the series and the first to star John Bentley as the
          detective.  He revealed that, on the same day, he was offered both
          this part and also the lead in a Dick Barton movie.  John opted for
          Temple because he felt it might be better made, particularly having a
          longer shooting schedule.          
       3. Pathéscope omitted the first musical number "Lady On the Loose" from
          the 9.5mm release and cut the opening of the second.  In addition
          they left out a sequence in Canterbury where Steve first tracks a
          suspect and then the Temples take a boat trip on the river. Also gone
          is a section towards the end set in the offices of Walter Ayrton. 
(Extra Info gratefully sourced from Maurice Trace)       


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