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T.9727 (6 reel 9.5mm sound release by Pathéscope May 1953)
"IN OLD COLORADO"             USA 14Mar1941    Dir: Howard Bretherton
----------------              Harry Sherman Productions
67mins B/W Cert "U"           Produced by: Harry Sherman
(Approx 50mins on 9.5mm)      Distributed by: Paramount Pictures
Filmed on location at Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California, USA
Screenplay by: Norton S. Parker, J. Benton Cheney, Russell Parker
Based on characters created by: Clarence E. Mulford
Editing by: Carroll Lewis     Photography by: Russell Harlan
Music by: Irwin Talbot, John Leipold
Production design by: Lewis J. Rachmil        
   William Boyd    Margaret Hayes
Cast:   William Boyd .......... Hopalong Cassidy
        Russell Hayden ........ Lucky Jenkins
        Andy Clyde ............ California
        Margaret Hayes ........ Myra Woods
        Morris Ankrum ......... Joe Weiler
        Sarah Padden .......... Harriet Ma Woods
        Cliff Nazarro ......... Nosey Haskins
        Stanley Andrews ....... George Davidson
        James Seay ............ Hank Merritt
        Morgan Wallace ........ Sheriff Collins
        Weldon Heyburn ........ Henchman Blackie
        Eddy Waller ........... Jim Stark        
Colorado rancher Ma Woods believes powerful neighbour George Davidson is behind
attacks on her property and cattle.  Hopalong Cassidy arrives with $20,000 to
purchase the land, but is robbed of the money.  However is Davidson the real
culprit?  Keeping his identity a secret, Hoppy takes a job at the Woods' spread
and begins to suspect a third part is behind the mayhem .....               
 Cinema poster

"In Old Colorado" is available on DVD in the USA
in a set of five Cassidy westerns from Platinum Video
(normally on my sales lists at £7.95 plus 95p towards UK postage)        

Notes: 1. The 33rd entry in the series of 66 Hopalong Cassidy western feature
          films starring William Boyd.  

       2. The Pathéscope print comes from a reissue by Grand National who replaced
          the Paramount main credit with one of their own.
       3. Pathéscope omitted from the 9.5mm print nearly all the scenes with Cliff
          Nazarro who played a comic character called Nosey Haskins. These included
          a lengthy talk with Ma Woods at the start of the movie, a section with a 
          blacksmith and the old-shell game sequence with Andy Clyde.  On 35mm 
          Nazarro had about ten minutes of screen time but Pathécope reduced this
          to just a brief glimse.  The abrupt finish is caused by the 9.5mm editor
          chopping out Clyde's revenge on the crook who sold him the shell game
          (Philip Van Zandt) and Russell Hayden's romantic good-bye to heroine
          Margaret Hayes.     
       4. Location work was at Lone Pine in California and shot 'back to back'
          with "Doomed Caravan" (also on 9.5mm as T.9784).
       5. Some sources credit actor Russsell Hayden as contributing to the 
       6. Margaret Hayes had previously acted as Doris Dale. 
(Extra Info gratefully added from Maurice Trace)       ZT-9727/gln/16.12.2013


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