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9.5mm film frames

Released on 9.5mm sound as 2 x 900ft spools ('6 reels')

T.9667 (6 reel 9.5mm sound release by Pathéscope Aug 1950) 
SOUTH OF PANAMA               USA Sept1941                   Director: Jean Yarbrough
---------------               Producers Releasing Corp.(PRC) Producer: Ted H. Richmond
68mins B/W Cert "U"           Released by 
(Approx 50mins on 9.5)        Distributed in the UK by Pathé Pictures Ltd
Associate Producer: Melville Shyer
Story & Screenplay: Ben Roberts & Sidney Sheldon
Photography: Mack Stengler
Musical Director: Alberto Columbo
Cast:   Roger Pryor .............. Mike Lawrence
        Virginia Vale ............ Janice 'Jay' Martin, aka Dolores Esteban 
        Lionel Royce ............. Burns
        Lucien Prival ............ Raynor
        Duncan Renaldo ........... Captain Of Police
        Lester Dorr .............. Joe
        Jack Ingram .............. Wilton
        Hugh Beaumont ............ Paul Martin
        Warren Jackson ........... Lake
        Edward Keane ............. Colonel Stoddard
        Sam McDaniel ............. Rodriguez Lincoln 'Rod' Jones        
   Jan Martin, sister of government chemist Paul Martin, realizes she is being followed by enemy agents
 after her brother. She ignores him at the Panama airport and embraces a stranger, Mile Lawrence, instead.
 Enemy agents Lake and Wilton are convinced that Mike is her brother and attempt to trap the pair. 
 They get away but Jan disappears. Disguised with a black wig and new makeup, Jan becomes Dolores and gets
 a job singing at a cafe. Spotting Jan without her disguise, Mike follows her down an alley where they are
 trapped by Raynor, another espionage agent. They get away and Jan also gets away from Mike. Later, both
 Mike and Jan are captured and the agents realize that Mike is not the brother they are after. Paul is also
 brought to the hideout, but Mike gets the drop on them. 
 Roger Pryor tries to get the gun off Lucien Prival while Virginia Vale looks on 

 1. On the 35mm print, the film opened with a foreward in which the American producers thanked
    the R.A.F. for their co-operation and allowing the use of the actual working models of the 
    Hudson Bomber. The dedication was to "The Men of the RAF - Democracy's first line of defence".
    However one USA Trade Review commented, "There is questionable taste in dedicating this film
    to the RAF just because the plot tumbles over a secret paint formula for planes and features
    some misplaced aerial stock footage". The Foreward is missing on the Pathéscope prints.
 2. One song "Madam will Drop Her Shawl" - which is in the 9.5mm print and sung by Virginia Vale.
    (Later she described this as one of her favourite films because she sang, played a dual role
    and had so much to do).    
 3. This was the first screenplay from Sidney Sheldon, who became a Director and then a best
    selling author. In the 35mm credits, his name was incorrectly spelt as "Sydney". 
 4. Written for PRC as "Panama Menace" by Sidney Sheldon getting his first Hollywood credit. 
 5. Roger Pryor, known as "the poor man's Clark Gable" was the son of the famous band leader 
    Arthur Pryor, and appeared in nummerous Universal and Columbia B-pictures in the 1930s
    & 1940s.
(Info./illustrations edited from Maurice Trace, Alpha Video and gln)       ZT-9667/gln/27.03.2016

Pathéscope Monthly magazine - Aug/Sep 1950 edition

 'colourised' production stills from the DVD pack

This film has been released on DVD
by Alpha Home Entetainment (USA)
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