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T.9737 (9 reel 9.5mm sound release by Pathéscope July 1953) 
"SEND FOR PAUL TEMPLE"          GB Dec1946     Dir: John F. Argyle
----------------------          Butcher's Film Service Ltd
83mins B/W Cert "U"             Produced by: John F. Argyle
(Approx 72mins on 9.5)          Distributed by: Butcher's Film Service Ltd
Produced at Nettlefold Studios, Walton-On-Thames (UK)
Novel by:     Francis Durbridge
Sceenplay by: Francis Durbridge and John Argyle
Photography:  Geoffrey Faithfull
Camera Operator: Arthur Grant
Assistant Director: John Weeks      Sound:   John Myers
Art Direction: George Patterson     Make-Up: Harry Webber
Film Editing: Ted Richards           
Music: Sidney Torch
      Melville Crawford                   Anthony Hulme    Joy Shelton
CAST:  Anthony Hulme ........... Paul Temple
        Joy Shelton ............. Steve
        Tamara Desni ............ Diana Thornley
        Melville Crawford ....... Inspector Harvey
        Olive Sloan ............. Ruby
        Philip Ray .............. Horace Daley
        Maire O'Neill ........... Mrs. Neddy
        Hylton Allen ............ Dr. Milton
        Beatrice Varley ......... Miss Marchmont
        Jack Raine .............. Sir Graham Forbes
        Micheal Golden .......... Dixie
        Norman Pierce ........... Sgt. Morrison
        Richard Shayne .......... Chief Inspector Richard Dale
        Edward V. Robson ........ Inspector Merritt
        Philip Ray .............. Horace Daley
        Leslie Weston ........... Skid Tyler
        Olive Sloan ............. Ruby
        H. Victor Weske ......... Snow Williams        

The film debut of Francis Durbridge’s popular radio detective Paul Temple is an unexceptional crime yarn that suffers from the low-budget production values of b-movie purveyors - Butchers. Three further films featuring Paul Temple followed with Paul Bentley in the lead role. The stories all involve author and amateur sleuth Paul Temple and reporter and soon-to-be wife Steve in exciting adventures - well, as exciting as the low budget allows!

Following a series of unsolved diamond heists in the West Midlands, Scotland Yard’s Inspector Harvey calls on novelist/amateur detective Paul Temple (Anthony Hulme) to help investigate. When Temple and Harvey visit the Little General pub to collect the policeman’s belongings, a shot rings out and Harvey is discovered dead in his room in suspicious circumstances.

The only clue Temple has to go on is that the Little General inn was originally named The Green Finger, and these was the dying words of a security guard during a diamond robbery. Temple is joined in investigating the case by Harvey’s sister, lady reporter Steve Trent (Joy Shelton), who believes her brother was murdered by the same gang of jewel thieves he encountered in South Africa years earlier. It transpires that the Little General in Evesham is being used as the diamond thieves' headquarters and that the jewels are leaving the country via carrier-pigeon to the continent.

The police raid the Little General but discover the innkeeper is dead and that the crooks have fled to a new hideout – another local inn called the First Penguin. Paul and Steve then stakeout the inn awaiting the arrival of the leader of the gang, who turns out to be masquerading as a police inspector.

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   1. Based on the first of the Paul Temple BBC Radio serials which ran for over 30 years
      starting in 1938. During the same year Francis Durbridge produced a novel "Send For
      Paul Temple" which was based on the radio script. The BBC remade this serial (abridged
      to one hour ) in 1941. Four movies were shot and three are on 9.5mm sound. "Send For 
      Paul Temple" was the first to be filmed, but, for the rest of the series, the main part
      was taken by John Bentley.  Dinah Sheridan played Steve in the next two, but Patricia
      Dainton was Mrs Temple for the final entry.  Sir Graham Forbes of Scotland Yard was
      played by Jack Raine in the first two films, Jack Livesey in the third and then Peter
      Gawthorne.  The title not on Nine Five is the 1952 final picture "Paul Temple Returns"
      (also known as "Bombay Waterfront").
   2. The radio serial lasted for four hours, so obviously some of the complex plot elements 
      were altered for the cinema.  These included:
                Omitted from the film is a trap set by Temple for the thieves a a Nottingham
                jewellers and the discovery of a secret tunnel to the inn.
                Miss Marchment was seeking vengeance for the murder of her brother in the 
                original, but the movie changed the victim to her husband.
                In the film, gang member Horace Daley is murdered by the villains and his 
                body found by the police in "The Little General". The radio serial kept
                him alive until the final episode when he dies following a car chase after
                Temple and Steve.
                The radio serial ends with The Knave Of Diamonds committtimg suicide using
                a poisoned cigarette.  At the conclusion of the film he is still alive, but
                in police custody.
      (Extra info from Maurice Trace & the late Denis Gifford)     ZT-9737gln/30.06.2015

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The Book:

The original novel - still available

The writer and creator of the character Paul Temple was Francis Durbridge, born in Hull, Yorkshire, UK in 1912; and was educated at Bradford Grammar School. He was encouraged to write at an early age by his English teacher ansd went on to read English at Birmingham University. At the age of twenty one he sold a play to the BBC and continued to write following his graduation whilst working as a stockbroker's clerk.

In 1938, he created the character Paul Temple, a crime novelist and detective. Many others followed and they were hugely successful until the last of the series was completed in 1968. In 1969, the Paul Temple series was adapted for television; and four of the adventures prior to this, had been adapted for the cinema, albeit with less success than radio and TV.

Francis Durbridge also wrote for the stage and continued doing so up until 1991, when Sweet Revenge was completed. Additionally, he wrote over twenty other well received novels, most of which were on the general subject of crime. The last, Fatal Encounter, was published after his death in 1998. (Preface to the Collins Crime Club series of paperbacks - 2015)

Most, if not all of the Paul Temple novels are still available from good bookshops or internet sources like Amazon. They are currently published by HarperCollins. I would recommend starting with Send For Paul Temple being the frst in the series where Paul Temple meets up with (soon to be wife) Steve and the reader is introduced to others of the regular characters.

Television series:

BBC TV series now on DVD

A Paul Temple series ran on BBC TV with 52, hour long episodes from 1969 through till 1971. Of the 52 episodes, only about 16 survive, five of the original black and white. and 11 of the later colour BBC TV series are now available on DVD (Acorn Media UK) - try Amazon etc. These generally star Francis Mathews as Paul Temple and Ros Drinkwater as Steve. Send For Paul Temple was never produced for the TV series.

Radio series:

The Paul Temple BBC Radio serials ran for over 30 years, starting in 1938. Listen to the first part of "Send For Paul Temple"


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